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Writer, Editor, Optimist, Grammar Nerd

United States

Story matters.

I help businesses, solopreneurs and creators share their unique stories with the world. I provide writing, editing, and content that gets to the heart of what makes you and what you do unique.

My degree in creative writing, background as a photographer, career as a visual artist, and endless optimism are the secret ingredients that allow me to create meaningful content that resonates with audiences through social media posts, blogs, website copy, bios, and newsletters.

Writing is the first impression potential clients get from your website, social media posts, and newsletters. It engages your audience by telling stories that are interesting, meaningful, and easy to enter. They make the reader slow down and want to stay awhile.

Good writing is in the details, the parts of the story you might typically throw away. And it’s something I’ve always had a knack for.

I’ll help you open the door to meaningful conversations that will elevate your products and services and convey the meaning behind what you do. And I'm masterful at weaving in SEO keywords so your ideal clients can find you. Because all the writing in the world doesn't have much impact unless the right people are reading it.

Clients can't hire you unless they understand and trust you.

So how do you do that? By telling the story only YOU can tell. I'd love to help you get there . . . because there's nothing more important than telling your story.

Reach me on LinkedIn or via email @[email protected].

Let's chat about the possibilities!




Tessa V. Wedberg, Writer, Filmmaker

"Casey has an incredible creative mind. I felt seen and heard throughout the process and her astute insight and ability to translate my narrative into text was a beautiful force. It reinvigorated me and reminded me of the power of connection and collaboration. The language she crafted helped root my goals and got me excited again about sharing my work and the next phase of my career. She offers clarity, fresh ideas, and an original voice. I highly recommend Casey; her process unlocks the best...

Kurt Johhnson, Nature Photographer Specializing in Healthcare Environments, Kurt Johnson Photography

"Casey produces engaging, fresh content that astounds me every week. She has the wonderful combination of being a gifted writer and having great vision, creating unique takes on our core message again and again. We are extremely lucky to have Casey as part of our process."

Janelle Roker, Executive Coach and Consultant

"Casey is a game-changer. I'm confident in my ideas but struggle to find the right words to connect with people. She edits all my content in a way that conveys the deeper meaning while remaining true to my voice. Most marketing agencies try to do this – few can do it at the level Casey does. The comments and feedback I get from my rapidly growing audience are overwhelmingly positive. Everything she touches comes out ready to draw you in."

Melissa Kopplin, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Development

“I’ve partnered with Casey at different times for many years. She’s a really talented writer & creative thinker who has an eye for details and gets to the heart of the matter. She listens deeply, and asks thoughtful questions, producing authentic content that translates. She’s a gentle, but strong presence that helps me stay aligned. Because of her unique combination of skills, she is one of my most trusted and valuable sources as I've evolved my business.”

Kevin Doncaster, WarHawk PTSD Service Dogs

"I truly appreciate you. Can't tell you how stress-free I have been because of your help. I only wish I could better capture in words how I value your time and effort."

Victoria Gerkin, Artistic Director, Kurt Johnson Photography

"Casey's positive energy and can-do attitude make her a true joy to work with. She is a very talented and passionate writer with compelling story-telling abilities who has a clear voice to deliver enchanting messages to a wide variety of audiences. Her ability to take what you are thinking and transform it into a beautifully written document is unmatched."

Jean Douchey, Co-Founder Alumna House

"Casey is an amazing writer and content developer. She ensures she understands the spirit and culture of a company and writes in a very succinct and creative manner. Her ability to capture the essence of what we need to communicate is outstanding."

Susan Rauth, CRS, SRS, PSA, Notary, NextHome Signature Real Estate

“Casey has helped me organize my thoughts and then magically and eloquently, she creates beautiful marketing pieces that are perfect! She is professional, timely and awesome to work with!”

Original Content - Blogs

Kurt Johnson Photography
How Local Nature Photographs Nurture Connections Between Health and the Natural World - Kurt...

