Callie Schmidt


United States of America

Intern at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Senior journalism student at Bethel University.
News editor at The Clarion and a South St. Paul native.
Contact: [email protected]


local reporting

Shakopee Valley News
Shakopee: Where the jobs are plentiful, but not housing

In 2015, the Met Council found a mere one in 10 homes developed in the Twin Cities region were affordable. That year, Shakopee developed just 26 homes that would be considered affordable, and 74 that exceeded it.

Shakopee Valley News
Taking care of prisoners

A new community paramedics program at Scott County Jail provides more hours of care for inmates.

The Clarion
Welcoming the stranger

For some Bethel students and faculty, President Trump's executive order on immigration hits close to home.

The Clarion
Safe places, brave spaces

Augsburg College boasts several designated safe spaces on their campus for interfaith dialogue and LGBTQ-support groups. How does Bethel compare in terms of safe spaces?

International writing

Helping to heal

Guatemalan healer and Myan Priestess Lidia Escobedo volunteers her healing therapies at Hogar de Ancianos Fray Rodrigo de La Cruz, a nursing home in Antigua. She also teaches the next generation of healers in villages across Guatemala in the face of skepticism.

Speaking truth to power

A former architect and Antigua native, Asensio became the first female mayor of Antigua Jan. 15, 2016, making her one of the nine female mayors in Guatemala out of 338, according to Tribunal Supremo Electoral. Despite only occupying the office of mayor for one year, she receives criticism from citizens of Antigua.