Annie Kuo

Private Client (Class Capstone)
Clinique Strategic Brand Initiatives

I was appointed by the Medill IMC faculty to be on the final editing team for my graduate school class project's final recommendations to Clinique, our corporate client. In many cases, the editing team re-wrote portions of our capstone paper.

Opinion: Infertility awareness is a critical need among Asians

If you or someone you know has trouble conceiving or maintaining pregnancy, it's because infertility is quite common. And if you don't know of anyone, it's likely because they just aren't talking about it - especially in family-focused Asian cultures, where infertility often carries a stigma.

International Examiner
Byline Roundup from International Examiner

Articles published about the Thai community in the International Examiner. This is under a search for "Thai" so the first few articles are by others, but many have my byline.

Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications 2009
Letter From the Editor

I wrote this letter as editor-in-chief of the industry publication, the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, published out of Northwestern University. I also oversaw a staff of 30 graduate students.

ColorsNW Magazine
Urban Living (Advertorial)

I wrote the accompanying advertorial for each special section, incorporating quotes from advertisers on the themes. I took the photos for this advertorial as well.

Agnes Reads!
Book Review

I wrote this reflection on growing up and motherhood as a member of the Agnes Scott Alumnae Board about a book that the alumnae community and first-year class read together. It is about Julie Orringer's book of short stories, 'How to Breathe Underwater.'