As communities thrive and populations grow, the need for accessible and advanced healthcare facilities becomes more and more essential. And coming up with fresh ways to facilitate healing, like incorporating local nature photographs into healthcare environments, is an easy, effective way to bring nature indoors to benefit patients and the entire care team.

Kurt Johnson Photography
KJP Innovations: Seeing Nature in New Ways - Kurt Johnson Photography

At KJP, our art has a job to do. And our specialty is helping you create solutions with nature art. Our Innovations line is made up of nature images with a twist and display options that push the boundaries of biophilic design. Like everything we do, they're inspired by nature and created by our in-house [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
The Importance of Stopping Along the Way - Kurt Johnson Photography

You've heard the saying: life's about the journey, not the destination. I think it's about both. I've taken several trips to Alabama recently to photograph local spring flowers for a healthcare project there. I love getting to know people in the area. They have unique perspectives of the landscape and know the stories behind local [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
5 Ways Nature Images Improve Emergency Department Design - Kurt Johnson Photography

Art probably isn't the first thing you think about when you imagine the emergency department at your local hospital. But maybe it should be. Why? Because being stuck waiting in an ED is one of the top complaints of patients. And small improvements to emergency department design can have big benefits.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Sandhill Cranes: Connecting us to Nature and Our Past - Kurt Johnson Photography

Once a year, one of the coolest things you'll ever see happens in Nebraska. And no matter how many times I witness it, it never gets old. I'm talking about the great spectacle of the sandhill cranes' annual migration. Just as they've done for thousands of years, these primordial birds descend upon central Nebraska for [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
How to Put More Healing Power in Wayfinding - Kurt Johnson Photography

"I know exactly where I'm going." - said no one in healthcare ever. Let's face it. Healthcare environments are often large, complex buildings with multiple floors, wings, and departments that are easy to get lost in. And while there are lots of benefits to having so many services in one place, no one likes getting [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Designing Environments for Aging - 5 Types of Art That Engage the Senses of Seniors - Kurt...

Designing environments for aging means understanding older adults' physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. An extensive amount of research supports that nature images have the power to relieve stress and be a positive distraction for patients dealing with pain and anxiety. But did you know nature images can also have a positive impact by triggering memories [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
What do Tacos and Nature Have to do With Healing? - Kurt Johnson Photography

So what do tacos and nature have to do with healing? Turns out, a lot. Last week we had an open house in our downtown Omaha studio at the Mastercraft Building - tacos, drinks, catching up with friends, clients, co-workers, and some of our amazing partners in the healthcare and design industry.

Kurt Johnson Photography
How to Improve Patient Outcomes With Nature's Organic Patterns - Kurt Johnson Photography

Recovering from stress faster. Feel-good sensations. Relaxed brainwaves. These are all things healthcare and wellness environments consider when looking at how to improve patient outcomes. And these are also the results of a recent study that looked at the brainwaves of participants who viewed computer-generated fractal patterns that mimicked those seen in nature.

Nature’s Sassy Side on Display with Pantone’s 2023 Viva Magenta

I’ll be the first to admit, nature was not my first thought when I saw Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023. Shades of yellow, green, and blue maybe. But a spicy mixture of red and blue with pink and purple undertones . . . could this color really be, according to Pantone’s website, “rooted in nature?” But as I started looking through my image library, I began to realize how versatile Viva Magenta 18-1750 is. Hints of it showed up everywhere. . . in flowers, succulents, feathers,...

Kurt Johnson Photography
Georgia Nature Photography: Stills from a Foggy Autumn Forest - Kurt Johnson Photography

Rainy weather is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of breathtaking autumn images, but last month, while on the road in search of soothing landscapes for my Georgia nature photography portfolio, I stumbled upon the perfect set of conditions on the back roads of Northern Georgia that made for some really cool autumn photographs.

Alumna House
UNO Apparel Brand Alumna House Shares 6 Tips for Success From Beyond the Basketball Court: A...

