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Bob spends his time pontificating on his life. He tells people his life story is the blueprint for others to follow. He also spends his time writing articles for Professional Wrestling. He also appears on Good reads as a contributor to Stray Branch.

Tuck Magazine
Tuck Magazine 2017

'Warning Antennas May Be Active' and 'Melba Toast Kind Of Feelin': Poetry by Bob Eager in Tuck Magazine

The Stray Branch
Comfort In the Burnout

Spring/Summer 2015 Bob Eager has appeared in Static Movement, Exercise Bowler, Glass Coin and Vision With Voices.Mr. Eager comments on how people stay at their jobs even-though their workplace is toxic. _________________________________________________________________________ COMFORT IN THE BURNOUT There is comfort in the burnout.

Right Hand Pointing
Beyond operation Move

No matter what is happening look ahead not what happened yesterday. This is the Mechanics behind it Relentless Forward Motion


How to Get People To Admire You From a Distance Stay Awkward Concepts explored Social Anxiety Selective mutism Atmospherical AtticStay in The Exosphere Mesosphere or Stratosphere

Final Moments on A Confidential Sidewalk

Contributor: Bob Eager - - Side effects are apparent and understood, Far Out removed from human instinct. Specific purpose and intent- protection Partial notification is warranted, Thief of Identity loss of complete dignity. Ironic situation to finally end up in, Consequences are left After Earth.

Poem by Bob Eager

Melba Toast Kind Of Feelin Becomes appealing only if it is... The last thing on the shelf; Or at the table grab it no one is watching- Hard substance throws like a dog biscuit; Some say it is a Secret laboratory created hybrid ; Or Something Synthetic?


PART 1 CHARISMA CORNER CRASH AND BURN There are no heroes left in the world only bad and worse guys. Every once in a while there is a light that shines down on the world and people want to believe.

Bob Eager

Bob Eager is the author of The Stray Branch (5.00 avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published 2015)

Comic book Retrospective

Even though they have all risen to legendary status in their own amiable way, there's always been something funny about Beetle, Gardner, and Gold, that seemed somewhat lacking. Each one of them, whether it be without their rings, power suits, or gadgets, seems like 'regular people' to me. Know what I mean.

Shadow Fox talks about Rey losing his mask

Special "Charisma Corner" Segment: Bob Eager's Interview with Shadow Fox How did you come up with the name Shadow Fox. Does it have any hidden meaning? "When I started training, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to call myself. I was extremely lost in that regard and I looked to my trainers for guidance.

The New Beatnik
Atmospherical Attic

Bob Eager loves to discuss random topics, insignificant theories , and other "meaningless" subject matter . Of course having said that, that is really in the . Mr. Eager furtherly pontificates in Rusty Truck, Static Movement and Exercise Bowler.

Visions With Voices
Spoken Word Poetry ~ Selective Mutism

Mr. Eager knows some people can be shy. He gives you some information on symptoms of this possible "disease". He makes a brief reference to a facility located in Phoenix that specializes in phobias. Mr. Eager hopes to one day lecture the college circuit explaining this concept in more hefty detail.

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