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Amanda Zantal-Wiener is a writer, editor and strategist. She is the owner of Amanda Zantal-Wiener, LLC, a creative consultancy that works with clients to curate content, produce events and create on- and offline marketing presence. Prior to earning her MBA from San Francisco State University, she worked as a creative consultant for six years in Boston, Massachusetts. Her restaurant reviews, travel pieces, recipes and other work have been featured in City Living Magazine, Boston Herald,, offMetro and Organic Authority.

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From the outside looking in you wouldn't know it, but Minneapolis has a thriving hip-hop scene with deep roots.


Meet the Most Badass Female Chefs in New York

It's high time to bust through the kitchen's glass ceiling. While this list is just a start, these are some of the most badass female chefs in the five boroughs, women who are...

Organic Authority

Why Milwaukee Kind Of Rocks (Spoiler: It's The Local Food) - Organic Authority

Jaded east-coasters don't typically have a ton of knowledge on the Wisconsin city of Milwaukee. In fact, very few of us end up in the region at all. With the exception of a trip...

Organic Authority

From Cattle Ranching to Hip-Hop, a Family's Love for Clean Food Prevails

Food, they say, is a family affair. We celebrate around it, we mourn over it and, in many capacities, it's just simply how we gather. That's certainly the case for Sylvia Burgos...

Amanda Zantal-Wiener

How (And Why) The Mighty Weight Watchers Has Fallen

Weight Watchers just can't seem to catch a break. It's a downward trend that, as someone who once lost 20 pounds with and worked for the company, I face with mixed emotions. Is...

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A Young Farmer's 'Spiral Path' Toward Bringing Home Cooking to the Masses

Blame it on Brooklyn. Blame it on hipsters. Whoever's at fault, it's undeniable that "everything old is new again." If nothing else, there's one trendy throwback that we can...

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Meet Sims: The Indie Rap Artist and Conscious Foodie - Organic Authority

Over the past decade, something interesting has taken place in the Midwest. All ears, it seems, are on Minneapolis, as the city earns its title as a major birthplace of indie...


WeWork Summer Camp For Adults: Do What You Love

I find myself, in recent days, listening to an unusual amount of techno and dubstep; not because I'm particularly fond of either one, but rather, because I'm audibly reliving my...

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How A Florida Couple Changed My Life With Hot Sauce - Organic Authority

Anyone who's arrived at Tampa International Airport as their final destination knows that the drive from there to, well, anywhere, is a visual treat. The ride to Clearwater...


Beyond Deflategate: The NFL's Real Problems

I slept very poorly last night. While I know better than to check Facebook during a bout of insomnia, it's still one of the most common reactions: One that does nothing to aid...


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel: What Happens In Vegas, Shouldn’t Always Stay There

The Mandarin Oriental hotel is redefining luxury with a twist of sustainability in Las Vegas. Prior to one's first visit to Las Vegas, the recommendations are clear, and the...

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Startup Weekend: Demand For Change to Our Food System

To say that there has been a generational uptick in food fascination is not exactly news. The media has certainly taken note of the phenomenon (see Eve Turow's "Generation Yum,"...


Eileen Fisher Isn't Half-Assing Sustainability - EcoSalon

Back in 2011, when I was a wee lass who had just been accepted to business school, I attended a panel discussion titled "Sales with an Impact: The CSR Advantage in...


For the Love of God and All That Is Holy: Go Away, Celebrity Websites - EcoSalon

So. Being famous now equates with being a business owner, I see. At least, that's the impression I get from all the artisan/high-principled/my-shit-smells-like-roses celebrity...


A Silicon Valley Fashion Week Actually Happened - EcoSalon

Fashion Week has always been viewed as a competition among designers to "out-weird" each other. In Silicon Valley, clothing label Betabrand is clearly the latest winner. This...

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Vegetarian Greek Food Exists? Oh Yes

As a half-Greek person, I can identify with confidence two things that we take more seriously than life itself: Our food, and...well, actually, maybe there's only one thing....


Ho'oponopono: What Hawaii Taught Me About Forgiveness

While they may not say so, most people visit Hawaii in order to heal. Different words might be used: "relax," or "escape." They're all synonymous, though, with the fundamental...


When It Isn't 'Made in Brooklyn': West Elm's Branding Snafu

West Elm, at the moment, will not find many fans in Brooklyn thanks to its 'Made in Brooklyn' snafu. Under fire for its "Made in Brooklyn" line of products, the retailer was...


If I Met Myself Today, I'd Have Questions

In business school, I was unofficially dubbed the "Resident Baker" of my MBA program. It was my favorite stress-busting activity: Filling biodegradable takeout boxes that I had...


Follow the 'Cotton Road': The Fashion Industry's Unflattering Supply Chain

Following the path of cotton from field to suit, Laura Kissel's documentary "Cotton Road" sets out to explore the fashion industry's previously elusive supply chain. "Americans...