Caitlin Reid

Freelance Copywriter & Journalist

I help your brand speak through compelling content.

I can offer you professionalism, quick turn arounds and quality content.

As a Physiotherapist and personal trainer, I write accurate, trusted health and fitness content. Plus! With 8 years of writing experience, I've also worked with clients across all industries from fashion to construction.


- Blog posts
- Web content
- Press releases
- Advertorial
- Journalism
- Ghost writing

WHO I'VE WORKED FOR: (details on request)

- Digital marketing agencies
- Fashion and lifestyle brands
- PR firms
- Non-profits

CONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected]

Below are selected samples of my work




The Extra Mile NZ

Travel Content for Tour Website

The adventure begins! Meet your host and yoga instructor at the Scenic Hotel near the Fua’amotu International Airport on Tongatapu (Tonga). You’ll then connect with a half-hour...

Aprivé Wellness

The 5 Best Parks for Working Out

My favourite parks around the world for exercising outdoors Travelling can stifle your wellness buzz, disrupting the balance you try so hard to maintain when you're at home....


It's All About the Street at Chingon

Although Mexican eateries have been popping up thick and fast around town in the past year or so, none have really embodied the authenticity and simplicity of good Mexican...

Queenstown NZ's best health spots this winter | Health and Beauty

You've got your second cold of the year and you're trying to be healthy, but the last thing you want to do is cook or work out. While Queenstown NZ has plenty of burger, beer...

Whistler Traveller

Dog Sledding In Whistler

Lifestyle Journalist Caitlin Reid gets an inside look into one of the Canada's most popular tourist activities.


The Editor Magazine

Indigenous models can change Australia's culture for the better

Indigenous Models & the power to change culture

SME Business Daily Media

Signs you've outgrown your small business accountant

As a small business owner, you need supportive experts to help you business continue to grow and profit, including a good accountant. Here are the top signs it ' s time you need...


introducing new zealand fashion | read | i-D

To celebrate the launch of i-D New Zealand, we consider the meteoric rise of our small nation's unique fashion scene. Sure we joined the international fashion arena a few...


Exploited Migrant Labourers are Rebuilding Christchurch | VICE | Australia / NZ

Investigative Journalist New Zealand, Caitlin Reid speaks to exploited migrants in New Zealand: Since the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand companies have struggled to...


Why are Flapper Costumes so Popular?

Flirty, liberating, sassy and fun, the flapper costume is Australia's most popular dress up. From the gleaming beads and captivating tassels to the sparkling headbands, flapper...


Fake Malaria Pills Could Cause an Epidemic | VICE | United States

Back in the 60s and 70s, hundreds of scientists in China were tasked with screening thousands of traditional medicines, some of them centuries old. The project yielded a list of...

Harper's Bazaar

Luxury Spa Awards

Health and Beauty Journalist Caitlin Reid reviews Singapore's best spas and salons.

Global Health & Travel

Dance Therapy: The evidence-based post cancer therapy

Health journalism


The New Zealand Man Drought Is a Thing | VICE | Australia / NZ

​ Investigative Journalist Caitlin Reid explores the man drought: If you're between 25 and 44, are into men, and live in New Zealand, you could be finding it harder to get a...

Audi Winter Games Comp Wrap

Snow sports journalist Caitlin Reid heads to Cardrona to see the world's best battle it out to qualify for Sochi 2014.

The Bangkok Post's Luxury Magazine - The Magazine

Why Asian men are buying up the world's beauty products

Freelance luxury writer


The New Zealand Government Wants to Allow Drilling for Oil in a Dolphin Habitat

Plans for oil and gas exploration are a death sentence for the world's smallest and rarest dolphin.

Northern Beaches Mums

Ending a Business Partnership with your Friend - Northern Beaches Mums

You and your bestie have a brilliant idea for a business, and you're already well on your way to launching your first product. Suddenly, your partner decides she's finished with...