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Catherine Sheridan of Race Rock Capital LLC, is also a Math Tutor based in the Chicago area.

Catherine Sheridan
Why is Math So Hard?

Many people say that math was their worst subject in school. Tons of students either find it boring or too difficult. They give up and say that it is just one of those subjects they will never be good at. Photo by Pixabay Math does not have to be this way.

Catherine Sheridan
Getting the Most Out of Your Tutoring Session

You've taken the first step and have decided to hire a tutor for yourself or your child, but how do you make sure you're getting the most out of the session? There are a few simple things to keep in mind. Photo by Zen Chung Have an idea of what you want to work on...

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Catherine Sheridan of Race Rock Capital to Offer Math Tutoring Services

Catherine Sheridan CHICAGO, IL, August 25, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ - Starting in September 2021, Catherine Sheridan, Race Rock Capital Finance Professional, will now offer Tutoring Services in the Chicago area. Specializing in mathematics at all levels, Sheridan's tutoring services will be available in tutoring packages that specifically focus on math for high school students, math...

Catherine Sheridan
Race Rock Capital

Race Rock Capital is a fully registered broker-dealer, (FINRA and SIPC) thatspecializes in introducing unique, alternative asset managers to institutions-pensions, foundations, endowments and family offices. The alternative spectrumincludes hedge funds both quantitative and fundamental, private equity, venturecapital, private credit, and real estate. The firm will introduce funds and direct deals.

Catherine Sheridan
Catherine Sheridan Tutoring Services

Catherine Sheridan will be offering tutoring at all levels of mathematics, including SAT, ACT, and GRE math prep. Catherine Sheridan is offering mathematics tutoring to high school and college students of all course and ability levels. She currently provides tutoring packages that focus on all high school level math courses, as well as a complete...

Catherine Sheridan

Catherine Sheridan is a music tutor, choir member and advocate for Alzheimer's research. She supports various charities and nonprofits that use music as a tool for motivation and inspiration.

Music Tutor & Singing Lessons by Catherine Sheridan

Is your son or daughter constantly singing? Now's the time to strengthen his or her voice with the help of Catherine Sheridan! For this barter, Sheridan will teach your child the basics of singing in a choir. Joined by children in her choir tutoring class, the music tutor will help your child find his/her place in the group.

Catherine Sheridan Race Rock

Catherine Sheridan is a proud member of her local choir. The singer deeply values the opportunity to sing with other members of her community. Each voice uniquely adds to the choir's overall sound, making each performance powerful and effective.

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Catherine Sheridan Race Rock Capital

Inspired and motivated by music, Catherine Sheridan is an Alzheimer's research supporter who favors unique and artistic treatment approaches. On a freelance basis, she works as a Music and Math Tutor. A lifelong singer, Catherine Sheridan is heavily influenced by the power of music.

Catherine Sheridan Race Rock Capital LLC

Catherine Sheridan is a creative individual who is passionate about music. A lifelong choir member, Sheridan finds motivation in singing. She is also an advocate of Alzheimer's research and awareness. For Catherine Sheridan, singing is her source of strength and inspiration. She has always deeply valued the musical process as an empowering creative outlet.