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Storyteller of the quirky.

As a freelance features writer and editor in the Midwest, I'm committed to highlighting the people and ideas
that make our world interesting -- especially if there's a little quirkiness involved!
I also write boring marketing stuff, but you'll have to ask me about that elsewhere.

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Cover Stories

Riverfront Times

A Few Good Women: It's Tough Being a Woman in Tech

The culture is what kills, many women in tech say. And a startling experience is the knife.

Riverfront Times

Tiny Houses, Big Plans: These St. Louisans Gave Up Mortgages for Life on the Road

Showing off their new, hand-built kitchen, John and Jayme Serbell might be any couple on HGTV's House Hunters, or, perhaps more apt, Tiny House, Big Living. John gestures...

Riverfront Times

Riverfront Times: Ferguson Coverage

As web editor for the Riverfront Times, I coordinated digital coverage and photography during one of the most important series of events in the nation.

Riverfront Times

The Collectors: How Five St. Louis Collectors Accumulated Troves of Treasure — One Piece at a Time

"Between the two of us, we really could find almost anything you'd need in your life." Audra Frick isn't wrong — if what you need is a lot of wonderfully random stuff.

Riverfront Times

Get 'Em to the Geeks: A Roving Comic Con Looks to Corner the Nerd Market

At first glance, the Hulk seems to be someone to fear as he lumbers down the convention-center aisle - kelly green like the Wicked Witch of the West, heavy on his feet, fists as...

Riverfront Times

Guitar Zero: The Search Is on for St. Louis' "Air" Apparent

St. Louis has birthed its share of musical luminaries over the years, from the early rock and R&B of Chuck Berry and Tina Turner to the blue-eyed soul of Michael McDonald and...

Features and Neato Stuff

Ladue News

Born to Brew: Billy Busch of Kräftig

"You know what? Anyone who wants to try a Kräftig Light, give 'em one on me," Billy Busch tells the waitress at Hammerstone's. The Soulard bar is filled with regular diners and...

Riverfront Times

Sex and the Symphony: Ben Folds Explains Why Orchestral Music Is the Best Aphrodisiac

Ben Folds has a notion that may help orchestras around the world draw new ticket buyers. "People, this will get you laid," the renowned alt-rock pianist declares. Folds, who...

Riverfront Times

Damon Davis' Ferguson Doc 'Whose Streets?' Notches a Slot at Sundance

For some people, 2014 was the spark that lit the fuse for a new civil rights movement. But for Ferguson residents and African-Americans in general, this was nothing new.

Alive Magazine

From Bean to Bar: Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate

Many people claim that chocolate is essential to life, especially as a savory morsel melts on the tongue, warmed before sliding down the throat and sending dopamine to the...

Riverfront Times

2016 Summer Guide: For Curiosity Seekers, Drive East to Greenville

Greenville, Illinois, is a hotbed of weird activity. Just ask anybody who's felt the sting of the town's spanking machine.

Alive Magazine

The Cheshire In St. Louis Shares 3 Secrets For Planning The Perfect Wedding

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love - something that the couple and their guests will remember forever. But every memorable wedding takes planning and coordination,...

Ladue News

Well Preserved: Marvels of Millwork

Like many children, 10-year-old Bill Hays was pulled into helping his father build and fix things around the house. Little did he know that the experience would help him become...



Naughty Bits: Dating/Sex Stories (must log in to read)

Behance says these stories are NSFW, so you'll have to log in to read them, which is kind of ridiculous. Sorry.

Riverfront Times

Cardinals Security Kicks Out Fan on Star Wars Night... For Having a Stormtrooper Mask?

Most Jedi and Sith enjoyed the first-ever Star Wars night at Busch Stadium yesterday, but one woman felt like she was being oppressed by Palpatine's Galactic Empire when she was...

Riverfront Times

5 Things We Learned During Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" Tour at Scottrade Center

If last night's gleeful tongue wagging and enthusiastic dry humping were any indication, Miley Cyrus has definitely licked whatever ailed...