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Pretend Reading by Andrew Kauffmann

A cute steward walks down the cabin, the personification of busyness. He's wearing a royal blue waistcoat and a blazer striped with flashes of dandelion gold. In tight trousers, his behind looks pert. When he walks back, I try to catch his gaze but he's trained to avoid mine.

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I don't think about Jean-Paul that much anymore. He's the man who I'm reminded of when I hear Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You." Jean-Paul's the man I formed a first impression of, as a man to stand away from, a man I'd prefer not to enter into conversation with, even at a social distance.

An Intended Journey

An Intended Journey by Andrew Kaye I feel like we're looking at photos from the 1980s." The potted lemon plant nods in agreement on the terrace outside. Mehdi's easy smile widens. "That's because we are. Well, we're looking at photos of them as kids - ". "No," I shoot back.

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I Moved To A Country Where It's Illegal For Me To Be Gay. This Is What It's Like

For the most part, life in Marrakech is good. The sun shines brightly throughout the winter. Our diet consists of mostly fresh fruit, warm bread and olive oil, and, as someone who appreciates Islamic architecture, I'm happy to trade London's office blocks for mezzanines and madrasas. Marrakech itself has a cosmopolitan air.

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How Supporting Local Projects in Marrakech Can Protect Tourism and the Environment

Weaving a way forward for women Marrakech has long been celebrated for its inimitable sense of style and its artistry. Sustainability consultant Rosanna Falconer believes the city's efforts in sustainable tourism are "as magic as its famed technicolour bohemian roots" and points tourists to cooperatives such as Al Nour, a business with a drive for social justice.

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The Top 8 Highlights of Jewish Marrakech

For hundreds of years, the Mellah positively teemed with life. With a bustling spice souk(market) and the clanging sound of silversmiths, the Jewish Quarter has long been a draw for tourists, but all it takes is a stroll around the labyrinthine alleyways to evoke ghosts of the recent past.