Ashley Sutphin Watkins

Copywriter and Content Strategist

United States

For over a decade, I've worked as a freelance content creator, marketing consultant, and SEO strategist.

I develop targeted, concise content that resonates with audiences and is optimized simultaneously. The two are never mutually exclusive.

Creating content for an online audience works well with my journalism background because I appreciate writing that's-to-the-point and conveys the relevant information audiences want.

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Real Estate Content

Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2023 - Realty Times

With a new year comes new plans for your home. People are increasingly thinking about ways to stay in their homes because of high interest rates but make them more livable and in line with their needs. A kitchen redesign is one of the most desirable home projects for many people.

How Interest Rates Affect Purchasing Power - Realty Times

It's difficult right now to avoid rising interest rates' effects on the economy, especially the real estate market. Since the beginning of the year, interest rates for mortgages have gone from record lows to more than 7% as the Fed tries to cool inflation. Typically, in a situation where interes...

Will These 5 Housing Markets Crash Hard? - Realty Times

Mortgage rates went to all-time lows during the pandemic, with home prices reaching new highs, but now, in the wake of that boom, the U.S. housing market is slowing. The demand and price gains are cooling significantly, and while there is likely to be a correction, economists and analysts believe it...

First-Time Homebuying Hits a Record Low - Realty Times

Over the past year, there was so much competition to buy a home that it felt out of reach for a lot of would-be buyers. Buyers were up against investors and other purchasers, and often their competition was coming in armed with all-cash offers that were well-above asking price.

Pandemic Hotspots See the Biggest Home Price Slowdowns - Realty Times

During the pandemic, certain parts of the country saw significant spikes in real estate activity. Now, some of those very hotspots are experiencing the slowest growth in home prices as the uncertainty of the economy, and the high mortgage rates are converging. Examples of pandemic boomtowns seeing s...

The Housing Shortage is Worst in These Cities - Realty Times

Right now is one of the least affordable times to buy a home in at least three decades, with high home costs and rising interest rates. Homeowners often find they have to stay in their current homes, and would-be buyers are either priced out or realizing they have to lower their expectations signifi...

Will the Housing Shortage Get Worse? - Realty Times

The housing shortage in the United States isn't a new concept, having been building and worsening for decades. It's interesting to talk about the housing shortage in the current context of what's going on in real estate and the broader economy, though. During the pandemic, the housing market was red...

Florida Was the Fastest-Growing State in 2022 - Realty Times

Florida saw the fastest growth in the country over 2022, according to data in a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau. This is the first time Florida has been the fastest-growing state in more than 60 years, since 1957. There was a 1.9% increase in the population of Florida from 2021 to 2022....

Will Big Tech Layoffs Affect Housing Markets? - Realty Times

There have already been high-profile layoffs throughout the U.S., and seemingly most affected are workers at tech companies. During the pandemic, these companies were experiencing massive growth and revenue, but now, with a weakening and uncertain economy, some feel the layoffs are just beginning. T...

Tech/SaaS Content

Freelance Client
Slack Profile

In-depth Financial Profile of the Slack Company

Personal Finance Content

Money Done Right
How Credit Card Points Work (for Beginners)

I don't remember the last time I paid for something using a debit card. Why? Because my debit card doesn't give me the incredible rewards - like money back in my pocket and essentially free flights - that my favorite cash back and travel credit cards do.

Direct Grad PLUS Loan: How to Qualify & Apply | LendEDU

The Grad PLUS Loan is a federal education loan for graduate students. The Grad PLUS Loan is also available to students who are going to attend professional school. The interest rate for this loan is fixed, and the borrower's credit history is a factor in eligibility.

Money Done Right
Reflex Card Review: An Expensive Unsecured Card to Build Credit

Basics: The Reflex Mastercard® is a high-APR card for consumers with limited or even poor credit. Pros: You may be approved for the Reflex Mastercard® with limited credit or bad credit, and it provides an opportunity to build or rebuild your credit with reporting to major credit bureaus.

Money Done Right
8 Best Gas Credit Cards for 2023

Gas can be something that you spend a fair amount of money on, whether you often drive for work, leisure, or both. A gas credit card is a simple way to earn rewards every time you fill-up. A gas credit card is not the same as a prepaid gas card.

Best Personal Finance Software | LendEDU

An increasing array of personal finance software is changing the way people manage their money, simplifying complex finances at the touch of a button. Learn more about your best personal finance software options in our article.

Health and Mental Health Content

The Recovery Village Ridgefield
Alcohol Side Effects

At times, it can be difficult to recognize alcohol addiction symptoms , particularly in a culture where drinking is so prevalent. Signs of alcohol addiction can include certain changes in behavior, mood or physical health. It is important to address any problems with drinking, as the mental and physical effects of alcohol abuse can, in some cases, be ongoing or permanent.

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Taylor Nicole Dean Shares Heroin Addiction Story | The Recovery Village

Taylor Nicole Dean is a YouTuber who garnered online attention with her "All My Pets" viral video. Dean became one of the most popular creators on PetTube, which is a niche on YouTube centered around caring for exotic animals. Dean would create videos about how to take care of all of her exotic pets.

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab
What Professions Have the Highest Rates of Drug Abuse? (Top 10 Industries)

Some jobs, like those with demanding work schedules or ones where drugs and alcohol are widely available, can see higher than average rates of substance abuse among workers. Find out which professions have the highest rates of drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

The Top Supplements
Which Type of Intermittent Fasting Should You Try? - The Top Supplements

If you're wondering the best type of intermittent fasting for you, there are a few key options that tend to be popular. We'll talk more about the benefits of intermittent fasting and then provide an overview about choosing the type of intermittent fasting that might work for you.

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab
FDA Issues Consumer Warning on CBD Products: What You Need To Know

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most popular health supplements right now. Looking online, people can find retailers that boast about the potential benefits of using CBD oil. For example, current claims suggest CBD oil can help with chronic pain, mental health issues like anxiety and common issues such as sleep disorders.

Google Docs
Hurdles of Inpatient Rehab for Women

Hurdles of Inpatient Rehab for Women Women tend to experience substance abuse and addiction differently than men. They also have different concerns as far as receiving treatment. The barriers to inpatient rehab for women and other treatment programs are important to understand. From addiction dur...

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Vein Damage From IV Drug Use Hinders Delivery of Life-Saving Drugs

Intravenous (IV) drug users are at risk for severe vein damage, making the administration of life-saving drugs a challenge. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) cover a scope of treatment that allows first responders to administer medication through an intravenous line.

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab
New ESPN Documentary About NBA Player Brings Attention to Teen Substance Abuse

Chris Herren is a former NBA basketball player who founded several nonprofit organizations and now works as a motivational speaker. After playing at Boston College and transferring to Fresno State, he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets and later played for the Boston Celtics.

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Greensboro News and Record
Student learns from other cultures in year abroad

For UNCG student Lindsay Hackett, it took traveling halfway around the world to discover how important the idea of home is. "Studying abroad really sets a sense of home,'' says Hackett, a 19-year-old Greensboro resident. "It makes you appreciate that you can always go back to the place you call home."