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I find inspiration in many different areas and that has led me to write about a wide range of topics. My music articles have been published in FYI 50 Plus -Follow Your Interests, Boomer Magazine and GO Magazine(New York City). I've also written commentary, general interest and wildlife pieces that have appeared in FYI50 Plus-Follow Your Interests, Suddenly Senior, The Sports Column and in Midwest publications.

Currently working on articles about non-profit organizations, sports and general interest/opinion pieces.

To learn more about my background and writing experience, check out my portfolio selections. My email/contact info is accessible by clicking on the mail icon below.


NON-PROFIT/PHILANTHROPY - Children & Animals, Wildlife/Conservation



FYI 50+ Nov/Dec 2021
Creative Ways To Use Pumpkins After Halloween

Although it may be common practice to toss out those fall pumpkins after Halloween, they can still be used in unique and creative ways, during the winter holidays. Here are several ideas to recycle and use those pumpkins, whatever their size.

fyi50+ The Original Online Senior Magazine * follow your interests
A Wealth of Activities to Enjoy From Home

By Carolyn Bower ~ Are you and your family tired of watching television and movies? Are you done with baking (and eating) delectable desserts? Spending more time at home these days offers opportunities for enjoyment and learning new hobbies.


Ten Signs You're A Technology Dinosaur in A High-Tech World!

If you still use CDs and have yet to make a Netflix account, then you’re probably on your way to becoming a technology dinosaur. “From a distant era” might be a phrase used to describe a dinosaur, but you may be one; if these signs fit you to a T!

News Journal Mansfield, OH
Books Stack Up To Fine Hobby

I hand over the money. I clutch the package tightly and hurry on my way home. Another one to add to my obsession - to add to my growing collection. I can feel the texture through the wrapping paper and smell the newness - a newness not yet affected by use or passage of time.

News Journal Mansfield, OH
'50's Television Suits Her Taste Just Fine

I admit it. I am one of the TV generation - one who was born in the 1950's and grew up watching "Sky King," "Fury," "My Three Sons," " Leave it to Beaver" and "Adventures in Paradise." Those were the days when Saturday morning meant Sky rescuing Penny and the beautiful


The Sports Column | Sports Articles, Analysis, News and Media
Abuse Allegations Continue to Haunt Women's College Basketball - The Sports Column | Sports...

Two years have passed since former North Carolina coach Sylvia Hatchell, former Georgia Tech coach Ma Chelle Joseph, and several other women's college basketball coaches resigned or were fired amid allegations of mental abuse and questionable behavior. Two years ... and nothing seems to have changed or improved.

The Sports Column | Sports Articles, Analysis, News and Media
Colleges Embrace Women's Flag Football - The Sports Column | Sports Articles, Analysis, News and...

Collegiate flag football for women is here, and the inaugural season is happening this spring. But there's still a lot of work to make the sport a sustainable feature of college athletic programs. Intercollegiate competition is the outcome of a collaboration among the NFL, a sports organization called Reigning Champs Experience (RCX), and a collegiate sports association, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

The Sports Column | Sports Articles, Analysis, News and Media
Hazing Is A Problem In College Sports - The Sports Column | Sports Articles, Analysis, News and...

According to the NCAA, 74 percent of student-athletes experience hazing while in college. It's time for administrators, coaches, parents, and students to work together to end t his despicable practice. -In 2015, a hazing incident involving the swim program at Drury University (MO) led to an investigation and adoption of a plan to deal with hazing.

The Journal-Herald, White Haven PA (reprint from The Sports Column)
Attire Controversy in Women's Tennis Wears Thin

When does action on the tennis court take a backseat to action apart from it? It's happening here and now, At the forefront of the game has been controversy about outfits worn by Serena Williams. In 2018, her "catsuit" - a skin-tight , black full-length outfit - caused a stir at the French Open. The catsuit wasn't just a fashion statement, it was designed for Williams as a precaution against