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Tips for Open Enrollment Season

Gig workers, freelance workers, and contract workers are becoming more and more common, with nearly every company employing some sort of worker in this fashion. ‍ When is open enrollment period 2023? Open Enrollment is the period each year where people can add or switch health insurance coverage.

Business Insights from the Safety Net Alliance

In the last two and a half years, we have both served and learned from a growing and primed audience of digital natives, in our role as broker of record for the Safety Net Alliance.

Open Enrollment Season: The Season that Really Matters for Millions of Gig Workers and the...

Harmonic is on top of how businesses that serve gig workers and the self-employed (their financial institutions especially) can help their customers and the broader community get the right coverage. The workforce is changing rapidly in the US. In the most recent American Opportunity Survey (AOS) by McKinsey, 36% of employed respondents identify as independent workers.

Americans Want Help Building Financial Resilience

As we move beyond the pandemic, consumer needs from insurance and financial service companies are changing dramatically. A key part of financial resiliency for Americans is looking ahead and coloring in their own financial resilience.

Taking our Insurance-as-a-Service Offers to Market!

Both these forward-leaning partners recognize the importance today for financial institutions to OFFER MORE-especially for their digital native customers. As they integrate new offerings for their customers, they help their business in two ways. First, the offers generate a new revenue stream from their existing users, and, second, the offers expand their brand equity to cover financial resilience, a term resonant with American consumers today.


Where to Look for Marketing Inspiration

Maybe your agency has asked you what you like/don't like/hope to see/want more of? Sometimes it helps to look outside of your brand, campaign--even industry altogether. So where do you look to reinvigorate your ideas and shake up your senses? There are a ton of things to keep in mind, as marketing is not a hard and fast science.

5 Marketing Things It's Okay to Try On-The-Fly

Here's the thing. As business people and marketers, we LIVE for grand plans. We love plans. We like knowing what's happening, when, for how much, why and how we're going to use/measure/analyze it. Crazy! But sometimes, we have to remember the art behind marketing, branding, communicating. It's a game of trial-and-error, test and default.

10 Things to Ask Yourself When Starting Your Own Business

So, you want to own your own business or become a solo-preneur? You know that paving your own path, breaking through the standard, or just doing something different that makes your heart skip a beat is your path in life?

Spy on Your Competitor's Ad Strategy with Instagram's New Feature - and more!

Original Post: What is it? A section under the profile that gives additional insight about large account as well as all ads currently running under the profile. (Ads?! Yes, ads! A marketer's goldmine!) What exactly can you see once clicked into the "About this Account" section on Instagram?


Yoga morning.

I actually got up early today (sans alarm) and committed - I went right downstairs and practiced. My mind slowly wandered and settled on one big thought (our Handmaid's Tale hour last night may also be half to blame! 🖐 if you watch!): our amazing bodies.