Alex Marrero Miami

Entrepreneur & Freelance Photographer

United States

Alex Marrero is a Miami-based professional. Backed by years of experience in entrepreneurship, Marrero is transitioning into the next phase of his career: photography. His previous experiences have earned him expertise in small business development, technical operations and startup strategy. But now, he has his creative sights and his lens set on building a portfolio of event photography and fashion photography projects.

HistoryMiami Museum Photography Fellowship

This is a can't-miss opportunity for Miami photographers who specialize in documenting scenes, moments and local stories! If selected, photographers accepted into the fellowship program will receive $25,000 to support the development and creation of artwork related to the Magic City.

Alex Marrero Miami
Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami

The excitement of race car engines roaring and fans cheering will fill the Hard Rock Stadium this weekend, May 6-8, 2022. And Alex Marrero, Miami entrepreneur and auto photographer, can't wait! It's finally here: the Magic City's first Formula 1 Grand Prix! This adrenaline-pumping race is as highly anticipated as it is high-speed!

Alex Marrero Miami

Alex Marrero is a Miami-based photographer who is currently building his first portfolio with real estate listing and food photography projects. His work aims to showcase the joyful and high-potential spirit of Miami: the Magic City! Real Estate Photography As an investor in the area, Alex Marrero knows firsthand that there's a lot of [...]

Seafood Night North Miami is back!

It's so close, Alex Marrero, Miami seafood connoisseur can almost taste it! Friends, families and lovers of seafood are welcome to join in on some delicious outdoor dining for Seafood Night North Miami. A food truck event, there will be numerous vendors to sample and enjoy - so why not try them all?

Alex Marrero Miami
Miami photographer, Andres LaBrada to host online event

On Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 12 PM, artists interested in photography and modern photography philosophy are invited to join Andres LaBrada for a special online event! Aspiring Miami photographer, Alex Marrero shares who he thinks would enjoy the value in this event the most: Are you a newcomer to the world of photography?

Alex Marrero Miami
Lenses to improve your listing photography

As the market continues to skyrocket, real estate photography has become a lucrative business space for freelance photographers and full-time artists - more than ever before! As competition heats up, aspiring photographers need to up their gear to stay in the space. Alex Marrero, Miami real estate investor and photographer, recommends the current best lenses [...]

Enjoy Seafood On The Bay in Miami

The Deering Estate has been home to some of the most renowned events in the area for more than 30 years; and made plenty more memories for families and friends along the way! And this April, another memory is sure to be in the making - one your tastebuds will remember the most!

Old-school Style Fused With Fresh & Delicious Flavors: Garcia's Seafood

If there's one place Alex Marrero goes to kick off the summer delight, it's Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market! But why wait for the spring (or even the summer) when you don't have to? Garcia's is open year-round, which means you can enjoy these flavorful dishes at any time!

Alex Marrero Miami
University of Miami Real Estate Impact Conference

Miami U has an exciting event for you, entrepreneurs! Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner, Alex Marrero Miami will be there - and you should be, too! The 2022 Real Estate Impact Conference is set to be a hit! The event will take place on February 25, 2022 in Coral Gables, hosted at [...]

Alex Marrero Miami
Miami Small Business Expo

Entrepreneur and small business supporter, Alex Marrero is all fired up about the upcoming Miami Small Business Expo! A can't-miss event, this Expo is the Magic City's biggest (and best) event for entrepreneurs and small business startups in the Miami area. Entrepreneurs and small businesses in Miami: get ready, because the 2022 Small Business Expo [...]