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The Business Times
Quiet luxury brands ring in greater returns

IF A tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? In the same vein, if a luxury good is worn by an individual and no one recognises it, does it still have value?

Apple drops on a sunny day

Everything in markets fell into place as perfectly as investors could have hoped for. Then the Apple fell from the tree, rather imperfectly.

Wall Street versus main street

Does Wall Street know something that ordinary U.S. consumers don’t? Or are consumers just more realistic than investors, who are still relishing the unexpected rally in stocks this year?

Debt ceiling detours

The Writers Guild of America may be on strike now, but we don’t lack gripping drama — in the form of the U.S. debt ceiling negotiations.


What's It Like To Come Out As Gay To The SAF?

The good news: peers and superiors tend to be supportive and understanding. The bad news: operationally, the military's perspective of homosexuality seems to be stuck in the 1980s still.

The Two Sides of Singapore, As Seen By A Food Delivery Rider

From some nice Indian auntie who coos, “Thank you for delivering my food” in the smelly HDB with the pee smell in the corridor, to the Ardmore Park condo with the guard and the super cold lift lobby with the super high ceiling with the empty useless space that people are paying for.

JianHao Tan, The Greatest Showman in Singapore

With 3.87 million subscribers and views of over 30 million, JianHao Tan is Singapore's most successful YouTuber. But who is he behind his $3000 Gucci jacket, his $600,000 BMW i8, and his many, many videos about the lives of students?

This Is The Fate Of Singapore's Wildlife

“[People] don’t understand a wild animal is supposed to be wild regardless of what you want. You don’t put your needs before the animals’ needs. Always the animals’ needs first. Not ours.”


Who's Really Killing Singapore's Bookstores?

In 2019 alone, MPH, Times, and even Popular closed have closed their bookstores across the island. Is it a lack of interest in reading among Singaporeans, e-commerce, or something else entirely behind this string of closures?

Branded content

Confessions of a Female Airline Pilot

Outside the Indian subcontinent, just 1.55% of pilots in Asia are women. 3 female pilots from Scoot tell us what it's like working in a male-dominated environment, their encounters with surprised passengers, and why women are "a powerful group of people".


377A Was Introduced Because Of Racism, Not Homophobia

377A was motivated by a scandal in which prominent white European men were discovered to have slept with Asian male prostitutes. This drove the Straits Settlement government into a panic because it saw the scandal—of the white man succumbing to the native boy—as a threat to its colonial rule.

The Secret History of Gatecrashing in Singapore

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man who wants to receive his bride on their wedding day must overcome hellish obstacles designed by a sadistic gaggle of bridesmaids.

National Library Board
Paya Lebar Airport is officially opened

A research-heavy piece of writing on the history of Paya Lebar Airport, Singapore's second commercial international airport.

Bhutan, The World's Happiest Nation

The country is most famous for its notion of Gross National Happiness, which measures not only the country’s economic and development standards, but also the state of its cultural heritage, the condition of its environment, and the health of its population.
Qingdao: The City of Beaches, Beer, and Bavaria

The Qingdao International Beer Festival in August is a raucous, carnivalesque festival to which all local and international beer companies across China flock to promote their beer.
4 Best Train Trips from Bangkok

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an individual visiting Bangkok must be in want of shopping and eating. But it would be a shame to stop just there.

Changi Recommends
Taiwan By Train (Part 2)

The station building showcases classical Chinese architectural vocabulary with a Japanese inflection, and is one of the few remaining stations on the West Coast line to be built with the valuable Formosan Cypress carted all the way from Alishan Mountain.

Changi Recommends
Taiwan By Train

At Shifen, the train wanders through an idyllic village preserved in time, perhaps by the ethereal, other-worldly glow of the sky lanterns launched every night.


Think Tank Studio
BP6: The Society Builder's Handbook

A special Singapore-focused issue of a current affairs magazine that examines how Singapore built up its physical, governmental and social and infrastructure in the span of decades.

Think Tank Studio
BP1: Life Lessons from 2021

A satirical, tongue-in-cheek look at the most significant social and geopolitical events of the past year.

Think Tank Studio
BP6: Although We Are Small

A special Singapore-focused issue of a current affairs magazine that examines how Singapore's small geographical size affected its destiny.

Asiapac Books
Once Upon a Singapore ... Traders

A children's comic book on the forgotten occupations of old Singapore -- now in its third edition and on MOE's list of supplementary readings for primary school children.

Singapore Book Publishers Association
Lead Stories: 50 Years of Books in Singapore

Lead Stories explores the past of Singapore’s publishing industry to map out its long-forgotten roots and its winding journey of progress in the past fifty years.