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Business Development Consultant & Mentor

United States

Andrew Rooke is a Business Development Consultant with Green-G Electric Vehicles and an Independent Board Member of The Shyft Group. Aspiring to positively impact the next wave of leaders in business, Rooke is passionate about acting as a professional mentor.

Andrew Rooke | Business Development

Andrew Rooke is a professional with experience in business development and strategic leadership. Rooke currently works for Green-G Electric Vehicles as a Consultant.

Andrew Rooke
How To Promote Wellness In The Workplace

As a business development consultant, I have seen firsthand how important it is to prioritize workplace wellness. When employees feel good mentally and physically, they are more productive and more likely to stay with the company long-term. Here are some actionable tips that business owners can implement in their workplace to prioritize workplace wellness.

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Most recently, Rooke has obtained the title of Business Development Consultant at Green-G Electric Vehicles. Andrew Rooke also represents The Shyft Group as an Independent Board Member. An esteemed business professional, Rooke's acumen is demonstrative of a seasoned expert in leadership. Gravitating towards strategic approaches to performance improvement, Rooke always stands on the cutting edge.

Andrew Rooke
Andrew Rooke Professional Career

Andrew Rooke is a strategic leader who maintains a wealth of expertise in business development and performance improvement. As a leader, he excels in developing productive teams. Andrew Rooke is an extensively trained business professional. He is seasoned in experience which has helped to equip him with a strategy development tool kit that is tried...

Andrew Rooke
Andrew Rooke

ANDREW ROOKE Business Development Consultant Andrew Rooke is a business professional who specializes in strategy development that centers around performance improvement. Outside of the office, Rooke is committed to training for cycling competitions. Since launching his business career in the early 1980s, Andrew Rooke has cultivated a unique skill set developed through experience.

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Business News from Development Consultant Andrew Rooke

Andrew Rooke April 25, 2023 /PRSearchEngine/ - Andrew Rooke, Business Development Consultant at Green-G Electric Vehicles, is slated to share a new business blog series. Shining the spotlight on the latest and greatest strategies, the seasoned professional will offer up expert-backed advice. As he navigates the ever-growing playing field of commercial electric vehicles (EVs),...

Andrew Rooke
Andrew Rooke Cycling & Fitness

Cycling is a part of Andrew Rooke's every day health and fitness routine. He trains year-round to participate in cycling competitions, like the Santa Cruz Annual Triathlon and Tour de France. Andrew Rooke hasn't always been an avid cyclist. Now, with his bike being such a huge part of his life, it is difficult for...

Andrew Rooke
Andrew Rooke Health & Workplace Wellness

Andrew Rooke is a strategic leader and business professional who is passionate about workplace health & wellness. Rooke finds that his team development always benefits from reminding his colleagues to take time to recharge. Workplace Wellness Andrew Rooke fully embraces the positive impact that wellness has on his own life.


Andrew Rooke is a Business Development Consultant at Green-G Electric Vehicles. A Strategic Leader who is considered to be a visionary among his colleagues, Rooke is passionate about leaning towards business strategies blooming on the cutting edge Andrew Rooke established the foundation of his career in business with the pursuit of his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)