Andrew Mentock

Freelance Writer and Journalist

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, I lived in Chicago and traveled the world a little before moving back home. However, I still look for adventures whenever I can.

I am an experienced writer with the unique ability to adapt to any publication’s or business’s voice. I specialize in sports and culture but have written for a number of magazines, newspapers, blogs and businesses.

With a background in journalism, I have written a number of timely pieces that adhere to AP Style guidelines.

Additionally, I have written press releases for loudspeaker companies, blogged for investment and travel sites and developed marketing content for businesses.

When I'm not writing, I'm coaching basketball or baseball, watching the NBA, reading a book, eating sushi or drinking an Old Fashioned. Follow me on social media (Instagram: @Drewment2 Twitter: @Andrew Mentock).

I welcome inquiries or writing requests. Contact me at [email protected]


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