Andrew Cunningham-Moorat

Home Inspector & Photographer

United States

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat is a professional home inspector and freelance photographer focusing on both real estate photography and nature photography.

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat
Mississippi confirms 4 new fishing records

Fishing and hunting enthusiasts, like Andrew Cunningham-Moorat, have claimed new fishing records in the state of Mississippi in 2021 - some even set by children! The records set by fishing hobbyists in Mississippi include: Rodie Armes, 11, sets the youth record for catching Ladyfish with conventional tackle. The fish weighed 2 lbs, 11.

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat
How to Find a Home Inspector on Inspectify

Inspectify is a search engine for home inspectors and professionals providing home inspections, near you and anywhere else! Home Inspector and industry expert, Andrew Cunningham-Moorat shares how you can use this brand new resource to find a home inspector and book an inspection: Source: Inspectify So you've found your dream home.

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat
NJ fisherman catches a record-breaking angler

In New Jersey, a local man just set a new record, according to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. Hunter and fisherman, Andrew Cunningham-Moorat shares the exciting news: On September 30, 2021, Joe Satkowski of New Jersey reeled in quite the catch! Weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds, 10 ounces and measuring in...

Certified Consumer Reviews
Andrew Cunningham-Moorat

After taking up his own home restoration projects, Andrew Cunningham-Moorat ventured into a larger interest in structural examinations. Soon enough Cunningham-Moorat became a self-taught expert in home inspections - all by practicing on his own property. It wasn't long before he made the interest official and pursued certification in noncommercial property inspections.

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat
3 Best Web Directories for Finding Contractors

Whether you need a home inspection or you're a home inspector looking for a place to secure clients, web directories can be a great way to seal the deal. Home Inspector, Andrew Cunningham-Moorat shares his favorite sites for home inspection listings: Angi On Angi, you can find a professional for just about any home project.

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat
Cutting corners can cost you in the home buying process

Across the United States, the real estate market is red hot! But with interest high and inventory low, buyers are scrambling to secure the sale however they can. Some are even ditching the home inspection process in order to 'speed things up.' But experts in the industry, like Andrew Cunningham-Moorat, warn that this decision could...

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Andrew Cunningham-Moorat debuts home inspection blog series

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat May 17, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ - In an all-new blog series, home inspector Andrew Cunningham-Moorat will cover the ins and outs of the current demand for home inspectors. Offering up advice to homeowners, homebuyers and home inspectors alike, Cunningham-Moorat's series is set to provide comprehensive coverage of the home inspection industry.
Andrew Cunningham-Moorat Home Inspections

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat is a Home Inspector. An expert in examining key areas of buildings, his home inspections are available for both residential and non-commercial.
Freelance Photography

Photography is one of Andrew Cunningham-Moorat’s greatest creative outlets. With his camera in hand, the photographer ventures off to capture the beauty of the world around him.

Social Career Builder Professional Profile

Wearing numerous hats, Andrew Cunningham-Moorat's artistic and professional pursuits complement each other. On an average day, Cunningham-Moorat's keen eye for detail plays a major part in his work as a Home Inspector. On a freelance basis - and for fun! - that same eye picks out unique views through the lens of a camera.