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My work centers the movement of culture over the U.S.-Mexico border.

Clips on gender, marijuana, perreo and other societal forces.

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High Times
What Cannabinoids Would Jesus Do?

"One thing Christians are often accused of is being narrow and judgmental," says editor Natalie Gillespie. "I think that's because we're afraid to even learn about something that we think might not be good for us."

Open Space
The Pin-Up Revolutionary

"In Mexico we have a very peculiar relationship with violence," says Fabián Cháirez, ensconced in a dining room chair in his apartment in Mexico City's Centro Histórico. It is the same place he was sitting when he learned of the brutal event that would make him the most controversial Mexican artist of the twenty-first century.

Mexico City's NAAFI Collective Releases 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

From the vantage point of NAAFI 's rooftop headquarters near the sprawling Chapultepec bus station in Mexico City's Condesa neighborhood, the megapolis with which the project has become intrinsically intertwined over the last decade feels empty. The COVID-19 crisis is taking shape in Mexico, it's still several days before the federal government declared an official state of emergency on March 30th.

FACT Magazine: Transmissions from the underground
El Malecón: The birth of Mexican reggaeton and the Veracruz club that became its epicenter

Urbano fever is gripping the music industry but global success stories for artists like J. Balvin and Bad Bunny are only part of the picture. Ortíz has history to offer. He spent 22 years at Capezzio nightclub in Puerto, Veracruz, where he, as Marcelo DJ, helped spark a local movement that continues to this day.

BuzzFeed News
The Best Advice I'd Give To My College Self

Dear Caitlin, Congratulations on getting into college! What a privilege. Not to say you didn't do your part to make it here. (High school yearbooks don't edit themselves!) Many good and many terrible things will happen to you on this well-pruned, high-fenced campus.

11 Acts That Define the Sound of Reggaetón Mexicano

It's 2020, and in Mexico, reggaetón is queen. The music echoes through a sizable percentage of the country's nightclubs, buses, appliance stores and doctor's waiting rooms. Mexico counts as a major market for reggaetón's international stars, but for all its history in the genre, the country's artists rarely break internationally.

When Queer Nation 'Bashed Back' Against Homophobia with Street Patrols and Glitter

Going forward, even the most routine general assembly meeting would draw crowds of around 200 members. Focus groups formed, among them LABIA (Lesbians And Bi-women In Action), the people of color-focused United Colors of Queer Nation, UBIQUITOUS (Uppity Bi Queers United In Their Overtly Unconventional Sexuality), Queer Planet and DORIS SQUASH (Defending Our Rights In the Streets, Super Queers United Against Savage Heterosexism).

High Times
This 420, We Need To Be Listening To Green Corridos

Legado 7's lead singer Alex Guerra noticed that the vibe at his band's concerts changed as their subgenre of Mexican regional music, the stoner-friendly corridos verdes, began to rise in popularity. "It used to be all about the alcohol," he remembers. "But instead of drinking, people started bringing marijuana, smoking in front of the stage.

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A beginner's guide to reggaeton

As another global industry-confirmed “boom” brings urban Latin genres into speakers across the world, it seems ever more imperative to hype reggaeton history