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United States

William has earned his AA in journalism from Skyline College, after years of searching for the right major to study, and is currently seeking internships, work, and somewhere to transfer to in the future.

Since he has started to study journalism, he has since gained an interest in broadcast and photojournalism. However, he still enjoys writing stories as seen below. As always he is still learning and improving from each piece of work he completes.


Fall 2016

Spring 2016

The Skyline View
"Deadpool" earns the name, so what now?

"Deadpool" is the type of film that, within moments of starting, anyone watching can easily determine whether the movie is for them or not. Making good use of an R rating is difficult for many films, but "Deadpool" pulls it off without a hitch. The debut film for director Tim Miller, "Deadpool" is a mostly...

The Skyline View
TSV Fentertainment Podcast: Episode 7

We had a little fun this time with the podcast; somewhere during it, we decided to change the name from the "Entertainment Podcast" to the "Fentertainment Podcast." As for the topic this podcast, it was back to Star Wars and what may or may not happen in the planned future movies.

The Skyline View
TSV Podcast: Three unqualified people: Episode 31

Check out another weekly podcast! Sorry for the delay in getting another up but we're back now and everything should be fine! Here is the list of stories we talked about this week: 1. Top colleges put thousands of applicants in wait-list limbo, and some won't admit any 2.

The Skyline View
Fentertainment Podcast: Episode 8

Another episode in for the spring semester and this time we talk about the newest trailers to hit our screens, thanks to the MTV Movie Awards and other entertainment news.

The Skyline View
Fentertainment Podcast: Episode 11

And here is another Fentertainment Podcast and this time we talk about a few of the newly released trailers. Here is a list of these trailers: 1. Jason Bourne 2. THE FOUNDER - Official US Trailer 3. Game of Thrones Season 6 Sneak Peek 4. Independence Day: Resurgence 5.

The Skyline View
Fentertainment Podcast: Episode 10

Hello again and welcome to another Fentertainment podcast, this week we are talking about: 1. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 2. First Look: Elizabeth Banks Morphs into Mighty Power Rangers Villain Rita Repulsa for Big-Screen Reboot 3. Scarlett Johansson's Ghost in the Shell casting is even worse than it seems 4.

The Skyline View
Fentertainment Podcast: Episode (Bonus) 9

Here's another Fenterainment Podcast, with this been a bonus episode what with the recent release of our first ever Doctor Strange trailer for the upcoming movie, we decided to do another podcast! So enjoy!

Fall 2015

The Skyline View
The Focal Point

This is the Halloween Special for The Skyline View Fall 2015.

The Skyline View
Another fun entry in the Mission Impossible series

Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, the latest in the series, is an entertaining movie that does a very good job at balancing the action with the humor throughout its full run time. By doing so, it create a movie that is fun to watch, for viewers as they see Ethan Hunt, played by a returning Tom...

The Skyline View
'Evil Dead' makes it big on the small screen

"Evil Dead" makes a very impressive return to style, even if it is the small screen and not a full length movie like the previous entry in the series. "Ash vs. Evil Dead" does this by maintaining much of the style and flavor of the movies through the use of practice effects with dummies, prosthetic,...

The Skyline View
Jurassic World, the park is open

"Jurassic World" is a fun ride and a much more interesting movie compared to the previous movies in the series. It brings new life to the franchise, and does something that is different from the last two movies all while still keeping things familiar. This time around, the park has been successfully operating without any...

The Skyline View
Skyline welcomes the world with food

More stories from Blynn Beltran More stories from Gretta Georgiyev More stories from Will Nacouzi This festival was held on Nov.18 in Building 6 here at Skyline College as a part of International Education Week.

The Skyline View
TSV Gaming And Tech Podcast: Episode 5 - Game Of The Year Discussion

Today, we will discuss Game of the Year, as well as our thoughts and our own personal picks. Host and Editor: Blynn Beltran | TSV Multimedia Reporter Co-host: Jose Patron | Skyline College Student Guest(s): Will Nacouzi | TSV Writer Andrew Avilla | TSV Photographer Thomas Murphy | Skyline College Student Please, If you have...

