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Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Easter Eggs

Even while 2016's Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was in theaters, it was announced that the series would be getting a film reboot. The newly released Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City delivers on that promise. It takes the franchise from the hyper-action sci-fi series we're used to and returns it back to its horror roots.

Disney Plus Day 2021 Wrap Up

The first annual Disney Plus Day 2021 has hit! They promised to reveal all sorts of trailers and announcements for upcoming projects for Disney Plus and they did not disappoint. The reveals were mainly kept to four different brands in the ever-expanding Disney portfolio.


In this episode, it’s a Battle of the Squads! David Ayer’s 2016 adaptation of the DC Comics supervillain team SUICIDE SQUAD was a surprise box office hit, and was followed just five years later by James Gunn’s R-rated twist on the property with the 2021 release THE SUICIDE SQUAD. But which group of costumed antiheroes is the ultimate disposable superteam? Only one way to find out: FACE OFF!!

HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021) - Easter Eggs

With the recent release of "Halloween Kills" fans of the franchise probably noticed quite a few nods to past entries in the series. The references were so fast and furious that many were easy to miss. We did our best to compile all the Easter Eggs and put them in an easy to digest video. What Easter Eggs did you notice? Comment below!

VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN (1995) Eddie Murphy - WTF Happened to This Horror Movie?

What happens when you take one of the biggest movie stars on the planet and team him up with one of the highest-demand horror directors? You get Vampire In Brooklyn. Sadly, Eddie Murphy was doing his best to get out of his Paramount contract to make the Nutty Professor for a rival film studio. His antics on the set seemed to doom this movie from the start. Though Wes Craven tried to keep the film on point, the intervention from the studio and Murphy himself would throw things into turmoil....

Halloween Kills Easter Eggs

Love it or hate it Halloween Kills has arrived and did pretty well during its opening weekend at the still recovering box office. Movie fans were excited to see where the newly rebooted timeline would take Michael and Laurie next after the explosive ending to the last film.

WARLOCK (1989) Julian Sands - Best Horror Movie You Never Saw

A mainstay in the video stores and cable channels of the '90s, Warlock is a beauty that stands as a fun and creative "Fish Out Of Water" fantasy-horror tale. Slasher films had overtaken the horror genre at the time, and it was refreshing to see a return to supernatural horror with life-ending stakes. Sands and Grant both play their parts perfectly and give the audience a fun adventure through time, magic, and evil itself. Join us as we delve into why this is a quest worth taking on the Best...

FACE OFF: Neo from THE MATRIX vs. JOHN WICK (Keanu Reeves)

In this episode, it’s a Battle of the Reeves! Keanu has given us plenty of memorable performances over the course of his career, but none had the impact of post-apocalyptic savior Neo in THE MATRIX trilogy and no-longer-retired assassin JOHN WICK. But which of Keanu’s most famous characters kicks the most ass? Only one way to find out: FACE OFF!!!

ZOMBI aka ZOMBI 2 - Fulci - Best Foreign Horror Movie

While Romero might be the king of the zombies, you can't have a discussion about the undead without saying one specific F word. Fulci. While some of his other films would feature ghouls and monsters that could be thrown into the zombie category by technicality his biggest addition to the sub-genre would come in 1979 with the film Zombi

5 Stephen King Movies & Books like Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan is quickly becoming a go-to horror director for Netflix. His adaptations of Gerald's Game and The Haunting Of Hill House quickly became favorites on the streaming service. Flanagan has been open about his love for the works of Stephen King. After adapting the previously mentioned Gerald's Game he went and made an adaptation of Doctor Sleep.

HALLOWEEN 2 (1981) - WTF Happened To This Horror Movie?

After Michael Myers slashed his way through Haddonfield, the box office ate up Halloween. It was only a matter of time before a sequel got green lit, and another trip to the costume store was made. Carpenter tried to resist but was drawn back in by the offer of a decent paycheck. Here, he would create one of the most controversial elements of the Halloween mythos and the driving force of influence for the series until Halloween 2018. What ensued was a feud between writer and director, lost...

