Arthur e. benjamin

Arthur E. Benjamin

Palm Beach Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

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Arthur E. Benjamin is an advocate for people and pets. His initiative, the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected animals and breast cancer patients and survivors.

Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur E. Benjamin is a Philanthropist and Entrepreneur. An advocate for animal welfare, he founded the American Dog Rescue to help animals find their forever homes. His charity, Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, works tirelessly to sponsor numerous causes, from animal adoption and rescue to breast cancer awareness -- and more.

Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation

The pets half of the equation is covered by American Dog Rescue Foundation, while the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation covers the rest. Through his foundation, Arthur sponsors a number of worthy causes ranging from breast cancer to children and education.

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Arthur E. Benjamin

For decades, Arthur E. Benjamin has been committed to his philanthropic vision. From the very beginning, he has been passionate about helping others. What's perhaps unique about this proud philanthropist is that his dedication to the effort is one that not only impacts people, but pets as well.

Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur E. Benjamin's professional career has earned him great respect over the years. Viewed as a visionary and born entrepreneur by his peers, Benjamin's leadership and command are revered. Over the past three decades, his philanthropic passions and professional pursuits have intertwined.

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