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As a Physiotherapist and wellness professional, I write accurate, trusted health, wellbeing and fitness content. Plus! With 8 years of writing experience, I've also worked with clients across all industries from fashion to construction.


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Editorial, Blog Posts & Digital Content

Rainbird Clothing
How to Choose the Best Lightweight Waterproof Jacket for Summer

Are you gearing up for your summer adventures, and looking for the best lightweight waterproof jacket? Whether you're planning a hiking trip, a beach getaway, or just bracing for those unpredictable summer showers, a lightweight, breathable waterproof jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe. Here's everything you need t

V&M Spa
10 Steps to Repair Your Dry Summer Hair | V&M SPA

Summer is synonymous with sun, sea, and, unfortunately, dry hair for many of us. If your hair is feeling parched, it's time to supercharge your hair's hydration with a few key steps.

Moms Weigh in on new Children's Eczema Treatment - ARCTIVA Skin

As a Mom, you know it can be heartbreaking watching your child deal with the itch, pain and irritation of eczema. You've probably tried countless eczema treatments for kids, hoping one will make a meaningful change, but you're still looking.

High Fashion Meets Designer Wedding Dresses - Piece 46 | L'ETO BRIDAL

Modern and beautifully fashionable, Piece 46 embodies Parisian style and breathtaking romance. Inspired by walks along the beach and the picture of delicate seafoam at dusk, you can almost feel the waves as you brush your hands over the skirt of Piece 46.

Insight Timer Blog
Mindfulness-Based Trauma Recovery For Refugees - Insight Timer Blog

Today there are 25.9 million refugees worldwide, the highest level of displaced persons ever recorded. These people have been forced to flee their homes to look for safe havens and resettle their lives. Along the way, they have been exposed to some of the most terrifying ordeals a person can endure, from torture to imprisonment, near starvation, sexual assault and separation from their families.

Arctiva Skin
6 non-steroid ingredients you need to help your eczema - Arctiva Skin

Are you tired of trying eczema treatments that don't work? Are you looking for steroid-free, clean-label solutions that won't harm your health? You're not alone. Thanks to highly skilled skin scientists, non-prescription ingredients have been discovered that are creating life-changing results for everyday people with eczema or atopic dermatitis.

introducing new zealand fashion | read | i-D

To celebrate the launch of i-D New Zealand, we consider the meteoric rise of our small nation's unique fashion scene. Sure we joined the international fashion arena a few centuries late, but now our Kiwi designers are competing with the world's best.

Separating Fact From Fiction When it Comes to Recycling Single-Use Plastics

by Caitlin Reid There's a lot of confusion around what is or isn't recyclable, especially when it comes to plastics. Ever stood uncomfortably long in front of a public recycling bin trying to decipher the images that tell you what containers can actually go in the bin and what shouldn't?

Fake Malaria Pills Could Cause an Epidemic | VICE | United States

Back in the 60s and 70s, hundreds of scientists in China were tasked with screening thousands of traditional medicines, some of them centuries old. The project yielded a list of game-changing substances including the antimalarial drug, artemisinin.

Samson & Charlie
The New Beauty Beyond 40

Far from dropping off the earth, women aged 40+ are finding their feet and making an impact in a way women in this age bracket have never had the chance to do before.

The New Zealand Man Drought Is a Thing | VICE | Australia / NZ

​ Investigative Journalist Caitlin Reid explores the man drought: If you're between 25 and 44, are into men, and live in New Zealand, you could be finding it harder to get a date. Young Kiwis are blaming immigration patterns for what's being called a nation-wide "man drought".

Exploited Migrant Labourers are Rebuilding Christchurch | VICE | Australia / NZ

Investigative Journalist New Zealand, Caitlin Reid speaks to exploited migrants in New Zealand: Since the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand companies have struggled to meet the labor demand needed to rebuild the city's business district. The pressure to deliver a large workforce cheaply has lead to the exploitation of migrant labour from the Philippines.

SME Business Daily Media
Signs you've outgrown your small business accountant

As a small business owner, you need supportive experts to help you business continue to grow and profit, including a good accountant. Here are the top signs it ' s time you need to find a new, proactive accounting professional. Your accountant should be available to help advise you about wealth generation within the next five, ten and twenty years.

Is a self-managed super fund right for you?

Investing with a self-managed super fund, or SMSF, is one option to grow your super, but it's also a tricky one. As you and the other trustees are in charge of the fund, all your investment decisions come with huge responsibility and small print. Here are a few things to consider when setting up an SMSF.

Viva Physio
Ski Injury Prevention for desk workers - How Your Gear Can Prevent Injury

Written by Caitlin Reid Our Physio Caitlin Reid and friends hiking the Toilet Bowl face up The Remarkables, NZ in 2016 Snow is falling across the country so this month we're focused on the ski season. If you work a full time desk job though, a full weekend of riding can be really tough on your body, and can even lead to nasty injuries.

Copywriting - Press Releases - Advertorial

Oshen Active
The New Bamboo Compression Shorts to Boost Performance

Compression shorts can boost performance, thanks to their ability to influence muscle healing and recovery. Crafted from natural bamboo fibers, great-quality compression shorts allow your skin to breathe and stay cool while you work out, plus feel safe in the knowledge you've chosen a renewable, non-plastic, high performance garment.

