Angelica Frey

Freelance writer and reporter

U.S., Italy

NYU Journalism School alumna, former scholar in Classics.


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The Bridge
How Brooklyn's Middle East Survives Against the Odds

Ghassan Matli, owner of Atlantic Avenue's Damascus Bread & Pastry, offers his recommendation for the best way to savor the signature pastry of his 86-year-old store: "At 8 o'clock, you start with the walnut baklava; at 9, pistachio; 10, almond; 11, cashew; 12, cheese; 1, raspberry; 2, strawberry; 3, apple; 4, blueberry; 5, walnuts again."

The Bridge
If You Haven't Tried Mead, You're Missing Out

How the ancient beverage, now brewed in Brooklyn, is making a richly flavored comeback By Angelica Frey - April 21, 2017 It seems fitting that a beverage right out of Game of Thrones would be called Dagger. The richly toned red beverage is a boldly flavored mead, redolent of tart cherry, yarrow, chamomile, and foraged hemlock.


Barron Trump Turned into a Beautiful Manga Boy

In the first episode, Barron team up with Sasha and Malia Obama to investigate a "mysterious anomaly" brought about by the rise of the 45th president. Voluminous side-swept bangs, an aristocratic demeanor complemented by a cold stare, and impeccable outfits are standard features of , the "beautiful boys" that populate Japanese comics (manga) and cartoons (anime).

New York Magazine

Bedford + Bowery
A Studio Visit With Tara McPherson, 'Queen of Cotton Candy Wet Dreams'

One recent morning in Tara McPherson's Bed-Stuy studio, the artist's easel was loaded with sketches of two nearly identical girls connected by a sparkling rainbow springing from inside their heads. The drawing was also on her iMac, where she had been working on a color mockup in Photoshop.

'The Decadence and the Drama' of Nutcracker Rouge's Wild Costumes

At the beginning of Nutcracker Rouge, amid wafts of frankincense, the virginal Marie Claire (Laura Careless) finds herself in a haunted forest where she's surrounded by a storm of snowflakes. Dancers appear on stage clad in lace corsets, tutus, Swarovski-encrusted masks and matching jewelry. Their skeletal, horn-shaped headpieces are ...

SantaCon Plays Nice While Beasticon Rears Its Head

With a "day of anger" expected to keep police busy and SantaCon's organizers asking its drunken devotees to stick to a list of participating bars in Murray Hill and Hell's Kitchen rather than marauding through the streets, the annual Running of the Santas promises to be a ...

Canines of New York: Tagging Along With The Dogist, a Pup-arazzo Who Hounds Dogs

On a Greenwich Village street corner, photographer Elias Weiss Friedman was having trouble getting J Lo's attention. Her eyes darted restlessly and she wouldn't stand still. "She's a real bitch," said the young man who accompanied her. "She hates cameras." J Lo was a slender, seven-year-old white ...

An Interview With Taylor Davis, a Violinist and Composer With a Love of Video Game, Anime and...

When Taylor Davis was eight years old, she was sitting in an all-school Christmas assembly and saw a young girl take the stage with her violin. "I was never really interested in playing any musical instrument before this, but as soon as the girl started playing a few notes of "Silent Night" I was instantly mesmerized by her performance and had this really intense desire to want to play the violin," said Davis.

Q&A with Valentino Zucchiatti, Solo Bassoonist at Teatro alla Scala

Valentino Zucchiatti (born 1961) was only 23 years old when he was chosen by Riccardo Muti as a Solo Bassoonist of the Scala Orchestra in Milano. His maestros include Vojko Cesar, Gilberto Grassi and Vincenzo Menghini while, after becoming a professional player, he perfectionated his technique with Bernard Garfield of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Brian Pollard of the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Six Curious Facts about Perfect Pitch

The term "perfect pitch" indicates the ability to identify the pitch of a musical tone without an external reference pitch. The first studies about perfect pitch - or absolute pitch - can be traced back to the 19th century and they focused on the phenomenon of musical pitch and the methods for measuring it.

The Most Tragic Love Stories in the Opera: an anti-Valentine's day listicle

Valentine's day is approaching and, for our lovelorn and cynical readers, we prepared a list of the most ill-fated and unfortunate couples in opera, which include triangles, deception, incest and (spoiler alert) a fair does of bloodshed. Let's just say that Richard Wagner and Giacomo Puccini really set the bar on that matter, adding political intrigues to torrid (if not incestuous) love affairs.


Friday Cocktails: Mangapeño | SAVEUR

For me, as a native of Milan, there is no better way to salute a late-blooming spring and the promise of summer than to savor an Italian-style aperitivo. So, I headed over to Ovest Pizzoteca -the industrial-chic pizzeria-bar located under the High Line park in New York City-to sample the creations of 29-year-old, award-winning Italian mixologist Enzo Cangemi.

Shore to Door: Mail-Order Maine Lobster | SAVEUR

Maine's rocky shoreline and frigid coastal waters provide the ideal habitat for Homarus americanus, the American lobster, a cold-loving crustacean that hides in crevices and feeds on mollusks and baitfish. For our clambake, we mail-ordered these lobsters from such outfits as Cousins Maine Lobsters and Hancock Gourmet Lobster, one of 54 companies in the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative.