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I help your brand speak through compelling content written just for your audience.

As a Physiotherapist and personal trainer, I write accurate, trusted health and fitness content. Plus! With 6 years writing experience, I've also worked with clients across all industries from fashion to construction.

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Below are selected samples of my work



Indigenous models can change Australia's culture for the better
Indigenous Models & the power to change culture
introducing new zealand fashion | read | i-D
To celebrate the launch of i-D New Zealand, we consider the meteoric rise of our small nation's unique fashion scene. Sure we joined the international fashion arena a few...
Kona: Luke McKenzie talks family support, setbacks and his prep for Kona - Trizone
Australian triathlete Luke McKenzie opens up to Trizone on how his family's support helped him overcome a series of setbacks to take on the upcoming Ironman World Championships...
Fake Malaria Pills Could Cause an Epidemic | VICE | United States
Back in the 60s and 70s, hundreds of scientists in China were tasked with screening thousands of traditional medicines, some of them centuries old. The project yielded a list of...
Luxury Spa Awards
Health and Beauty Journalist Caitlin Reid reviews Singapore's best spas and salons.
Exploited Migrant Labourers are Rebuilding Christchurch | VICE | Australia / NZ
Investigative Journalist New Zealand, Caitlin Reid speaks to exploited migrants in New Zealand: Since the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand companies have struggled to...
Dance Therapy: The evidence-based post cancer therapy
Health journalism
Why Asian men are buying up the world's beauty products
Freelance luxury writer
Dog Sledding In Whistler
Lifestyle Journalist Caitlin Reid gets an inside look into one of the Canada's most popular tourist activities.
10 Tips To Ease Gluten-Free Living | Live The Process
For people living gluten-free, the constant feeling of missing out can be frustrating. Fortunately, a simple change in mindset can be the difference between a sense of exclusion...
Audi Winter Games Comp Wrap
Snow sports journalist Caitlin Reid heads to Cardrona to see the world's best battle it out to qualify for Sochi 2014.
The New Zealand Man Drought Is a Thing | VICE | Australia / NZ
‚Äč Investigative Journalist Caitlin Reid explores the man drought: If you're between 25 and 44, are into men, and live in New Zealand, you could be finding it harder to get a...

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Fashion and Beauty Copywriter New Zealand
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Itinerary The adventure begins! Meet your host and yoga instructor Rachel at the Scenic Hotel near the Fua'amotu International Airport on Tongatapu (Tonga). You'll then connect...
Whether you need ground anchors installed, a retaining wall built, or geotechnical matting installed on a hard-to-reach cliff face, Ground can help. Head to our services page to...
Blog Archives - Custom Silk Beach Wedding Dresses and Resort Wear
Press Release - Adventure Time Toys
Press Release Writer
Digital Content Writing
Caitlin Reid, Nonprofit Copywriter, wrote the 40 Hour Famine Website for 2015. The rate of malnutrition in Bangladesh is nearly the highest in the world. Injustice is rife...
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Health and Beauty Copywriter Australia
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Advertorial - World Vision
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Health, Fitness & Wellness Content

Say goodbye to back pain for good - Fitness In The City
Guest post by Caitlin Reid Do you find your back feeling tender, sensitive and achy after a day at work, during the night or after sports? You're definitely not the only one....
10 Questions About Stretching - FitFluential
This post is written by guest contributor Caitlin Reid. Find out more about her after the article! We hear so many different tips and tricks about stretching from "Don't stretch...
Prepare Your Own Gluten-free, Vegetarian Comfort Foods -
Eating gluten-free can be hard, whether you're coeliac or you've found your stomach has decided bread is its nemesis. Eating gluten-free and vegetarian is even harder, and can...
The Countdown -- Five training tips for winter
Health and Fitness Journalist Caitlin Reid gets you ready for the ski season: Remember the agony of your first few days on the snow last year? Burning thighs, tight calves and...
Accidentally Anxious - Live The Process -
Although we may not always realize it, many of us are stuck in a cycle of perpetual anxiety. Between being swamped at work, juggling relationships and trying to maintain our...
Rehab Plans Archives | Running Divas

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