Alumna House sits down with the amazing Jodi Crutchfield, wife of UNO Maverick's Men's Basketball Head Coach, Chris Crutchfield. She radiates kindness and authenticity and talked about her success throughout the years and her roles as mom, wife, and professional. Hear about what it's like being married to a successful head coach and the importance of having her own identity.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Nebraska Hospital Association Offers Strategies to Improve Community Health - Kurt Johnson...

Access to quality healthcare is something we all need and deserve. And hospitals and healthcare environments across Nebraska need access to the most up-to-date research and technology so they can offer the best care. By providing hospitals across Nebraska with strategies to improve community health, the Nebraska Hospital Association provides this kind of critical support.

Kurt Johnson Photography
The Benefits of Waterfall Images in Healthcare Design - Kurt Johnson Photography

"The mind is like water. When it's turbulent, it's difficult to see. When it's calm, everything becomes clear. " - Prasad Mahes As humans, our connection to water runs deep. We need fresh, clean water for survival, so it makes sense that being near water and viewing waterscapes, and particularly waterfall images, provides us with a sense of calm and tranquility when we can't be outdoors.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Flowers and Familiarity Key to Healing with Art - Kurt Johnson Photography

A new camera, the open road, and the beauty of Austin botanicals. Those are the things that came together to create my recent portfolio of flower images as I traveled through sunny Austin, Texas. I wasn't there long but enjoyed the vibrant colors and luscious growth of Austin's warm climate.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Improving Patient Care by Coming Together During The Kansas Hospital Association Convention -...

Earlier this month we got to be part of the Kansas Hospital Association's annual convention and tradeshow. This year's KHA Tradeshow was held at the Sheraton Overland Park Convention Center. The show was canceled last year due to the pandemic, so we were excited to make the trip in 2022 and see what part we could play in improving patient care in Kansas hospitals.

Kurt Johnson Photography
The Importance of Local Healing - Kansas Nature Photography - Kurt Johnson Photography

Wide open farmland, fields of native grasses, and abundant, vibrant wildflowers are just some of the touchstones of the vast and thriving Kansas landscape. The natural beauty of this Midwestern setting is the reason Kansas nature photography is known far beyond the state - and the reason I find myself going back to capture it's epic beauty.

Kurt Johnson Photography
5 Best Types of Art for Healing - Kurt Johnson Photography

Are you designing a hospital or healthcare environment but aren't sure which types are the best art for healing? Do you wonder what type of artwork would have the best impact on patients AND staff? Nature images fulfill our need as humans to remain connected to the natural world while indoors (where we spend most of our time).

Kurt Johnson Photography
Small Town Albion, Nebraska Uses Nature Art to Invest in Community Wellness - Kurt Johnson...

Everyone loves a comeback story. And that's exactly what's happening in the small town of Albion, Nebraska, population of 1,709. According to Matthew Hansen's article, "Albion, Investing in Itself, Shows How Small Towns Can Thrive," the Midwestern town of Albion, Nebraska took a chance on itself and it's paying off - bigtime (Flatwater Free Press).

Kurt Johnson Photography
3 Reasons to Use Nature Art in the Workplace - Kurt Johnson Photography

80% of our nature photographs are used in hospitals and healthcare facilities, but the benefits of nature art in corporate design are not lost on local businesses like Pinnacle Bank in Papillion, Nebraska. Some people think corporate art has to be either very cookie-cutter or so far outside the box that it becomes confusing instead [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Behind the Scenes: Chasing the Light at Chimney Rock - Kurt Johnson Photography

What are you passionate about? What fires you up? For me, it's taking nature photographs. And being on the road, exploring new places, and working alongside other creatives. The energy you get working with others in your field who share your enthusiasm is contagious. Couple that with having a little patience and finding yourself in [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Healing and Wayfinding For Healthcare Using Film on Glass - Kurt Johnson Photography

