Arthur E. Benjamin

Palm Beach Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

United States

Arthur E. Benjamin is an advocate for people and pets. His initiative, the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected animals and breast cancer patients and survivors.

Rescue Team Saves Husky from Drowning

Drowning, of course, is not exclusive to humans. Even a dog who is otherwise a strong swimmer can fall victim to a drowning attack. That's exactly what happened on Monday morning this week, when a Husky and his family were visiting the Presque Isle Bay.

Swimming lessons can save a child's life!

Teaching a child how to swim can make a world of difference. Not only will he/she be better prepared in the water, but they'll also have fun, too! Although it may be a basic skill, knowing how to properly swim is something even some adults don't know how to do...

Dry Drowning: Knowing the signs could save your child's life

Dry drowning occurs when water never reaches the lungs, but is still breathed in. The water ends up trapped in the airways, causing the vocal cords to spasm and even potentially close. What's important to know about dry drowning is that the symptoms can persist, even after coming out of the water.

Drowning: Be Prepared and Notice the Signs

Perhaps the best drowning prevention technique is simply to be prepared! Here are some signs you should look out for: Sounds of gasping or hyperventilating When someone is drowning, he/she may not be able to yell or scream out for help.

Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation

The pets half of the equation is covered by American Dog Rescue Foundation, while the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation covers the rest. Through his foundation, Arthur sponsors a number of worthy causes ranging from breast cancer to children and education.

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Arthur E. Benjamin

For decades, Arthur E. Benjamin has been committed to his philanthropic vision. From the very beginning, he has been passionate about helping others. What's perhaps unique about this proud philanthropist is that his dedication to the effort is one that not only impacts people, but pets as well.

Arthur E. Benjamin

Arthur E. Benjamin's professional career has earned him great respect over the years. Viewed as a visionary and born entrepreneur by his peers, Benjamin's leadership and command are revered. Over the past three decades, his philanthropic passions and professional pursuits have intertwined.