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Taste of Home
Where to Find the Best Bloody Marys Across the Country

View as slideshow Restaurants Looking for the best Bloody Mary around? We scoured the country for the biggest, prettiest and most outlandish Bloody Marys. Atchafalaya New Orleans, Louisiana NOLA's best brunch spot naturally happens to house the Big Easy's favorite Bloody Mary bar, with three house-made bases, an impressive array of garnishes and at least a dozen hot sauces.

Taste of Home
Follow These Tips to Host an Afternoon Tea Party Fit for a Queen

A British-style afternoon tea may sound like a posh affair, but it is neither difficult nor expensive to host a tea party fit for a queen, right in your own living room. Check out our top tea party ideas. View as slideshow Decide on a theme Are you thinking Queen of Hearts of Queen Elizabeth?


I Made My Husband Cook Like Gwyneth Paltrow — Here’s What Happened

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty excellent home cook. My husband Blaine, on the other hand, is... less comfortable in the kitchen. When asked to stray from the recipes he knows, there's usually a lot of expletives and crashing around at dinner time.


Trump Report: Everything You Need to Know About the Infamous Dossier

Though President Barack Obama's farewell address dominated the news Tuesday night, a story about his successor was also taking social media by storm. An unverified intelligence report alleges Donald Trump has bigly ties to Russia. But most of Twitter was taken by one particularly salacious claim about the president-elect.

Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed For Looking Like a Nazi Admits He Lied

Two weeks ago, Joshua Witt claimed in a Facebook post that he was stabbed by a black man while getting out of his car because he looked like a Neo-Nazi. Now the Colorado man is admitting he made the story up after stabbing himself in the hand by accident.

President Donald Trump Announces Trans Military Ban on Twitter

A little more than a year after the Pentagon lifted a ban against transgender individuals serving in the military, President Donald Trump has announced plans to reverse this policy in a series of tweets. The 45th president made his declaration on July 26, citing the counsel of his "Generals and military experts" as influences in his decision.

‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Strike Back With Shocking Claim of Trump Blackmail

Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough aren't standing down in the wake of some nasty comments from President Donald Trump. On the Friday, June 30 broadcast of the MSNBC morning show, the recently engaged co-hosts took aim at POTUS once more, claiming he once offered to kill a negative story about them the National Enquirer planned to run.

A Timeline of The Donald Trump/Rosie O’Donnell Feud

There's clearly no love lost between Donald Trump and talk show personality Rosie O'Donnell. But the feud is so long and winding at this point, you may be wondering how the comedian became Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of the president.


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7 Reasons You Need 'The Bold Type' in Your Life

The Bold Type wrapped its summer season this week, and the fact we don't yet know if the show will be returning fills us with the kind dread. The kind you feel when you meet your soulmate only to find out they just got a job offer across the country.


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