Film on glass is a great solution for healthcare design situations where you already have glass features within your environment and want to avoid the costs of installing custom glasswork. Award-winning design team LeVino Jones Medical Interiors did a wonderful job using film on glass, printed by Koroseal, to create a beautiful yet practical art [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Is Nature Better Than Caffeine? - Kurt Johnson Photography

What's better than caffeine for boosting your mood and energy levels?!?! NATURE! And when you can't BE in nature, which unfortunately is true for most of us since studies show we spend 90% of our time indoors, nature photography is the next best thing and has been shown to have some of the same benefits (Kellert, 2015).

Kurt Johnson Photography
Bold Design Brings Colorful, Healing Nature Photography to Pediatrics Center - Kurt Johnson...

Omaha Pediatric Therapy in Omaha, Nebraska wanted to combine the healing power of nature photography with something colorful and happy for their pediatric patients and staff. So we used several of Kurt's nature photographs to create this vibrant custom color slice wallcovering, a popular biophilic design solution Kurt Johnson Photography uses in many hospitals and [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Bringing Biophilic Design to Life with Koroseal Wallcoverings - Kurt Johnson Photography

Capturing stunning landscapes and breath-taking botanicals is only the first step in having them become part of biophilic design's healing solution for hospitals and healthcare environments. Once the right nature photographs are chosen, they need to be printed in a way that matches their high resolution, attention to detail, and precise color.

Using Agates to Add Sophistication to Healthcare Environments

Our connection to nature is key to our mental and physical wellness. So how can nature be incorporated into modern design in a way that is fresh and unexpected while still providing the benefits of healing nature images? Agates.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Healing Nature Images of Nebraska - Kurt Johnson Photography

Nebraska is known for its wide-open landscapes, midwestern wildlife, and dramatic skies. It's not just the heart of the country but the place we call home, so we're a little partial to all the beauty that exists here. This is a collection of some of our most popular nature images of Nebraska that have been [...]

Creativity on Display at UNMC's Munroe-Meyer Institute

From the moment we got involved with The University of Nebraska Medical Center's Munroe-Meyer Institute, we knew it was going to be something unique and groundbreaking. The Munroe-Meyer institute has been part of the Omaha community for over 100 years, serving the needs of people with intellectual and developmental needs.

Kurt Johnson Photography
5 Ways DIRTT's Cutting Edge Technology is Making a Big Splash in Healthcare Environments - Kurt...

We recently worked with DIRTT via AOI Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska on a brand-new healthcare facility for Methodist Physicians Clinic Elkhorn. DIRTT Environmental Solutions is a manufacturer of prefabricated construction products that help build out the built environment. We caught up with Marco Lade, DIRTT Champion at AOI in Omaha, to talk about the benefits [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
What I Did During Covid - Kurt Johnson Photography

When I used to hear the term 2020, the first thing I thought about was having perfect vision. In my mind, 20/20 was a quality to strive for as a person making a living by photographing the things I see. But when I hear 2020 now, I, like most people, can't help but think of [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Wait Much? - Kurt Johnson Photography

""Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's Relativity." - Albert Einstein Did you know, waiting is the number one complaint of patients?

Kurt Johnson Photography
How to Make 2021 Illuminating with Bold Color Trends - Kurt Johnson Photography

Pantone's Color of the Year is a way the design world takes the temperature of what's happening across the globe. Choosing two colors for 2021 was a bold choice, but one that makes sense considering all that we are leaving behind in 2020 and all we hope to achieve in this new year.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Craziest. Year. Ever. - Kurt Johnson Photography

As crazy as this year has been, you made it. Give yourself credit for showing up and getting things done, for finding the energy to stay productive, and for learning new ways to stay connected to those around you. When the pandemic first hit and we were seeing the immediate impact on overburdened doctors, nurses, and other [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
Presentation is Everything in Healthcare Design - Kurt Johnson Photography

