Celyn Matienzo

Creative Content Writer

I'm a generalist writer with experience in a variety of fields, from science writing to website copy for SaaS-based B2B companies. My best copywriting comes from well-researched topics and a clear understanding of a piece of writing's purpose.

I'm a creative writer at heart, and my passion lies in long- and short-form narratives. If I can write a narrative, I'll take the opportunity however I can get it.

United States of America


Press Releases


Cyber Progress Index Recognized on CRN's 2018 Emerging Vendors List

A security strategy can only be successful if you can execute it. Execution only occurs if you have an environment that enables progress with your security efforts in alignment...


CISOSHARE President and CEO Speaking at ISSA Event

CISOSHARE President and CEO, Mike Gentile, will be presenting at an upcoming Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) gathering in Orange County. Gentile will be...


PlayWerk Brings VR Technology to Industrial Workplaces

IRVINE, Calif. (PRWEB) November 21, 2017 -- Company's first product, a counter-balance simulator released in 2016, currently in use at over 40 leading companies who cite...


VR Company PlayWerk Announces Management Appointments and Capital Raise

"...VR and gamification can be incredibly successful tools to enable rapid skill-building for employees and roll out a proactive safety culture to all locations concurrently. We...


Sleep Watch Integrates Artificial Intelligence for Users to Take Control of Their Health Through...

"We are excited to be at the forefront in applying machine learning to help people make better use of their personal health data. This is truly new, uncharted territory in how...


The Portal Expands Services for Startups; Fills Resource Void with New Service in Content...

"Our content marketing program will establish companies and the people behind them as thought leaders. We'll fill the resource gap and work with them to bring their businesses...


Drug Development and Delivery

INTRADERMAL DELIVERY - New Technology Brings Simplicity & Scalability to Intradermal Drug Delivery

Intradermal drug delivery is increasingly recognized as a potential solution to many of the challenges faced by new and existing medicines. Intradermal dosing provides the...

La Quinta Medical Center Seminar

Understanding Heart Disease — Flyer Copy


The Big Picture: The Roadmap to Your Dreams

The road to the startup world for any new entrepreneur is long, full of roadblocks and obstacles. With the challenge of orienting yourself, dealing


Leeches and You

By: Celyn Matienzo


College-Onset Depression

By: Celyn Matienzo




Sudden Narrative

GUILT (A Short Film)