Chiara Bullen

Editorial Assistant and PhD Researcher

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelancer writer and editorial assistant. Currently working with The Great Outdoors Magazine and pursuing my PhD at the University of Stirling.

From Publishing to PhD

Hi all! I'm Chiara, and I'll be running the SGSAH blog for the next six months. I'm a first-year PhD researcher at the University of Stirling. I'm still getting to grips with describing my research succinctly (perhaps that's one of the things I'll be able to improve on after speaking to more of you!)

The Great Outdoors
Menstruation on the Mountains | The Great Outdoors

13th June 2019 Chiara Bullen asks if there's enough education on how to deal with sanitary products on the mountains, and explores what alternative options are out there. It was a grey and gritty day when my group of friends and I began climbing Ben Nevis for the first time.

BookSpace: Meet Chiara Bullen, the new CommonSpace literary critic

Chiara Bullen introduces the new regular CommonSpace book review section WITH some of the greatest creative minds, stories, themes and characters coming from Scotland throughout history, it's no wonder that we have a thriving publishing scene.

BookSpace: Constitution Street; Love, Pan-Fried; Blessed Assurance; I Go Quiet

In the August edition of BookSpace, Chiara Bullen reviews some of Scotland's latest literary productions Constitution Street, by Jemma Neville Non-Fiction | 404Ink | £12.99 | Buy Here Welcome to Constitution Street, Edinburgh. The street, like the world at large, is in a moment of flux.