HALLOWEEN Timelines - Episode 3: The H20 timeline

The Halloween franchise's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' aspect has made it one of the most original and complex franchises in horror. While they were originally trying to keep the same continuity going forward (with the exception of Halloween III), it eventually got too convoluted and just plain crazy to keep track of. After 20 years, the team behind the films decided they needed a fresh slate. A way to reboot the franchise without losing all the groundwork they had already laid. How do you do...

Kevin Smith Movies Ranked

Part two of what Smith calls his True North trilogy. His daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp play two girls who work at a convenience store (surprise) and find that something evil is lurking at their job which may keep them from attending a party they were invited to.

Which Pre MCU Marvel Actors Should Return To Play Their Characters?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to bring older onscreen characters and actors back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe or rather the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse! With some old characters and actors coming back to the big screen it opens the door to bring back lots of our favorite characters and actors.

THE BELIEVERS (1987) - Best Horror Movie You Never Saw

Ah, the 1980s. The decade that brought us such great things as mullets, slap bracelets, and an unwavering fear of Satanists taking over and corrupting our youth. The '80s were rife with movies that dealt with the Satanic Panic, but one that seemed to get overlooked was the dark and twisted Martin Sheen-led entry, The Believers. On this episode of THE BEST HORROR MOVIE YOU NEVER SAW, we go back to the era of decadence and show this forgotten gem some worship.

What Do We Know About The Upcoming Yellowstone Season 4?

In 2018 the Paramount Network released the surprise megahit Yellowstone. The show has since run for three highly-rated seasons, but what is in store for Season 4 now slated to premiere on Sunday, November 7th? The Kevin Costner-led show details the lives and struggles of the Dutton family as they fight to keep control of their ranch.


Dawn Of The Dead paved the way for the mainstream celebration of zombies that we have today. Though Night Of The Living Dead may have put George Andrew Romero on the map, its sequel changed the course of history in the horror genre and cemented his creation of the zombie into the pop culture zeitgeist. Like most movies, Dawn wasn't the smoothest transition from page to screen, with rewrites, funding, and the dreaded MPAA getting in the way. But while the zombie genre has raged on since...

Best Time Travel Movies Of All Time

Time travel grabs the interest of just about everyone as it tickles two different senses. The first is to correct a personal mistake. To either stop something bad from happening or to possibly save someone we care about. This selfishness of not having to go through a personal tragedy is attractive to anyone who has suffered loss.

Best Unadapted Stephen King Novels

Stephen King live-action properties have been fashionable ever since his first book hit the stands but lately, we've been in a renaissance of King adaptations. With the success of the IT movies, the Netflix movie Gerald's Game, and the Hulu series Castle Rock companies began to option any King material they could get their hands on.

HELLRAISER III (1992) - WTF Happened to this Horror Movie?!

After the success of the first two Hellraiser movies, fans wondered where a third entry would go after the finite ending of part two. Enter Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, which turned up the action, delved more into the history of Captain Elliott Spencer, and put Pinhead front and center. Anthony Hickox, who was hot off of the underrated Waxwork 2, was brought in to direct because of his reputation for working fast and cheap. In addition, Miramax having a blooming franchise on their hands,...

Horror Oasis

The old man ends up going to see a Freak Show at one point. As he sits down it's revealed that the Freak Show is actually bringing out older people onto the stage. The audience laughs and yells at how the people are dressed. Look at how silly they are in their out-of-date style!

ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN 2 (2009) - WTF Happened to this Horror Movie?

After his re-imagining of Halloween was finished and released, Rob Zombie wanted nothing to do with the series going forward. The Weinstein Brothers were hell to work with, and Zombie felt too beholden to the events of the original 1978 film. Yet, he had a deep connection to the version of the characters he created and reluctantly agreed to return for a sequel. If only to keep the ship on the correct course and make sure things didn't go off the deep end. Hoping that he'd be granted more...


In the lead-up to Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead hitting Netflix later this week, the director's been openly describing his continuing, fraught relationship with Warner Bros. With WarnerMedia now being under a new owner, could #RestoreTheSnyderverse still one day become a reality, or is the relationship between Snyder and WB too damaged? Whatever the case, join us as we take a look at what the proposed Justice League sequels would have been! Restore the Snyderverse!