The Skyline View
Skyline Middle College here to stay

On June 15 of this year, Skyline College opened its first ever Middle College program. Since then, high school students have been enrolling in courses here on campus on top of their normal high school workload, and will continue to have the opportunity. The roots of the program, according to Interim Director Raymond Jones, can...

The Skyline View
Animal rights group take France homeless man dog

While I may not know everything about the culture in France, it doesn't take much to see that taking an animal from a homeless person is wrong, especially when one doesn't have any good reason for doing so. On Sept. 24 'The Huffington Post' reported on a video, one that has quickly traveled around the...

The Skyline View
YouTube Red offers no advertisements if viewer is willing to pay the price

On their official blog, YouTube announced on Oct. 21 that they are launching a new paid service that comes with multiple benefits for Youtube users. This new service isnn't that surprising, considering Netflix's move to create original content. This new paid service is to be called "YouTube Red" and it leads to the question 'whose...

The Skyline View
Work and school, not fun but necessary

Life is an act of balancing various goals and responsibilities that we have: family, college, work, and anything else that we have or are trying to achieve in our life. That is life, or at least my view of it. In the case of college students, it's a question of balancing our own set of...

The Skyline View
We all have to face our fears one way or another

On Sept. 21 it was reported that a woman leapt from a moving car to avoid a spider, causing a crash. Sure, it does sound funny when you hear about it. I mean who wouldn't leap out of a moving vehicle when a spider lands on your shoulder, right?

The Skyline View
TSV Reporters Podcast: a new reporters experience

This is our very first 'TSV Reporters Podcast' of The Skyline View, for this week podcast Will Nacouzi talks with Blynn Beltran and Gregory Ragaza as they share their experience so far in the semester as reporters.

The Skyline View
SamTrans considers fare increase

SamTrans will be holding four community meetings and a public hearing in order to gather feedback on their plan to increase fares in an effort to address inflationary costs. The press release from SamTrans mentions that the fare increase plan will be broken into two parts, with the first increase tentatively effective January 10, 2016....

Spring 2015

Badminton foresees positive outcome this season

As March begins and the community college basketball season comes to an end, the Trojans badminton team begins their season, which, like many sports, includes training to prepare for the months and weeks leading up to the first game of the season, in addition to adjusting for weakness that were discovered during last season and finding solutions to them.

Eighth annual Rock the School Bells brings the noise

On March 7, the 8th annual Rock the School Bells event took over the Skyline campus. Students and members of the community came together to take part in various workshops held throughout the day, in addition to the concert that regularly wraps up the affairs at Rock the School Bells.

Fall 2014

Skyline College fire alarm in building eight goes off

On the evening of Nov. 5, the fire alarm went off in building 8 here at Skyline College. Here TSV Multimedia Editor Miguel Garcia covers the event as it unfolds, with students and teachers waiting in the background for the all clear sign.

Enough with online trends

I'll be honest and to the point: "SWATting" and the majority of other online inspired pranks like it are down right stupid, and they do nothing, but put peoples' lives at risk. It's nothing more than a waste of time and resources that can be better used doing something more beneficial to an individual or society in general.

"Space dandy": A dandy review

"Space Dandy" is an anime that takes inspiration from a myriad of movies and anime; from "Gundam" to the classic science fiction movie "Forbidden Planet," and it still dares to make references to other anime made by the same studio. Is this a bad thing? Nope.

Dia de los Muertos Exhibition interview with Jazmin Orozco

This is a interview with Skyline College student Jazmin Orozvo, who created a number of artworks for the Fall 2014 Dia de los Muertos Exhibition. The exhibition took place on Nov. 5 and was open to students and members of the community.

