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Andrew Haag

Photographer and Designer based in California

Location icon United States

Andrew Haag is a Designer and Founder of Andrew Haag Photography. He enjoys working and collaborating on unique creative projects.

Andrew Haag
What Are the Principles of Design?

If you're interested in graphic design, it's easy to want to immediately jump in and start on a project. Before you get knee-deep in trying to learn how to use all of the Adobe programs, it's important to understand the fundamentals of design. Even though it may sound boring, using these principles will help you...

Andrew Haag
What is the Difference Between Graphic and Visual Designers?

Whether you're considering a career path in the design field, or you need to hire a designer for a project, there's a lot of different fields to choose from. The skill sets often overlap, but there are some key differences between graphic designers and visual designers.

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Andrew Haag to Showcase Art Shows in CA

Andrew Haag LOS ANGELES, CA, August 13, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ - In September 2021, Andrew Haag is set to host a showcase featuring upcoming art shows in California. Aiming to shine a spotlight on smaller artists, Hagg's series will offer a sneak peek into the local art world from an amateur perspective.

Certified Consumer Reviews
Andrew Haag - Certified Consumer Reviews

Andrew Haag Photography & Design offers instructional courses and artist feedback to entry level mixed media artists, photographers and graphic designers. Andrew Haag Photography & Design Instructional DIY Art Lessons Andrew Haag is the creative mastermind behind Andrew Haag Photography & Design, a

Andrew Haag
Andrew Haag Visual & Graphic Design

Andrew Haag is a graphic designer who creates logos, digital illustrations and other visuals for clients across all industries. True to his mixed media style, Andrew Haag's professional projects specialize in emphasizing ideas in a hyper realistic collage format. Even in his fully digital works, Haag adds a collage atmosphere to his projects by using...

Andrew Haag
Andrew Haag Digital Photography

Andrew Haag is a freelance digital photographer who specializes in portrait photography. Haag is currently offering professional headshots and family photo packages. Whether he's creating work for a client or simply expressing himself, Andrew Haag always views his photography as an artistic process. In his experience, even a professional headshot can use some creative flare!...
Andrew Haag Mixed Media Art

For Andrew Haag, a project is never complete. At best, its artistry is on pause… waiting for someone, or something, to spark a new detail….

Photography & Mixed Media Art Lessons by Andrew Haag

What is first person photography? First person photography, also known as Point of View (POV) photography, is a style of photography that emphasizes the photographer's perspective in each shot. This genre of photography is Andrew Haag's favorite because it inserts the viewer into an experience.

Andrew Haag Photography - Bartering Exchange Network

Incorporating a unique view into his photography, Andrew Haag is a mixed media artist whose work emphasizes perspective. A lifelong lover of the arts, Haag is passionate about his artistic expression and creative process. Although he considers himself unbound to any specific genre, the artist's fusion of mixed media and photography fit best in the multimedia realm.

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