Cam J Baxter

Freelance Copywriter - Copywriting Beyond the Ordinary

United Kingdom

Hello! Freelance Copywriter & Content Writer at your service. *Tips cap*

A down-to-earth copywriter that works with brands and businesses to create sensational stories, fun-loving copy, and sticky content to get that message across to your target market.

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💫 Idea generation
💫 Blog posts and feature articles
💫 Web copy and landing pages
💫 Product descriptions
💫 Marketing emails
💫 Press releases

I'm here to fire your product or service into the stratosphere and get those returns on your hard work. With my help, you'll be able to clearly show your customers just how good your idea, product or service is and persuade them to invest.

I specialise in music, lifestyle, culture, and automotive. I adapt my writing magic in other areas too.

I've written for GSF Car Parts, Shogun RFC, Tessen Sports Services, Eric Alper, Bumwash Bidets, PMT Online, Into Productions, Physical Synthesis, The Scooter Co, Dungeon Mastering, The Paddle Shack, and a whole ton more, from Bands to Brands.

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💬 "I have nothing but great things to say about Cam. He's a fantastic writer and has always shown interest in our project. Plus, he's a nice person to work with. I hope I can keep working with him for many years to come!" - Florent Fabre, Dungeon Mastering

💬 "Cam has supported my business for a number of years now. With excellent copywriting skills, he's worked on web copy, product descriptions, and blogs. His insight into writing has really raised my business profile. A great guy that's easy to work with." - Marc Best, The Scooter Co & The Electric Future

💬 "I was very pleased with the standard of writing provided by Cam. He was quick to understand the scope of requirements and provided timely updates and outputs. We would definitely hire him for more work" - Ilesha Singhal, Bumwash Bidet Products, Australia

💬 "Working with Cam has been nothing but smooth and valuable. We've been investigating talents for copywriting for a while and Cam just turned out to be the perfect fit for us. I found his attention to understanding our products and audience first to be of tremendous value which required very little back and forth to get to what we were looking for in terms of copywriting materials. Skillset being an obvious asset, Cam was also easy to work with and we all enjoy our ongoing collaboration with him!" – Alex Prignon, Physical Synthesis, USA

Gsf Car Parts
Category and Brand Page Content | GSF Car Parts | UK

Category and brand pages - 'Here at GSF Car Parts, you can find everything brake pads and discs at our online store. You’ll find a massive range of brake parts and accessories, including brake discs, brake pad sets, and fitting kits.'

Shogun Rugby Club
Shogun Rugby Football Club | Website & Socials | UK

Website copy and socials - 'Originally called Samurai Rugby Club, in 2024, the club decided to change its name to Shogun Rugby Club. Marking a significant chapter in their journey, Shogun Rugby has become one of the best 7s clubs in the world.'

Dungeon Mastering
Dungeon Mastering | Articles & Guides | USA

Articles & guides - 'They’re a special class that needs a little bit of careful thought when building one for your DnD campaign. They start a little weaker than any other class, but once they get going, they’re a great, formidable tank...'

Website, Brand & Ad Script | Bumwash Bidets | Australia

Website, brand and Ad script - 'Bumwash is an innovative bidet design company that was set up to deliver quality bathroom hygiene for everyone, alongside sustainability and waste reduction. Oh, and also offer a squeaky clean bum.'