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Hello! My name is Beka, and I'm a freelance writer, ICU nurse, and communications editor from Nashville, TN. I write about health and wellness, trends in entertainment and media, and travel.

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Next Avenue
How to Advocate for Your Loved One with Parkinson's Disease

From proper hygiene to early mobility, there are ways to help prevent hospital-related complications Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurological disorder affecting some older adults, causing tremors and difficulty with coordination. PD eventually worsens with time, leading individuals to struggle with communication, walking and caring for themselves.

The Muse
11 Career Changes for Nurses Who Are Over It

When I graduated from nursing school in May 2020, I was brimming with excitement and eager to work in the hospital, take care of patients, and make a difference in their lives. I was also nervous. Do I have what it takes? I thought. Do I have the skills to do this job well?

Entertainment + Tech

Here's What It's Really Like To Be A TV Composer

Being a composer for TV shows can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Composers are responsible for creating and producing original music that enhances the overall viewing experience. They work closely with the show's producers, directors, and editors to create music that complements the visuals and dialogue.

7 Ways Hollywood Talent Can Grow Their Network

Building a solid network is essential for success in any industry. But it's especially crucial for talent working in Hollywood. In a town where "who you know" can be just as important as "what you know," growing your network is critical.

Here Are 5 Production Tips For Filmmakers To Make Better Movies

Filmmaking is a constantly evolving art form, and it takes a lot of hard work, creativity, and determination to make a great movie. With so many filmmakers vying for attention in a crowded industry, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. But, anyone can make better movies with the right approach and expert advice.

Successful Talent Managers Need tap. to Compete in the New Talent Market

Talent managers are critically essential to the careers of their clients, serving as their trusted advisors, advocates, and client representatives. Tirelessly, Managers work to ensure their client's success in the entertainment industry. With countless streaming services, fierce competition, varying client expectations, industry politics, and multiple clients to manage - talent managers have their work cut out for them.

Entertainment Networking App tap. Helps Directors Launch New Films

Directors seeking to launch a new film have their work cut out for them - from finding talent, financing, securing locations, and film promotion. , a networking app for entertainment professionals, alleviates these challenges as a one-stop shop for filmmakers to get the people, money, and location in one place.

Calling All Screenwriters: New App tap. Brings Ideas to Life

Screenwriters are one of the most essential players in the movie-making process. Once the script is ready, the screenwriter hands it over to the director to take it into the next phase. Trying to enter the movie-making business can be wrought with hurdles for newcomers - a screenwriter might ask, "how can I find the right people to work with?"

tap.'s AI Software Helps Showrunners Avoid Lawsuits and Save Millions

What do Bones, Narcos, Glee, The Walking Dead, and Black Widow all have in common? They were all involved in profit-sharing lawsuits with showrunners, totaling over half a billion dollars in litigation fees and settlements. In fact, four of those productions were within the past six years.


KISS 106
Dunbar Cave State Park in Tennessee is an Archeology Buff's Dream Destination

A short drive from Nashville and just south of the Kentucky border, Dunbar Cave State Park in Clarksville, TN is a must-visit if you're a fan of prehistoric history. The Mississippian People were the last major prehistoric indigenous people group in North America before the settlement of European explorers in the 15th and 16th centuries and were plentiful in the southeast region of the United States.

KISS 106
These are the Best and Cheapest Places to Park in Downtown Nashville

Suppose you're visiting downtown Nashville for a concert at The Ryman or Bridgestone Arena, enjoying live music and honky tonks on Broadway, or exploring any of the popular museums, restaurants, or parks. In that case, chances are you're looking for somewhere to park!

KISS 106
Did You Know that There's a 21+ Outdoor Movie Venue in the Heart of Downtown Nashville?

NightLight is a 21+ outdoor movie night venue that caters to the young creatives of Nashville, TN. Picture a drive-in...without the cars. Bring a blanket or chairs and enjoy local food trucks, delicious beer and spirits, live music, and a rotating list of popular films. Doors open at 7 pm for general admission, and you can listen to the live DJ play while you find your seats, browse the food truck options, or grab a beer.