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A seasoned copywriter, blogger, social media maven and business coach, I help emerging and established brands tell their signature story with panache. My background in both corporate marketing and entrepreneurship spans a range of verticals, including health care, sustainable living/green business, vital aging, startups, and the business/technology interface. Former Personal Health columnist for Nation's Business magazine.

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Coffee to keep you ahead of the curve.

VIVIC is the carbonated, ready to drink coffee that suits your active lifestyle: Healthy. Creative. Authentic. Fun. At VIVIC, we don’t follow trends. We create them. Our...



Eimex views technology in a different light. We provide breakthrough consulting in laser and optics technologies, at the intersection of physics, engineering and computer...



PATCA's mission is to be your success partner: the trusted source you turn to when you need the expert edge. As a non-profit organization created specifically to help businesses...

Digital Marketing Glossary

A series of 38 digital marketing icons created for, posted to visual platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Living Water Colonic Institute

Electro Lymphatic Therapy

If you've ever woken up with puffy eyes, sinus congestion and a feeling of overall malaise, you've been personally introduced to your lymphatic system.

Landing page: SEO Guidebook

Did you play hide and seek as a child? Of course you did. And it was fun. But when it comes to your digital footprint, this approach is a guaranteed fail. To be found...

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Aging Well with Assistive Technology

Ellie was the kind of elder most of us hope to become: healthy, interested in life, and still managing fine on her own - in a third-floor walk-up - at 95. Her young friend Ana...


Why Do Good People Quit Your Company?

Ciao, Adios, Sayonara, Pa, Auf Wiedersehen, Sampai Jumpa… Emily was an ideal hire: smart, ambitious, with the precise skill set you need in a developer. Yet just five months...

Reimagining Home — And Travel

New nomadic ways to live "location independent" are a nexus of work, travel, and adventure, providing both connection and potential companionship — an attractive invitation for...


A Lot Abalone

If you’re a mollusk, no matter how brave you might be, you need a champion to survive. Especially if you’re an edible ear shell prized by humans. We’re talking, of course, about...

Save Our Bones

Step By Step: Pick Up Your Pace for a Long, Healthy Life

Scientists say fast walking could add years to your life as well as life to your years — and even help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and dementia.

Kensington Place Redwood City

Memory Care Versus Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Memory care is a specialized, very important type of community that can be a separate “neighborhood” within an assisted living community or an entirely separate community of its...

Smith's Lawyers

Why You Can't Just "Get Over" Anxiety

If you've been injured on the job or on the road, you were probably pretty shaken up at the time. That's natural. What people don't talk about is ongoing anxiety, the kind...

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Automating the customer journey: Making marketing personal AND scalable

Between social media, email, and the plethora of platforms designed to support a business in 2015, many companies assume marketing will be a slam-dunk. Yet even with a website,...


Got data? How's that working for you?

Mission-motivated. Dashboard-driven. KPIs. Marketers are buzzword masters when discussing marketing strategy with top management. But are they in the driver's seat when it comes...


Changing channels: The right approach to multichannel marketing automation

For many customers, it's a mobile-first world. But that doesn't mean they're exclusively mobile, or use just one mobile device. How can marketing automation support a...


Hunger Games: How "Culinary Currency" is reshaping the food industry

Millennials are hungry - not just for inspired meals, but for the connection they represent, says Eve Turow, author of A Taste of Generation Yum. And while half of the 80...