BLAIR WITCH 2: BOOK OF SHADOWS - WTF Happened to this Horror Movie?!

To say that The Blair Witch Project was a hit would be a massive understatement. With a meager budget of $60,000 and a couple of cameras, this cultural landmark would go on to earn almost $250 Million at the international box office. What followed was a deluge of independent found footage movies that hoped to capture that same lightning in a bottle but would fall very very short in delivering a visceral and nerve-shredding experience that The Blair Witch Project had delivered. Of course,...

Best Dracula Actors: The Faces That Played The Famous Vampire

The Prince Of Darkness. The Count. Nosferatu. Whatever name he is given the character of Dracula has been a mainstay on cinema screens and theater stages ever since Bram Stoker created the character (with some inspiration from Vlad the Impaler). Many actors have taken on the role but few have left a lasting impression.

TV Traumas: Best Made-For-TV Horror Movies

Back in the 70s and 80s, Made-For-TV Movies were a big part of the network television schedule. They were quick and easy films that brought in big ratings for the networks. Audiences tuned in to get their horror fix in the luxury of their own home as the genre featured heavily in this format.

MIMIC (1997) Guillermo del Toro - WTF Happened to this Horror Movie?

It's wild to think that Oscar winner and storyteller extraordinaire Guillermo del Toro almost gave up on Hollywood in the late '90s. After directing his first feature film Cronos, he caught the attention of the Weinstein brothers. Hoping to take his unique style and bring it to an American audience, the Weinsteins hired Del Toro to take on a monster flick that dealt with bugs, evolution, and a deadly pandemic in 1997s Mimic (WATCH IT HERE - OWN IT HERE). What should have been a simple...

EVENT HORIZON (1997) - WTF Happened to this Horror Movie?!

After the success of Mortal Kombat, Paul W. S. Anderson was looking to move away from the PG-13 style type movie that made him famous and explore a much darker side of humanity for his next project, and so he looked to the stars. Space, according to some, it's the final frontier. But in 1997, Paul W.S. Anderson unleashed a horror film that showed that Hell was a real place that could be accessed by mankind. But with primal curiosity and the need for exploration, should it be? After production...

10 WandaVision Theories That Didn't Pan Out

WandaVision inspired all kinds of fan theories from avid viewers but not all of them actually panned out and proved to be correct. From the first episode of WandaVision fans had theories of what was going on and who would be showing up. Some of the theories turned out to be true.

Exiles: 10 Best Characters Added To The Team

One thing comic fans love is alternate realities. Taking a familiar character or a familiar setting and turning it on its head. A myriad of what-ifs and maybes shown on the page and giving an old story a completely new life.

This Place Has Gone Bananas!
To All The Toys I Never Got To Love

We all loved the toys we had growing up. It would be rare to hear someone say "All the toys I had growing up were garbage." If someone points out toys they used to have immediately you'll feel the tickle in the back of your brain that wants you to yell out "Yeah but I...

Marvel: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Infinity Stone Wielders

The Infinity Gems, later known as the Infinity Stones, are separately very powerful. When they are combined into the Infinity Gauntlet, they become the most powerful weapon in the entire Marvel Universe, giving the wearer the power of a god.

10 Worst Sidekicks In Comics Ranked

When Robin debuted in the pages of Detective Comics in 1940, the popular concept of teaming your favorite hero with a teenage sidekick was born. As the years went on, this concept morphed into not just a teenager, but also animals, robots, and even sometimes the elderly.

The Mandalorian: 10 Best Surprises From Season 2

Fans love seeing the mythos of extended far beyond the nine movie Skywalker Saga . Jon Favreau and company has been at the forefront of pushing the property back into the limelight after some lackluster entries. When the first episode of The Mandalorian ended last year, fans were immediately in love with The Child and wanted to know everything about him.

10 Superhero Movies Forgotten By Time

Looking at box office numbers, it's obvious that superhero movies have been on top for the last 20 years or so. While the movies and the films of the early 2000s had fans excited but when Marvel entered the arena with the MCU it kicked everything into overdrive.