We print our photos on lots of different substrates and have some wonderful, long-term partners, including Philip Frangenberg of Frameworks Inc in Wichita, Kansas. Philip and his team print, spec and produce all of the framed art and gallery-wrapped canvas pieces for Kurt Johnson Photography.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Our Gift to You This Election Day . . . - Kurt Johnson Photography

It's election day. Whether you already voted or are expecting to gather your stamina to wait in line to cast your vote, it's hard not to let the constant news stories and divisiveness seep into your day. But research has shown that foreboding and stress are actually bad for your health and can contribute to things like [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
5 Reasons Glass is Gaining Popularity in Healthcare - Kurt Johnson Photography

It's 2020. Navigating life during a pandemic is the new norm, which means you're faced with an environment that is changing. As a result of Covid-19, standard practices in hospitals, clinics, senior living environments, surgery centers, behavioral health facilities and family practices are being examined and reevaluated.

Kurt Johnson Photography
Trouble Working from Home? We can Help. - Kurt Johnson Photography

As more of us settle into new work environments, whether it be extra safety measures in existing spaces or finding new workspaces at home, it's important to create spaces that encourage focus, creativity and stress reduction. How can you do this? Well, placing your office in the middle of a forest or moving your desk [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
How Healthcare Facilities that Evolve Succeed - Kurt Johnson Photography

Effective healthcare environments are ones that become an extension of their communities and evolve based on the needs of those they serve. One such facility is Phelp's Memorial Health Center in Holdredge, NE. Because this project was an expansion of their existing clinic, an important aspect when selecting the artwork and designing the new environment, [...]

Kurt Johnson Photography
3 Things You Don't Know About Me - Kurt Johnson Photography

I recently photographed some beautiful blue hydrangea in my studio in downtown Omaha. A former client requested new images of this flower I had taken years ago. I jumped at the chance to revisit this gorgeous flower with its unique shades of purple and blue.

Website Copy

Kurt Johnson Photography
Kurt Johnson Photography, specializing in nature-based photography

Plan Your Space If your walls could talk, what would they say? To your patients? To your staff? Your walls are an extension of your care team and a big part of the healing process. Let us help you choose the RIGHT nature images - supported by research - so you can get the best outcomes in your healthcare facility.

Janelle Roker | What will you connaborate?

There is something more for you. Something more for your business. Until you can define those things, how can you get there? It can be hard to step back and see the bigger picture. That’s where I can help. I help business owners, executives, and professionals align with the professional life they want to be living. We all want to feel our life is successful. But how do we define success? My expertise is sensing alignment, looking at what’s working and what isn’t, and then...

Rebecca J. Riley LCSW Ph.D.
Rebecca J. Riley LCSW Ph.D.

I have been a mental health therapist for over 15 years, working with a vast array of clients, from adults struggling with the grief and loss often associated with the aging process, to college students and life professionals seeking to make changes in their lives.

Alumna House
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)

We know supporting the Nebraska Cornhuskers isn't just a weekend gig. "Go Big Red" is a way of life. So whether you're cheering on Nebraska football, Husker wrestling, Husker volleyball, or Nebraska softball, we want to provide high-quality Cornhusker sportswear for women that's comfortable AND sophisticated. We spe

Alumna House
Creighton University

Alumna House is proud to offer officially licensed Creighton University Bluejays apparel for students, faculty, alumni, and fans wanting to support their beloved Jays. We know it's all about the white and blue for Creighton University's dedicated Bluejays fans, and our clothing line features locally designed apparel you'll be excited to wear.

Alumna House
University of Iowa

There's something special about the University of Iowa. The historic campus, located at 125 North Madison Street in Iowa City, home of Hawkeye sports, and founded in 1847, was named one of the top 10 college towns by USA Today.

Edited and Formatted Newsletters

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
My Secret Tool for Getting Unstuck

1. Write one thing running through your head per Post-it Note. Keep going until you can't think of anything more. It doesn't matter if it's big or little, urgent or random.Listing all your issues is soothing. When you write them down, they stop taking up valuable head space.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Trapped in a Doom Loop?

