Bishop Tracie Dickey

Certified International Christian Speaker

United States

Bishop Tracie Dickey is a Faith Leader and Certified Conference Speaker with over 20 years of professional experience

Bishop Tracie Dickey

Men on the Move (M.O.M.) is a ministry founded by Bishop Tracie Dickey. The focus of M.O.M. is to share God's love and spread His word to men in need of strengthening their relationship with the Lord. Too often, a non-judgmental, unconditional love is difficult for men to find; Bishop Tracey Dickie knows that the Lord provides that love and through her M.O.M.

Bishop Tracie Dickey
Bishop Tracie Dickey Christian Keynote Speaker

Bishop Tracie Dickey is a Certified International Conference Speaker. Touring the country as a Christian Keynote Speaker, the faith leader delivers inspirational sermons to people from all walks of life. Understanding the value and power of the Lord's word, Bishop Tracie Dickey is passionate about seizing the moment to spread his message - whenever and...

Bishop Tracie Dickey
Bishop Tracie Dickey M.O.M.

Men on the Move (M.O.M.) is a Christian ministry for men founded by faith leader and motivational Christian speaker, Bishop Tracie Dickey. Men are told to be strong. But it is not often that they are pointed in a clear direction of where to find that strength.

Bishop Tracie Dickey
Bishop Tracie Dickey

Bishop Tracie Dickey is a faith leader and Christian keynote speaker. But before anything else: Bishop Dickey is a woman of God. Walking with the Lord has always been at the heart of Bishop Tracie Dickey's life. In fact, she would even say that it is her heart - and the center of who she...

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Bishop Tracie Dickey

A woman of God all her life, Bishop Tracie Dickey is a Christian - born and raised. She even knew early on that she wanted to commit her life to sharing the healing word of the Holy Bible. Taking the role of a bishop has truly proven to be a natural component of God's plan for her.

Bishop Tracie Dickey

The healing power of God is undeniable. Bishop Tracie Dickey has experienced that incredible power time and time again. She's even witnessed the healing in action - the unbelievable changes someone can make in their life simply by embracing God's encouraging love.

Bishop Tracie Dickey | M.O.M

Take a moment to learn more about Bishop Tracie Dickey and her anointed, spirit-led ministry. Dr. Tracie Dickey, D. Min., D.D., is a true apostolic and prophetic voice to the nations whom God has uniquely and skillfully created to fulfill His purposes.

Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey a True Woman of God

ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2020 / Bishop Tracie Williams Dickey is many things, CEO, International speaker, educator, and author. Bishop, has devoted her life to helping others find faith in God and partake of His infinite wisdom, forgiveness, and love.

Christian Keynote Speaker | Jesus Loves the Children

Bishop Tracie Dickey is an international Christian keynote speaker with a motivational message that is valued and appreciated by audiences of all ages around the world. Her skills as an author, teacher, mentor, and motivational speaker make her an in-demand personality who loves to share her gifts with others.