World Vision - 40 Hour Famine
Digital Content Writing

Caitlin Reid, Nonprofit Copywriter, wrote the 40 Hour Famine Website for 2015. The rate of malnutrition in Bangladesh is nearly the highest in the world. Injustice is rife leaving children vulnerable to malnutrition and food insecurity. The funds raised through this year's Famine will go towards establishing emergency feeding programmes, teaching families how to grow veggies and improving access to health and nutrition services. "Caitlin has been an asset to World Vision New Zealand....

Flave your world at home

Landing Page Content, SEO & Menu Content: The freshest and tastiest 100% plant-based ready-made meals - delivered to your door. Sydney, Australia.

Harper's Bazaar
Luxury Spa Awards

Health and Beauty Journalist Caitlin Reid reviews Singapore's best spas and salons.
Audi Winter Games Comp Wrap

Snow sports journalist Caitlin Reid heads to Cardrona to see the world's best battle it out to qualify for Sochi 2014.

Health, Fitness & Wellness Content

5 Tips For A Comfortable Night's Sleep; By A Physiotherapist

Is back pain getting you down? We've brought in Physiotherapist Caitlin Reid to show us some moves that can give us pain-free sleep. Aches and discomfort at night can ruin your sleep, but they don't have to. As a Physiotherapist, I see how poor sleep can impact everything from my patient's pain levels to their ability to manage daily stressors.

How to Have Good Posture When You Sit at a Desk All Day

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. When it comes to posture, there's a lot more at stake than comfort. As a physiotherapist, I often see people stuck in cycles of work-related body issues, such as headaches, back pain, neurological issues, and arm tingling.

5 tips on how to manage headaches - Mum CFOs

Usually, when you're running around between work, daycare and home jobs, you don't even notice a headache until it hits you. Once you feel that beating intensify, it seems like the only option is medication, which can certainly help, but isn't the only option.

Relax, Here's How To Create The Ultimate Luxury Wellness Retreat At Home

After the crazy year it's been already, you deserve a time out. Not just a few hours, but a massive day of calm to reset and recharge. Far from a Netflix and chill day though, research tells us nothing works better at helping cool our anxiety than some movement, good food, breath work and a bit of pampering.

A Physiotherapist Breaks Down How to Prepare for Your Next Nursing Shift

By Caitlin Reid Nurses have one of the most necessary, demanding and stressful jobs in the world. Before I worked in private practice, I always marveled at the nurses' ability to stay calm, develop relationships with patients and stay motivated in the hectic hospital environment.

Aprivé Wellness
The one thing you need to help pull you out of a health rut

The answer is digital We all go through stages of flux with our health. Maybe you've just been through a breakup or it's winter and you've lost all motivation. These fluctuations are normal for most people, but sometimes these fluctuations become ruts.

Fitness In The City
Say goodbye to back pain for good - Fitness In The City

Guest post by Caitlin Reid Do you find your back feeling tender, sensitive and achy after a day at work, during the night or after sports? You're definitely not the only one. Did you know Low Back Pain is the most common musculoskeletal health problem in the Western World?

10 Questions About Stretching - FitFluential

This post is written by guest contributor Caitlin Reid. Find out more about her after the article! We hear so many different tips and tricks about stretching from "Don't stretch at all" to "stretch all the time!" There are thousands of journal articles written about stretching, but somehow every PT, yogi and instructor tells us something different.

Training While Pregnant From an Age Grouper & Professional | Trizone

When there's no big race in sight, it can be hard to stay motivated during training, especially when your body is rapidly changing during pregnancy. Trizone caught up with Liz Blatchford and Dayna Wilkie, an age grouper who maintained her momentum during pregnancy and even completed a race thanks to a new motivation.

The Wellist
5 Pilates Exercises to Keep You Toned in Transit

I certainly don't have the answers to everything and one thing I struggle with, especially with long-haul flights, is all that sitting. So I sought out fitness expert Caitlin Reid, a physical therapist and Pilates consultant, for some tips on how one can help work out all those kinks and sore muscles that come from sitting for so many hours during long flights.


Aprivé Wellness
The 5 Best Parks for Working Out

My favourite parks around the world for exercising outdoors Travelling can stifle your wellness buzz, disrupting the balance you try so hard to maintain when you're at home. Research has shown working out outside has mental benefits that far outweigh those you get from a gym session. Big ci
Queenstown NZ's best health spots this winter | Health and Beauty

You've got your second cold of the year and you're trying to be healthy, but the last thing you want to do is cook or work out. While Queenstown NZ has plenty of burger, beer and pizza joints, there are many ways to stay healthy in Queenstown NZ this winter.

Whistler Traveller
Dog Sledding In Whistler

Lifestyle Journalist Caitlin Reid gets an inside look into one of the Canada's most popular tourist activities.

It's All About the Street at Chingon

Although Mexican eateries have been popping up thick and fast around town in the past year or so, none have really embodied the authenticity and simplicity of good Mexican street food. Until now. Richmond's Chingon offers a simple menu with a choice of six tacos, corn chips with fire-roasted salsa or guacamole.

The Extra Mile NZ
Travel Content for Tour Website

The adventure begins! Meet your host and yoga instructor at the Scenic Hotel near the Fua’amotu International Airport on Tongatapu (Tonga). You’ll then connect with a half-hour flight to Queen Salote Airport in Ha’apai. Upon arrival, we are transferred by boat to the peaceful island of Uoleva.


World Vision NZ
World Vision Annual Report FY14

Only available on request due to prior date of document. Caitlin Reid, wrote and edited the major parts of the World Vision Annual Report FY14.