I've started to refer to these worry patterns as Doom Loops. It often begins with uncertainty about how something will turn out. You're not feeling confident and start imagining the worst. You feel the impending doom start to build. Then one bad thought leads to another.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Do You Have a Mentor?

Do you have a mentor? When you think about them, what stands out? I've been really fortunate and had a couple of great mentors. They helped me grow into the person I wanted to become. They didn't try to make me miniature versions of themselves, rather they brought out the best in me.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Frustrated With Your Business? Start here.

Part of my role as an executive coach is to create space for clients to voice their frustrations. Identifying and naming what isn't working is the first step to creating change. When my clients are frustrated, I ask them to describe their business from the Crow's Nest.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Want to Stop Being Pulled in Every Direction?

Ever heard of the Crow's Nest? It's a box high up in the stadium at football games where coaches get a different perspective of the game. I use this analogy a lot in my work to help clients to think of their businesses differently.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
The Importance of Not Forgetting

I like visiting this cemetery. It's quiet and peaceful, surrounded by farmland. There's a small church that's maintained even though services are no longer held there. The headstones include the names of the family who donated the land and others from the surrounding community. Several headstones have names that are unknown to me.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
You Should Open This Email

P.S. - I've given my free download, Start Your Path to Success , a refresh! This is the free workbook I share exclusively with my newsletter subscribers - YOU! If you're feeling disconnected from the work you want to be doing, this free guide is a great place to get started.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
What if your BIGGEST FEAR isn't what you think?

What happens when you read this quote? The meaning can be hard to grasp. You probably feel that your fears of being a fraud and inadequate are what hold you back the most. But what if something else is keeping you from stepping into your Vision of Success?

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
HOW Do You Create? 💡

So here I am. My dog is curled up at my feet, tired from our walk. I have music playing in the background because I find that listening to something created by someone else helps my creativity flow. And I'm writing this newsletter to you.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
What Do You Create?

Do you create? Are you someone who oozes creativity - always working on something new? Or do you think you have no creativity at all? Do you dread the question, "What's new with you ?" because you haven't created anything in a while and nothing feels particularly new or exciting?

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
How the Tiny Word "if" Can Change EVERYTHING . . .

There are no guarantees that the "What if" will turn out as you expected or hoped. Because "What if" is less about the actual outcome and more about the journey . Regardless of where you end up, you will be somewhere different."If only" keeps you stuck exactly where you are.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Do You Have the Courage to Embrace Awkwardness?

I recently had the chance to learn how to curl. If you watched the Winter Olympics you might have seen teams gracefully sending 40-pound stones gliding down the ice to a bullseye target on the other end. A friend, who belongs to the local curling league, invited a few of us to attend an event where "curler newbies" could try it out.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Permission to Pause

You can get so caught up in the doing that you forget to pause and consider why you are doing what you're doing. That's not to say everything has to come to a grinding halt. You have responsibilities. Bills need to be paid, kids need to be fed, the dog needs to be walked and your team does need direction.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
What Does Your Hero Journey Look Like?

In the last newsletter, we explored the concept of shadows. Shadows are behaviors and actions related to the story we each create about our lives. They impact the way we view the world and keep us safe.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Afraid of Your Own Shadow?

The subject of "shadow" has been popping up a lot in conversations with clients, peers and friends. It's a fascinating topic that can be scary to explore, but it can also be a game-changer in terms of how you view your talents and discovering where your true passions lie.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
Are You Doing the Work You Love??

One benefit of the pandemic is having had a chance to pause and consider what's important in your life. Like most people, you probably considered how much time you were spending at work, with family and friends. You may have even reprioritized things based on what you saw.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach
The Power of A Word

I remember the word I picked that first year. Explore. At the time, I was ready to change up my professional work. Yet I had no idea what that might be. Explore allowed me to chase lots of options without the pressure of finding the perfect fit within a specific timeframe.