10 Best Superhero Zombie Stories In Comics, Ranked

Zombies. No matter what happens, they just don't seem to go away. When it's predicted that zombies are over, along comes something that brings them flooding back into pop culture again. Right now, superheroes are still in full swing, and like the zombie craze, people have been predicting that the bubble is going to burst soon.

10 Best Comics Written By Kevin Smith (According To GoodReads)

Before Marvel launched their Marvel Cinematic Universe, filmmaker Kevin Smith actually had his own Askewniverse in movie theaters. When fans went to one of his movies, it was a sure bet that something referenced in the film would tie into another film, another character, and possibly even Jay & Silent Bob themselves.

Alan Moore: 10 Of His Stories HBO Should Adapt Next

Everyone knows Alan Moore can be a controversial figure, but the acclaim his writing has generated is warranted. While he doesn't enjoy companies doing adaptations of his work, HBO ignored that and gave a 9-episode follow-up that has garnered praise from fans and critics alike.

10 Public Domain Characters Marvel & DC Co-Opted

Marvel and DC both have robust rosters of colorful characters that are directly tied to their respective companies. Superman is solidified as a DC character. Spider-Man proudly waves the flag of Marvel. Some of their more popular characters can actually be tied back to characters that are in the public domain.

10 DC Villains That Would Make Great Marvel Heroes

Sometimes when adversity strikes, people have the choice to stand firm and persevere or let the anger and sadness overtake them until they want to unleash that upon others. What can turn a character into a hero or a villain could be the smallest of instances.

TMNT: Everything We Learned In The First Issue Of The Last Ronin

For 33 years, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have ruled the pop culture landscape. One day everything was normal and then the next day kids everywhere would only eat pizza and say things like "radical" or "cowabunga." While the fans have grown older, the turtles- through numerous incarnations - always stayed teenagers.

10 Marvel Heroes That Would Make Great DC Villains

Few characters in pop culture are more representative of "goodness" than Marvel heroes. But could they be pushed to evil in the DC universe? RELATED: Ten Marvel Heroes That Would Be Perfect Additions To The Legion Of Super-Heroes Contrast that to the DC Universe where characters such as Superman seem to be able to juggle everything thrown at them with no problem.

10 Horror Movie Comics For Halloween

Fans of the Halloween season love to break out their favorite horror franchises to enjoy but can get sad that there are no more adventures for their favorite characters. Luckily most of these horror movie franchises have had their stories continue in comics form!

10 Marvel Villains Who Would Make Great DC Heroes

When comic fans daydream about match-ups in comics it often comes back to Marvel vs. DC: Who would win in a fight, who would be allies, etc. But has anyone ever wondered if their favorite Marvel villains were to move to DC, could they become heroes?

8 Scariest Spider-Man Stories To Read For Halloween

Marvel's Spider-Man has tons of great light-hearted stories, but some aren't for the faint of heart. Here's some of the best of his scary stories. Even though we enjoy our snappy comeback friend we do need to be reminded on occasion that with light there must also come dark.

10 Best Batman Stories To Read For Halloween

Once October hits everyone's minds start to turn to spooky things. Comics are no different. To celebrate the Halloween season, it's time to dig into our collections and find the stories that can give us a few chills and thrills. No other superhero can bring those better than Batman.

Bat-Mite: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Strangest Batman Character

While a lot of comic fans know about Superman's nuisance Mr. Mxyptlk, not many know that Batman has an imp all his own: Bat-Mite. Bat-Mite is an imp who is also a Batman superfan. Mr. Mxyptlk lives to make Superman's life a nightmare, while Bat-Mite adores Batman and only wants to make his adventures more exciting.

10 Batman Comics That Were Too Hilarious For Words

Batman has been called many things over the decades. Dark. Brooding. Scary. But the word 'hilarious' usually doesn't come to mind. There are exceptions, like the TV show, but for most modern Batman fans, he has always been the moody Dark Knight. RELATED: The Funniest Versions Of Batman Ranked He wasn't always that way.

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Biggest Yard Sale Find Ever

This is not a review of the Kenner Star Wars figures. Instead, this is a story about how my mom and I found the best Yard Sale Find EVER! I had to be 1987 or 1988. I can't remember exactly. N...

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