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Dr. Barry Denton

Leadership Consultant, Real Estate Agent

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Dr. Barry Denton is a professional in Leadership Management and Nonprofit Consulting. Additionally he is pursuing a career in Real Estate.

Barry Denton
Florida Real Estate Report Q3 2020

Even as the sun sets earlier, things are just starting to heat up down in the Sunshine State! At least, when it comes to real estate sales, that is. Real Estate Agent Barry Denton shares his insight on the quarterly report for Florida real estate: Compared to the state of the market in 2019, the...

Barry Denton
Home Featured on HGTV Could Be Yours!

Are you looking for your forever home in the Sunshine State? If your dreams are big enough, you might want to consider taking a look at this $1.9M property that's steeped in Floridian history. Of course, every home has its story. But there's a certain level of character to be admired of a home that...

Barry Denton
Florida Real Estate: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Brokers in Florida say that the real estate market in Palm Beach is not only hot - it's sizzling. Some are even claiming that the blaze is burning brighter in the Sunshine State than anywhere else in the world. Florida based Real Estate Agent Barry Denton weighs in on the status of the market: Since...

Florida Real Estate: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Since Spring 2020, COVID has sent shockwaves through virtually every industry. For some ventures, business is booming. For others, the struggle to stay afloat is very much real. According to real estate professionals in Florida, the market is flourishing, in spite of the pandemic price plummet experienced by some other reasons across the United States.

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Barry Denton

Barry Denton has held numerous positions throughout his career. While his roles have largely centered around leadership, Denton has dabbled in a versatile range of fields over the years. Most recently, he has set his sights on the Real Estate and Leadership Consulting industries.
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I am a Real Estate Agent, Published Author, and Leadership Development Consultant in Florida. Visit my website.

Barry Denton

Barry Denton currently works as a Real Estate Agent in the state of Florida. Denton is also a prolific writer and published author. When he isn't working on writing his next project or scoping out his clients' new homes in Florida, this unique professional dedicates his free time to Nonprofit Development.

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Case Studies in Terrorism

CHAPTER 1 September 11, 2001-"The Attack on America" CHAPTER 2 Centennial Park Bombing-"Devastation at the Olympics" CHAPTER 3 The Unabomber "Delivering Death to the Innocent" CHAPTER 4 The Boston Marathon Bombing- "Attacking the Cradle of Liberty" CHAPTER 5 The Oklahoma City Bombing "Assault on the Heartland"

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Dessert with the Dentons - The Voice-Tribune

Barry and Julie Denton hosted 350 people for Dessert with the Dentons at their home on December 13. Money raised from the evening will go to support medically fragile children at Sproutlings Pediatric Day Care and Preschool. Sproutlings provides groundbreaking services for both traditional and medically-prescribed day care. PHOTOS BY BILL WINE.