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Skilled reviewer and feature writer with experience in appealing to a wide range of readers, from consumer to enterprise. Expert editor who can take highly technical and/or awkwardly written content and translate it into readable, interesting copy.

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Micro-robots: Bigger than they seem

Using insects as templates, researchers are buildings robots that are very small, very mobile-and very useful. Look down-that tiny creature you're about to step on may be a robot. We may think of robots as large, hulking, industrial-sized metal monstrosities, up-and-coming medical devices, or cute, humanoid helpers.

How to set up your office for video conferencing

In today's collaborative work environment, it's becoming increasingly likely that you're using video as an important tool for corporate meetings with colleagues or customers. You could be a remote employee sitting in on your company's weekly conference, or a salesperson who wants to promote your product to a potential client in another location, or a job seeker interviewing with an executive at a firm headquartered across the country.

A new category of tech users: Creatives

Once relegated to the back-of-the-building art department, creatives are now front and center, in roles such as graphic artist, website designer, video artist, and virtual world creator. What are vendors doing to fulfill the needs of this new and important user category? What do creatives need to make them productive and happy?

Four ways companies avoid hiring women IT workers | HPE

There are still organizations that don't feel they need diversity in their IT staff. Here's tongue-in-cheek advice for companies that don't want to attract women, and practical, real advice for companies that do. Are you the head of a tech company with a now-traditional "boys will be boys" culture?

How to make your company more attractive to women in IT

What do women want at work? Women IT workers who like their jobs explain what their employers do differently. The problem of toxic work cultures, especially in the tech industry, is very much in the news these days.


7 Trello alternatives for visual task management

These days, it's hard enough to keep your own life scheduled. If you're working with a team on a project (or several), it's nearly impossible to make sure everybody's doing each task at the right time - unless you have the right tool.

Review: 6 Android apps that track your business expenses

Traveling these days is a hassle, no matter why you're going, or where - and the necessity to track your expenses along the way just adds to the irritation. A good app, though, can make things a lot easier - not only during the trip, but afterwards as well, when you have to report it all to your (or your company's) accountant.

Get serious about privacy with the Epic, Brave and Tor browsers

Privacy is one of the hardest things to find today - and one of the most prized, especially online. Most people, even those not technologically adept, are concerned about the amount of personal information that is being harvested by governments, corporations, third-party advertising agencies and/or unethical hackers.