Ali Jennings

Freelance Writer

Ali is a UK-born writer and traveller, currently residing in London.

Originally specialising in social commentary, she began writing six years ago and has since branched out into travel writing and has contributed to a number of online publications.

Vietnam Tours become extremely popular among American Travellers

Vietnam, along with the rest of South East Asia, has long been a feature on many backpacker’s lists of places to see before they die. For those wanting to find themselves and experience life in a completely different culture, Vietnam seems to do just that. However, in recent years

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Becoming a Digital Nomad - World Footprints

I've always dreamt of constantly traveling the world, supporting myself without ever having to go home. When I was a child, this seemed impossible; the only people I knew about who traveled for extended periods were explorers, which didn't seem a viable career option for a working-class girl from Yorkshire, especially during the 1980s and 1990s.

Why Olomouc Should Be Your Next Digital Nomad Destination

When you think about the Czech Republic, your mind probably springs to Prague's iconic Charles Bridge or the cheap beer which attracts hordes of tourists and stag and hen parties every year, or Brno's famous phallus-shaped astronomical clock. However, another city may be firmly planting itself on the digital nomad map.

Travelista Club
Travelista Club | Ystad: A Wallander Fan's Dream And More

Sweden doesn't normally top most people's travel wish lists: a reputation for cold weather, even colder people and high prices tends to put a lot of people off, particularly backpackers. Despite this, three months ago I decided to make the journey to Sweden for one main reason: I wanted to...

Pros and Cons of House Sitting

If you're a regular traveler, you will probably be constantly thinking about how to make your budget go further. About a year ago, I discovered house sitting - looking after someone's home and pets while they are away - and found that it's a great way of traveling on a budget for longer.

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Five Lesser-Known Polish Cities Worth A Visit - World Footprints

When travelers think of Poland, Krakćw and Warsaw, the country's two largest and most popular tourist centers are typically what come to mind. But Poland is a huge country with a myriad of interesting cities for visitors. Here are five alternative cities you should check out when in Poland.

Goats On The Road
How To Find a Job Working at a Hostel - Goats On The Road

This is a guest post from fellow English teacher, and wanderer, Ali Jennings. Read on to learn how you can find jobs working at hostels, which can definitely help your budget and extend your travels! I've always been a huge fan of hostels. I love the fact that you can meet people from every corner...

Discover the Undiscovered - How a Hostel in Poland is Putting Cieszyn on the Backpacker Map

Central Europe is hardly the barely-known bastion it was back during the Cold War. Yet it boasts many barely discovered gems that are never considered as travel destinations... even if they really should be. Ali Jennings spoke to Kornel Foksiński of the 3 Bros Hostel in Cieszyn, to find out about a new project that's putting Visegrad's treasures on the map.

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Best Wellness Vacation Destinations - World Footprints

For the past few years, wellness vacations have been on the rise and it's not hard to understand why: with modern life burdening us with stressful commutes, long working hours, and the expectation of being available 24/7, it's no wonder that some of us are looking to get away from it all and reconnect with ourselves.

Traveling Georgia As a Solo Female Traveler

Article added 56 mins ago The number of tourists visiting the country of Georgia is steadily increasing year on year, and it's not hard to see why. A variety of landscapes - city, mountain, beach, wine-growing region - combined with a number of UNESCO sites are reasons enough to go before you start to consider the value for money, the wine, the people and the amazing cuisine.