Skyline student found dead inside building three

According to a recent email sent on the morning of Oct. 30 by Skyline College, a male student was found dead inside building 3 by staff and students returning from wrestling practice on Oct. 28. They immediately called Public Safety and 911. According to the email, responding fire emergency personal pronounced the student dead at the scene.

Urban Ensemble now at Skyline

Urban Music Ensemble is one of the newest music classes to be introduced on campus, with it making it first appearances in spring of 2013. Professor Kymberly Jackson created the class after she realized that Skyline College had various other bands such as the Jazz Band, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Guitar Ensemble, and Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

"Man of Tai Chi": a study in movie making

"Man of Tai Chi" is a straight forward movie with a plot that does not pull any surprise punches, or chops, on the viewer. But on the other hand, it offers an array of martial arts fights with little to no CGI or wire work, which makes it stand out from everything else of its kind.


Wrestling team ready for the season

Fall is here and with it brings a new season of wrestling for the Skyline College Trojans Wrestling team, a team that sees an influx of new members along with returning veterans from last season. "We have a few good guys running over here," second-year wrestler Anwar Halteh said.

The Trojans make the Rams work for the win

On the night of Nov.4, Skyline's volleyball team faced the Gavilan College Rams here on campus for their second last home game of the season in the Coast Conference South Division . The night proved to be a hard won fight for Gavilan College, especially during the last two sets of the game.

Electric vehicle enthusiast makes a pit stop at Skyline

Aboard a custom created electric motorcycle, Terry Hershner maneuvered his way through dense fog to find and utilize Skyline College's electric vehicle charging station. The charging station at Skyline attracted the attention of Hershner, who says he made history in June of 2013 by becoming the first person to voyage across country on an electric motorcycle.

Spring 2014

Sex and love education, the fun way

Music. Games. Dance. The Associated Students of Skyline College in collaboration with Skyline's Center for Student Life hosted an event in the quad on Feb. 13, to celebrate V-Day One Billion Rising and National Condom Day in honor of Valentine's Day, providing heavy information with a light approach.

A trip to Avenue Q

"Avenue Q" may be a story about furry monsters that live in an outer borough of New York City, but it is a story that will hit very close to home for most Skyline students who saw one of the three performances the weekend of April 25.

Comedy, concert and campaigns on campus

Relieve some stress with a good laugh at the production. "Avenue Q." Skyline's 3rd annual spring musical "Avenue Q " is set for production the weekend of April 25-27, bringing comedy to serious and prominent topics college students may experience.

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Exhibition

This video features an interview with Skyline College Gallery Director Paul Bridenbaugh during the reception event for the Dia de los Muertos Exhibition. The event took place on Nov. 5, 2014. The interview was conduced/recorded by Multimedia Editor Miguel Garcia while the video and editing was done by Digital Editor Will Nacouzi.

Dr. Cornel West due to speak on Skyline College

On Sep.11, at the Skyline College theater, Dr. Cornel West will be speaking as part of the college's ongoing lecture series. The lecture will be a one-hour event from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m and is sponsored by the student government, the President's Innovation Fund, the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development, and the African-American Success Through Excellence and Persistence program.


Infernal Affairs: A thrilling ride

Infernal Affairs, well at least the first movie of the trilogy, is a very well thought out and tense movie that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats for its full length.

Job fair held on campus

Skyline College held a job fair on May 7, featuring many employers including UNIQLO, Securitas, Chipotle, Electronic Arts, and even US Customs. Skyline holds two job fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. "This one, we had 570 participants, which is pretty big!

The Facade of a Nickname

We hear catch phrases and nicknames everyday from politicians and the media. The talking heads repeat nicknames like "Obamacare" until they have their viewers confidently saying them, like the name says all there is know on the subject. People throw around the word "Obamacare" so much it has me thinking.

The View from Here - program growth

This is the second issue of the semester and we here at The Skyline View are finally settling in to what appears will be our permanent staff for the rest of the semester. Firstly, I'm proud and happy to say that this is the largest staff The Skyline View has had since it's creation more then a decade ago, before the turn of the millennium.