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Who knew a basic mud cake could look so impressive?

THE days of parents slaving over a birthday cake are long gone, with many willing to part with a hefty sum to give their kids the cake of their dreams. While our parents might have spent hours trying to recreate something out of the The Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book, today's parents are paying over $150 for a birthday cake, with some splashing out upwards of $300 for something that looks amazing.

These 10 tips will save you so much time and money

AUSTRALIANS clearly love shopping online. For many of us, it's a way of life, and we're reluctant to go into physical stores. A 2017 report found we spent $21 billion on both physical goods and digital services in the preceding year. But are we buying what we really want?

"Why this has been a week of shame for the media."

I didn't know much about Kate Spade before Tuesday. Of course, I recognised the iconic brand but I didn't own any of her pieces and I certainly didn't know much about the woman behind the global fashion empire. I didn't even know she was actor David Spade's sister in-law.

Essential Kids
How volunteer work can make your child a better person

If you give of your time willingly "for the common good and without financial gain", then according to Volunteering Australia, you are one of the 5.8 million Australians or 31 per cent of the population engaged in volunteer work.

The mistake most parents are making when teaching toddlers to count

Help them to understand what numbers mean. Pizza fractions: Making maths tasty In my role as a teacher, I often encounter very young children who can count to large numbers and of course, it sounds impressive. However, what is often discovered is that the children have learned to rote count.

SBS Life
My child is a fussy eater and I'm exhausted

Having an eight year old who only eats a limited number of foods can be frustrating. We can't just walk into any restaurant, or attend dinner at someone's house, without first checking that one of his "safe foods" - normally plain pasta, bread or pizza - will be available.

Essential Kids
What parents need to know about Fortnite

If you live with young humans, you may have heard the video game Fortnite mentioned. Your children may be obsessed with it, just starting to play it or begging you to let them play it because all their friends are. So what exactly is this latest game craze and should you be concerned about your kids playing it?

Opinion: Our helicopter parenting is setting kids up to struggle

As we are exposed to more news about attempted kidnappings or general stranger danger, we can make the mistake of wrapping our kids in cotton wool to protect them. Recently, there has been a discussion about microchipping children so that you can feel safe and secure, knowing where they are.

Essential Baby
The myths about your baby's unique physical traits

Ever wondered why your baby has dimples? Or why your baby was born with a particular birth mark? While most physical traits can be put down to genetics or some twist of science, there are also some widely held beliefs, or myths, about different physical traits that babies are born with.

Essential Kids
Why specialising in one sport could harm your child

Every sport-loving parent would like their child to become a superstar, and represent Australia at the Olympics or on a national level. For some parents, it's more than a passing thought and they invest much time and money into creating who they hope will be the next big name in sport.

Parents reveal the emergency room visits which are only funny in hindsight

These mums learnt some vital information that no baby book contains. The joy of first-time pregnancy is usually met with delight and a plethora of advice from just about anyone who has crossed paths with a child. Thousands of books have been written explaining how best to raise children.

Essential Kids
Parents warned about defaming teachers on social media

Teachers are amazing, but sometimes you might not agree with everything they do. You might even be mad about something your child has told you about their teacher. However, the split second decision to vent about it on social media could have far reaching consequences.