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A writer with over 16 years experience in digital content. Areas of special interest: health & wellness; the weird, wild and wonderful; gadgets and geekery, old and new TV; and music.




No Kids, No Regrets

Life with kids can be great. So can life without them, especially if you follow these three tips.


What 'The Golden Girls' Taught Us About AIDS

HIV was a scary topic in 1990, and our favorite four ladies in Miami made us talk about it — and laugh a little, too.


The New Status Symbol for Cities: Chief Digital Officers

Being head geek for a big city is a really cool job title. Shouldn’t your hometown have one?


Why I'm Giving Up Live Shows

Concert-viewing has gone to hell, thanks to our need to document everything. Your smartphone and slam dancing are social burglary.


The Deal with the Great Big Wheels

Remember when riding Ferris wheels meant sitting on an open-air bench, feet swinging in the breeze? Well, big wheels have come a long way, baby, and they just keep on getting...


Funeral Selfies: A 21st Century Way to Grieve

Taking self-portraits at funerals isn’t about narcissism. It’s about coping.


When Jack Bauer Had Fangs. Seriously.

Before he was saving the world as Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland was coercing young innocents to the dark side of bloodsucking.


Teaching Kids Code

Because if going nerd is the best chance for a job in this country, shouldn’t your kid get the best head start?


Wolf Howl Field Trips Are The Next Big Thing

Because standing with 1,000 or so strangers in total silence and hearing nature howling back from the darkness — that changes you.


How TV Broke One of the Most Taboo and Uncomfortable Topics Back in the 80s

Because being disabled doesn’t mean you’re not able to enjoy a good laugh every now and then.


Canada's Own Dead Sea

Because if you want to float in water and read a book, you don’t need to go all the way to the Middle East. You can go to … Saskatchewan.

Fruition Interactive

The (almost) perfect home page: What's on it?

A key part of your inbound marketing strategy is your website. So how do you give your customer a truly awesome start – an (almost) perfect home page? Read on.


This Is the Ultimate Writers' Retreat

Who doesn’t dream of getting their every whim catered to, while also writing a novel? It’s a good, good life.


Joan Jett: Musician + Feminist + Badass

She was an original riot grrrl, smashing the boundaries for women in music. And admit it: You’ve sung along to I Love Rock ’n’ Roll. Loudly.


Remembering the Y2K Bug

Because on New Year’s Eve 1999, the world might have come to an end.


The Woman Taking On Toronto's Rob Ford

You know all about Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor. Now meet the lefty, no-nonsense woman who is going after his seat.