Alisa Wylie

Freelance Journalist

Young Journalist of the Year finalist at the Scottish Magazine Awards 2017.

Former editor-in-chief of the Strathclyde Telegraph in 2017, previously the music editor in 2016.

Categories in this portfolio are as follows:
live music reviews,
straight news stories,
music Q&A bits,
short snippets of writing,
grief loss & mental health,
the Big Red Taboo - an investigation into #PeriodPoverty in Scotland,
Equality: Gender and Race in the arts,
music (longer form features)
music (album reviews).

Covered quite a lot, eh? I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland but cover everything from local to international issues, regarding the above areas.

My two favourite things to write about are music and mental health

For any contact/commission enquires: alisawwrites [at] gmail [dot] com




Interview with The Vignettes - Alisa - Medium

A music journo emails some guys from Glasgow and we discuss their band, Bowie, performance, #unilyf, who exactly THAT Jacqueline burd is and what makes them 'exuberant...


Strathclyde Telegraph

In Conversation with Alasdair Logan

Remember "Strathclyde, Logan!" That guy. I spoke to him. Yes, he's just as smart as he was on the telly.

Music - live reviews

Strathclyde Telegraph

Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts & Movements at SWG3

Photo credit: Nathan Matheson. The first thing you notice about Southern Californian band Movements' frontman Patrick Miranda is how genuinely appreciative he seems to be that...

Strathclyde Telegraph

Boston Manor, Microwave at SWG3

Photo credit: Nathan Matheson. While SWG3 is not immediately what you might have in mind when you think of where pop-punk underdogs Boston Manor would play while in Glasgow, but...

Strathclyde Telegraph

Live review: The Xcerts

While a similar sentiment was shared when the Strathclyde Telegraph last reported on a live music event taking place in the hallowed hall that is St Luke's, it would act as a...

Strathclyde Telegraph

Live review: Phoebe Bridgers

Ever wanted to feel like someone was caressing the skin over your torso with their soft hands, singing softly to you while the hum of a baritone guitar serenades you in the...

Strathclyde Telegraph

Live review: Lewis Capaldi

There is a palpable excitement in the air, as we await for 20-year-old Lewis Capaldi to take to the stage for his biggest headline gig in Glasgow to date in St Luke's. It's...

Strathclyde Telegraph

Live review: Eyre Llew

By Alisa Wylie, Music Editor While I may be reiterating this from a tweet, it's bares great importance so it is worth stating again. If pure bliss had a sound, it would come in...

Live review: The Wonder Years

It's no surprise given the heavy subject matter of the majority of their material, that when The Wonder Years (★★★★★) perform, it feels almost holy. After selling out an...

Strathclyde Telegraph

Live review: PUP

At King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, on the 6th September 2016. Brazen, Canadian punks PUP rightly take the stage for their first headline tour this side of the Atlantic this month. They...


Beach Slang, Petal, The Pooches at The Hug and Pint, 22/1/16 - ravechild

Live Review: Beach Slang, Petal, The Pooches at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, 22/1/16 - ravechild, Music Scotland

Strathclyde Telegraph

Live review: Rachel Sermanni

Oran Mor 6/10/15 By Alisa Wylie Tonight, the Oran Mor has been transformed into a folklore dream. Wooden chairs have been laid out in front of the stage in two sections, with an...


Live: Oh So Quiet, Blanco White, Laurence Made Me Cry

Live Review: Oh So Quiet, Blanco White, Laurence Made Me Cry at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, 7/9/15 - ravechild, Music Scotland


Live Review: Kate Nash, Vulkano at SWG3, 19/10/13 - ravechild

If you're like me and you are transported back to 2007 to the time of MySpace, scene kids and Skins anytime you listen to Kate Nash, then you would probably go to see her live...


Live review: The Front Bottoms, Allison Weiss, Lovers Turn To Monsters at Tut's, 16/9/13 - ravechild

On seeing the Front Bottoms for the second time, I am met with one of the support acts that I saw them play with this past April. Lovers Turn to Monsters take to the stage this...


Live Review: Lower Than Atlantis, Decade, Yearbook at Tut's

Live Review: Lower Than Atlantis, Decade, Yearbook at Tut's, Glasgow, 16/7/14 - Rave Child, Music Scotland


Live Review: King Tut's Summer Nights with So Many Animal Calls, Baltimore League, Wolves at...

Once again I find myself within the walls of King Tut's on a summer evening of which it is too clammy. Yet the air con and the promise of local bands playing draw me in for the...


Live Review: King Tut's Summer Nights with The Recovery!, Press To Meco, Bear Arms, Shores of...

To say that the first night of King Tut's Summer Nights Festival kicks off with a bang would be an absolute understatement. Having previously not attended said festival before,...