Perspectives Newsletter - Janelle Roker, Executive Coach

When we're kids, we say the best things. We make up words and absorb our surroundings in a way we're not always able to do as adults. I don't remember saying the words above, but my mother remembers them because they so accurately captured my grandmother's giving spirit.

Edited and Formatted Blogs

Finding Purpose And Meaning In Your Work

"It's your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you." - Rumi Finding purpose and meaning in your work can have a big impact on your quality of life and overall happiness.

Choosing a Word for the Year: A Powerful Alternative to New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year when you start thinking about the new year and what you want to be different. But what if I told you there's a powerful alternative to traditional resolutions? Something that can infuse your days with more meaning and intention. Have you ever thought of choosing a word for the year?

Need Help Creating a Business Strategy for the New Year?

Fall is the perfect time to start planning if you're creating a business strategy for the new year. If you want your team to "hit the ground running" in January, they need an idea of where you want them to end up. And this is where a few lessons from growing up on a Minnesota farm are helpful.

3 Ways For Mentoring Employees More Effectively

Effective mentors help their employees find new ways to use their skills and talents. They give them the confidence to do more. But mentoring employees takes time, and it's often hard to know where to start. With the daily distractions businesses face, mentoring often gets pushed to the side.

Help Your Team Defeat Imposter Syndrome

As a leader, it can be frustrating when a member of your team seems to be holding back. You know they have so much potential but getting them to see that and step into it seems impossible. Imposter Syndrome might be what's holding them back.

Want Your Business to Thrive? Answer These 3 Questions.

"Find out what you do best; Then find out how you can pay most of your attention to doing it; Get someone to pay you for having paid most of your attention to mastering that one thing." - Genius Turner Are you solving the right problems? Do you know what questions to ask?

Freedom, Courage and The Wall

"Those who won our independence . . . valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty." - Lois D. Brandeis What do you think of the 4th of July?

How Leaders and Business Owners Know When To Say Yes

What happens when you read this quote? Whenever I read it, I start to get this funny feeling in my gut. It's like seeing a truth about myself that I didn't want to see. As a leader and business owner, it's easy to get caught up in saying "yes" to others.

The Problem With Rushing Growth

I love that I live in a part of the world where the changing of the seasons is so striking. I love watching new plants come up in spring and seeing them progress - tiny buds blooming into daffodils, crocus, and tulips. The flowering redbuds and crab apple trees make my morning walks magical.

Change is Like a Hurricane

I'm a bit of a storm junky. I loved watching the storms roll in on the farm where I grew up. When rainstorms approached, there would be this eerie calm where not a breath seemed to exist. The air felt heavy and dense, almost electric.

Finding Clarity From Change

Do these pictures look like the same mountain to you? On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, I visited Mount St. Helens. It's an active volcano and the last eruption was in May of 1980. I was a child when it happened and can remember the images on TV of the smoke and ash filling the air.

When Was the Last Time You Felt "Whelmed??"

Does your life often feel like a balancing act? You like routine but hate being bored. You seek adventure but value safety. You want to chase your passions but fear moving too far outside your comfort zone. It can be tricky to find the sweet spot in between.

Make Your Bed. Change Your Life.

How do you define success? Most would reserve that word for big accomplishments. You might not think walking your dog, making breakfast, or doing the laundry are successes. But Admiral William H. McRaven might disagree with you. In his book, "Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World," he shares lessons he learned during Navy Seal training.

Skeptics Can Meditate Too

Have you ever said that? I used to say it a lot. I had this idea that my thoughts controlled everything. Like they were the CEO of the rest of me. That was before I understood what mindfulness was. Mindfulness is being aware of what your mind is doing.

Original Content - Newsletters

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
What are the 5 Best Types of Art for Healing?

