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Hatching International Buyer Personas for Social Media Campaigns

As with all marketing endeavors, defining a target audience requires the usage of well-crafted buyer models and character archetyping. And the construction of international buyer personas in social media campaigns regionally or around the world requires more nuance, depth, and above all: research.

Keeping Up With a Digital World - Developing and Maintaining Social Media Campaigns

This piece was used as a gated, lead capture magnet. It was designed to form the basis for a webinar we gave regarding international social media campaigns, in cooperation with Germany's Bundesagentur für Kommunikatoren. A small section of this piece was also translated into German (not by me) and published as a guest article on the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR). The link to that article is also included in this portfolio.

2022 Calendar of Events Around the World

Another gated lead-gen post, this piece was designed to provide social media managers editorial content inspiration based on events taking place around the world in 2022. It also serves as the base for an ongoing portion Facelift's own blog editorial for 2022.

How to Use Attribution Models for Your Social Media Campaigns

Whenever I create a larger piece of content that is destined to be gated behind a subscription wall, I create smaller blog pieces that are freely available based on parts of the whole. It also gives me the opportunity to optimize these pieces for SEO, something our larger downloads do not have much of.

Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR)
So erstellt Ihr Buyer-Personas für internationale Social-Media-Kampagnen

This guest article for OMR is a German adaptation of a specific chapter in the International Social Media Campaigns download (also in this portfolio) about creating International Buyer Personas. My team had it translated from English into German, but it is still based on my concept and coordination.

Languages Around the Globe

Languages Around the Globe
Paper, Books, and the Not-So-Original Gutenberg Printing Press

In this blog article I outlined why I felt that the Gutenberg Printing Press, while undeniably world-changing, was not the first. I tried to spend a bit of time laying some back story and exploring the older printers who came before Gutenberg.