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With a cup of coffee and an eye-roll, Alyssa channels classic Bea Arthur (if Dorothy Zbornak spent her daylight hours cooing at baby animals being cute on the Internet). She wavers between fierce sarcasm and sweet, girlish charm; her nails will be painted, but she is not to be taken lightly. Additionally, she plays caregiver to one fat rabbit.


Magazine Features

Uncharted Territory: Pace Finds its Way During the Pandemic

This year was hard; for everyone. For you at home and for us at Pace-for our students, for their families, and for the faculty and staff charged with providing opportunity to everyone in our community. There was nothing easy or familiar about navigating the uncharted waters of making a university function during a global pandemic, but we did our best.

A Woman's Place

Maral Javadifar working out with players from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Her maturity, her focus, and her determination to succeed was what originally made Maral Javadifar '12 stand out to the Pace University Athletics Department.

Outpacing Harvard

For months prior to competition season, the team works late into the evening-researching, revising, developing their presentation, and rehearsing-and the faculty is working right alongside them. "Working with the team keeps us sharp," says Weinstock. "We have to provide the students with the most current, the most state-of-the-art, knowledge we have, and we have to do it as if they're colleagues and not just students."

Pace Magazine Fall 2017
Environmental Impact

Begun as an experimental course in 2013, the Environmental Policy Clinic, founded by Cronin, senior fellow in the Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment (DCISE) and the former Hudson Riverkeeper, and Michelle Land, JD ’02, clinical assistant professor and director of programming for DCISE, has developed into an environmentally-focused and hands-on learning-based experience. The Clinic, which, since its start, has included students from 20 majors, was created on the...


Smoke Signals

Palm-Sized Press is a small independent press and online flash fiction writing community.

Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones

Welcome to the third release from Vagabonds! We're an anthology of travelers coming together to share our stories the only way we know how. Thank you, reader, for taking this ride with us.

The Abecedary Project

An imagined retelling of an event that happened in Bergenfield, New Jersey, more than 25 years ago. The suicide pact was the catalyst for the re-evaluation of burnout culture, the economic undercurrents at the time, and more.

Open Mind Magazine, Issue #1
A Failure in Four Parts

"We want to create one giant blurb of consciousness through small shot-gun blasts on each page. This is otherwise known as cigarette smoke, dirty words and everything in between. Basically, Open Mind wants artists that are driven with style."

The New York Bookwoman
Review of Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Though the author never confirms nor denies Anne's guilt in respect to her alleged crimes, her examination of historical fact and apocrypha through Cromwell leaves the reader with a barren and stark look at courtly life. Any supposed romance or glamor that one may have felt toward the period is stripped away by the author's effortless and anxiety-producing prose.

Research Features

Research: Mindful Messaging | PACE UNIVERSITY

Dyson Professor Leora Trub, PhD, and Pace student Jonathan O'Hadi '16 teamed up to explore why we text compulsively, how we learn to feel our emotions before we hit send, and why some messages just leave us anxious and upset. Ding-ding. Buzz, buzz.

Research: Body Image Subculture

Dyson Assistant Professor at Pace University, Jason Whitesel, PhD, shares his ethnographic study on the lives and interactions of fat men within the gay community. "I started my research as part of my dissertation," explains Dyson Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at Pace University, Jason Whitesel, PhD.

Research: Nanomaterials | PACE UNIVERSITY

Dyson Assistant Professor Elmer-Rico Mojica discusses his work with Pace's undergraduate students and the tiny particles that can have a huge impact. So, what do nanomaterials have to do with a goopy, white nose? A lot.

Research: Vigilante Media

Professor Adam Klein examines the news media's response and characterization of the vigilante hacktivist group Anonymous. "There's something a little dangerous about a group that can do something that is essentially the same as throwing a brick through a storefront window and running away," says Dyson Professor of Communication Studies Adam Klein, PhD, "Should what they do be treated as a legitimate protest?"

Research: Neuromythology

Professor Terence Hines challenges the neurological urban legend of Albert Einstein's brain one critique at a time. "About 10 or 12 years ago, I was teaching a neurophysiology class and somebody said that they had always heard that Einstein's brain had more glial, or support, cells than normal people.

Research: Poverty Simulation | PACE UNIVERSITY

College of Health Professions Assistant Professor Angela Northrup discusses a new approach to educating students about the realities of life in poverty. They were either overworked or unemployed. Their days were too short, their responsibilities overwhelming. Some waited in line at the welfare office for hours, others hoarded their food stamps and pawned their valuables to make ends meet.

Monstrous Bodies

Dyson Lecturer Ying Wang explores disability, deviance, and feminism in the writings of 19th century French female authors.