Not all artwork is created equally, especially when it comes to the right type of artwork for healthcare. And not all nature images are the same. So what types of images provide the most benefits to patients AND staff? In our latest blog, we break it down for you.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Don't You Just Love a Comeback Story?

Everyone loves a comeback story. And that's exactly what's happening in the small town of Albion, Nebraska, population of 1,709. This small Midwestern town decided to invest in itself and is seeing a boom in its community. We recently provided nature images for Boone County Health Cente r's new outpatient clinic expansion in Albion alongside Leo A Daly for some fantastic results.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
What Story Does Your Environment Tell?

Do you want people to connect with your space as soon as they walk through the door? Connection is at the heart of everything we do as humans.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Corporate Art Boring? Not at KJP!

Even though roughly 80% of our nature photographs are hung in hospitals, healthcare, and wellness facilities, clients want creative nature images in office spaces too. Who doesn’t want to feel better walking into a boardroom?

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
What Gets Your Heart 💗 Racing??

When was the last time you got that excited feeling at work?? For me, it was on a recent road trip with fellow photographer Jerred Z. What started out as a gloomy, overcast sky shifted to one of the most spectacular Midwest sunsets I’ve seen in years. Check out the video of this EPIC adventure here:

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
No Windows? No Problem.

How do you brighten a long corridor in the basement of an established hospital that has no determined set-up for lighting? While also adding artwork that will: improve patient outcomes, energize staff and create a calming, healing environment for all?

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
And Now For Something Completely Different . . .

Film on glass. You don't see it all the time, but when it makes an appearance, WOW, it makes an appearance. It's a great option when working with existing glass and when you don't have a lot of open wall space for canvas or framed art.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Now Trending in Behavioral Health . . .

May is mental health awareness month, so we want to put a spotlight on the importance of incorporating the RIGHT kind of imagery in behavioral health environments and show you how powerful it can be.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Can Losing Be a Good Thing in Healthcare?

Incorporating nature into built environments has tons of research to support it. And it makes sense. Nature makes us feel better. You've heard a lot about the benefits of biophilic design, and all the things you gain by incorporating nature photography into healthcare environments. But what about the things you when you do this?

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
How OrthoNE Uses KJP's Nature Imagery to Inspire Healing

is all about getting people back to the things they love - things like hiking, jogging, playing sports, and even just walking their dogs! That's why choosing artwork that OrthoNebraska reminds people of the things they want to get back to was so important when designing their newest location in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Better Than Caffeine?

Whether you're looking for an inspiring desktop wallpaper or a new Zoom background, these images will improve your mood and keep stress at bay. Makes sense that hospitals, behavioral health facilities, senior living centers, orthopedic surgery centers, children's hospitals and medical clinics ALL request restorative nature art more than any other type of artwork.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Did someone say. BOLD?!?! 😍

using healing, nature images that created a rainbow for their young patients. Our feature several of Kurt's images paired by color, theme or design and make beautiful statement pieces - particularly when filling a large space. Omaha Pediatric Therapy wanted to design somethingbright and happy for their patients and staff.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Obsessed! with this NEW Creative Wayfinding!

"Obsessed!" - Monica Albertson, NCIDQ, Interior Designer at Allina Health Our newest wayfinding solution for Allina Health's United Hospital in St. Paul, MN is a creative example of our nature imagery having a job to do.

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Introducing KJP 2.0

INTRODUCING KJP 2.0 We’re excited to announce our shiny new website and logo! We got a makeover and have made choosing the best nature images for your wellness project even easier! You’ll find: Advanced search options More healing images Resources to help you plan your next project Free downloads to bring some calm to your desktop (or next Zoom meeting).

Kurt Johnson Photography Newsletter
Because You Deserve Flowers Today and Every Day 😍

We understand the importance of creating environments that support calm and healing, and we're passionate about making positive changes in the lives of patients and the entire care team. We'll help you choose the right imagery for your space and guide you through framing and display options.

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