Allie Holbrook

Freelance writer - addiction and recovery specialist

I'm a freelance feature writer and content marketing writer specialising in the field of addiction and recovery.

As well as the clippings featured here, I write content for rehab and recovery organisations. I am based in Australia but write for US and UK publications as well as more local organisations.

I blog about my own recovery, as well as topics relevant to the field, at




Recovery 2.0: How the Internet Has Revolutionized Sobriety -

In the last months of my drinking, I Googled " Am I an alcoholic? " more times than I can say. Even typing the words bathed me in hot shame, so I only did it late at night....


How Can You Avoid the Dreaded Holiday 'Freelapse'?

It's obvious that for a person in recovery, the holiday season can be tough to navigate. Cocktail parties, champagne toasts and mini wine bottles sold as stocking-fillers are...


The Most Wonderful Time of the Be Sober?

It's Christmas. And, if you're sober, that means you're going to miss out on all the bonhomie and joy, concentrating instead on being careful not to slip. Sure, it's not fun,...


How I Stay Sober in a House Full of Wine

"Get rid of all the alcohol in the house," is the advice I often heard when I made the decision to stop drinking once and for all. It's probably a useful suggestion, but one I...


Guest post: Mothers, drinking and social media - why is it all a big joke? | Mumsnet Discussion

For MN blogger Allie Holbrook, 'wine o'clock' wasn't an amusing quip, but a routine part of her alcoholism. Now sober, she argues that the ubiquitous references to 'mother's...


Is There Art After Alcohol?

Is There Art After Alcohol? By: Allie Holbrook Lars von Trier, who wrote the 2003 movie, Dogville, in a 12 day drug binge, is sober. But will he stay that way, given his...


The Importance of Personal Space as a Mom in Recovery

In my drinking days, if everything became too much-and it was often very little things that felt like too much to handle- I had my wine to protect me. If I made a mistake at...


Beware of "Blackout Wednesday"

Beware of "Blackout Wednesday" By: Allie Holbrook Thanksgiving. A day for gratitude, but also a time of excess. Tables groan with turkey and pumpkin pie, wine flows freely, and...


A Spoonful of Sugar Makes Sobriety Go Down

A Spoonful of Sugar Makes Sobriety Go Down By: Allie Holbrook You've put down the bottle and committed to the path of sobriety. If you're familiar with Bill W's Big Book, you'll...


I'm Addicted to Pulling Out My Own Hair -

Sometimes I dream that I'm looking in my bathroom mirror, and most of my hair has gone. I'm staring at raw, pink scalp speckled with a few dark strands of hair, and I'm sick...