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STV News
Edinburgh council criticised over £1m payment to trams consultant

The City of Edinburgh Council paid out almost £1million to a 'fixer' to shore up the troubled tram project, it has emerged. Figures revealed under Freedom of Information legislation show that private firm Hg Consulting has been paid a total of £1.08m by the council over the last five years.

Greener Leith
Leith loses 3500 jobs in just five years

A new economic assessment of Leith has revealed that 3500 jobs have been lost from the area in just five years, confirming the failure of masterplan after masterplan for the port area.

Greener Leith
So what’s the source of the Salamander Street air pollution?

Earlier this year Salamander Street was named by Friends of the Earth Scotland as the fifth most polluted street in Scotland when it comes to particulate matter in the air, and so it seemed like an appropriate time to do a bit of sniffing about to find out what exactly is going on and whether anything is being done about tackling the problem.