Opportunitas, Pace Magazine
Basking in the Glow

Dyson Professor Andrew Wier studies the symbiosis of the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid and bioluminescent bacteria in the hope of shedding some light on human bacterial infections.

A Boy/Girl Thing

Dyson Associate Professor Emilie Zaslow and recent graduate Brian Rentas ’13 examine the media’s portrayal of gender variance and LGBTQ children.

What the Nose Knows

Dyson Professor Jack Horne, PhD, and his students use a state-of-the-art confocal microscope to study how genes affect the development of the brain and olfactory system in zebrafish.

Research: Gamers Unite

Dyson English Professor Jane Collins learns the language of digital gaming for a Student-Faculty Research Program project. This holiday break, while students caught up on the video games they weren't able to play in between classes this semester- ahem -one Dyson professor was joining them.

Cleared for Landing

Seidenberg Professor Richard Kline and Keith McPherson ’13 team up to explore the possible uses of a flying drone quadcopter as part of the Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research Initiative.

Your Pad or Mine?

A famous frog once sang “it’s not easy being green,” but for the gray treefrogs in Dyson Professor Joshua Schwartz’s lab, the real challenge is finding a date.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Dyson Professor Abbey L. Berg discusses her research on the long-term implications of iPod usage, the implementation of tools for use in emerging countries, and much more.

Scary Stories to Tell on the Web

Dyson Professor Jillian Mcdonald tells her own story about what happens when art meets Internet and how collaborative research with Seidenberg student Julie Gill ’12 helped bring her Horror Stories to life.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Dyson Psychology Professor Paul Griffin, PhD, and Pace student Boyan Robak explore gender differences in romantic rejection and how experiencing a break-up is similar to experiencing loss through death.

Opportunitas, Pace Magazine
Muskrat Love (and Other Animals)

From tracking wild pumas in Chile, to looking at local rat populations, Melissa Grigione, PhD, is trying to make the world a safer place for all animals—and pass that knowledge and passion on to her students at Pace.

Opportunitas, Pace Magazine
Unplugging the Biological Clock

Ida Dupont works to uncover why, for more and more Americans, hitting the snooze button on having kids is not enough.


Staff by Day, Home Renovator by Night | PACE UNIVERSITY

School of Education staffer Linda Guyette talks about her renovation journey that took her from a house of horrors to the home of her dreams. "I remember standing in the kitchen of this house thinking 'I must be crazy, but I'm gonna buy it,'" laughs Linda Guyette, director of Student Support Services and Certification Officer at Pace's School of Education.

Staff by Day, Dancer by Night | PACE UNIVERSITY

"In December, I was invited to participate in the national competition for the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Washington, DC, at the Gaylord National Convention Center," she says. "I did a total of 30 dances and did well. In the closed category, meaning every dance is done by the book, I won five gold, six silver, and four bronze medals."

Birds of a Feather

You may have caught a flying demonstration or spied a silhouette on a rooftop, but the relationship Pace shares with its birds of prey goes way beyond that.

Staff by Day, Cancer Crusader by Night | PACE UNIVERSITY

Caitlin Grand, a program coordinator for Pace's Government and Community Relations Department, has a lot on her plate, but she's eager to take on more. During the day, she's working diligently to create connections between Pace and the community-at-large; but during her off-time, she has been able to translate her personal experiences and professional skills into a new position at one of the leading colorectal cancer support and awareness organization, Michael's Mission.

Opportunitas, Pace Magazine
Chic To Be Geek

How sci-fi conventions, Star Trek, and a deep love of history paid off for Dyson professor Nancy Reagin. Learn about how her recent publications have shed a historical light on today’s pop culture.

Staff by Day, Roman Soldier by Night | PACE UNIVERSITY

While most of us are battling traffic and a seemingly endless pile of paper work, Office of Student Success employee Brandon McCluskey dons some ancient looking duds and heads out to the battlefield. "I was always fascinated with the Romans and ancient Egyptians, ever since I was a little kid," says Brandon McCluskey, a student success adviser for the Office of Student Success.

Staff by Day, Aerial Artist by Night | PACE UNIVERSITY

Office of Student Success employee Jennifer Ko assists students from 9-5, but after hours, she's free as a bird. "I started off with the flying trapeze," says Jennifer Ko, associate director for the Office of Student Success, "and took up silks about a year later, and now my main apparatuses are rope and pole."

Opportunitas, Pace Magazine
Star(gazing) Wars

You’ve all heard of IQ, but what about VIQ? Visual Intelligence Quotient, that is. That’s what researchers in Pace’s robotics labs are working on in an effort to create robots that can perceive and react to their surroundings.

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