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Catherine Faulkner


Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance poet, copywriter and food journalist based in the Highlands of Scotland.

Projects include food-based journalism, commercial brochures and website re-writing and redesign. Having grown up in France I also take on translation work and have experience of social media management and business consultancy.

Moniack Mhor
My Heart Is In The Highlands, My Heart Is Not Here - Moniack Mhor

Writer Catherine Faulkner visited us for a writing retreat recently. While she was here, she wrote this poem and took these lovely photographs. Thank you to Catherine for allowing us to share them here. Here we breathe in air so rich it stuns our London-corrupted lungs. Richness, too, in...

Catherine Faulkner

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Eat My Words
A Brief Farewell To Bermondsey By Way of Three Restaurants

And so, because it seems that if I do not move every six months the world will spin wildly out of kilter (and I mean more out of kilter than hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and institutionalised misogyny) , I write this surrounded by boxes and tinsel. Ah yes, the tinsel.

Celebrating Change
Change by Catherine Faulkner

This week we welcome the work of Scotland-based poet Catherine Faulkner. Chosen by guest editor Jess Green for our series on 'Difference & Defiance', Jess Says "I enjoy the power and the confidence of this poem with some beautiful lines and a rare effective use of alliteration - 'scattering it Samson strong' and 'cuticles and...

B-Jo's Idea of Female Success is Typical of a Tory

Our London Mayor, the obviously intelligent (speak for yourself - Ed) yet incredibly baffling Boris Johnson, has recently declared that women go to University 'to find a husband.' Does he really believe that or is he being deliberately incendiary?

IN Covent Garden
IN Food Review: Cora Pearl - IN Covent Garden

30 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8NA Hot on the success of Kitty Fisher's, Cora Pearl opened in 2018 to a flurry of acclaim and rapture. You might already have heard about the iconic chips or the dreamy ham & cheese toastie, both of which surpass their reputation.

IN Covent Garden
Coffee Culture - Who makes Covent Garden's best flat whites?

Money (or maybe love) may make the world go round but coffee gets it going. We explore the cafés making the bestflat whites in Covent Garden. Gone are the days of the Gold Blend couple falling slowly drip by drip in love over an average cup of *gasp* instant coffee.

IN Covent Garden
Seven Dials Food Month - IN Covent Garden

Throughout August, Seven Dials will be celebrating all things delicious with a Food Month packed full of the best of food and drink. With exclusive offers in over 20 participating venues, there will be much to discover including artisanal workshops, exclusive menus, secret menu trails and special promotions to celebrate a summer of dining at the dial.