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Alex Marrero is a Miami-based professional. Currently focused on launching real estate investments in Miami, Marrero is transitioning into the next phase of his career. His previous experiences have earned him expertise in small business development, technical operations and startup strategy.

Alex Marrero Miami

Alex Marrero is a Miami native. Passionate about the Magic City's culture, Marrero enjoys sharing stories of his real estate investments and adventures in Miami. Stay tuned for his spotlight on the Sunshine State's greatest city!

Alex Marrero Miami
Baseball Fan

For as long as he can remember, Alex Marrero has been gripped by the electricity of a baseball game. A Magic City local through and through, Marrero's favorite team in the MLB is the Miami Marlins. Take me out to the ball game.... Nothing says summer quite like a good ol' fashioned baseball game!

Alex Marrero Miami
Miami Real Estate

After decades in the startup sphere, Alex Marrero is setting his sights on Miami real estate opportunities. From supporting small businesses to keeping up in the community, Alex Marrero lives and breathes the culture of Miami. Having called the Magic City his home for decades, he feels inherently bound to the city itself.

Alex Marrero Miami

Small Business Strategist Passion, commitment to community and unwavering dedication to innovation are the pillars of a successful small business. At least, that's what drives Miami based entrepreneur and Small Business Strategist, Alex Marrero. Having weathered the storms and successes of a career spanning more than four decades, it's safe to say that his approaches...

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Seasoned entrepreneur and Miami real estate investor, Alex Marrero is strengthened by decades of experience in the local startup sphere. Now, Marrero hopes to pass the torch of innovation by establishing an entrepreneurial mentorship program. Miami Real Estate Investor Alex Marrero's Miami roots have always been

Alex Marrero Miami

Alex Marrero is a Miami-based entrepreneur with a passion for motivating others. Drawing on his decades of experience in launching startups and maintaining successful ventures, he hopes to mentor young professionals on the entrepreneurial path! Currently, Marrero has his sights set on real estate investments in the Miami area.

Alex Marrero Miami

Backed by extensive experience in launching and managing startups, Alex Marrero, Miami based entrepreneur, is a professional who keeps pace with the small business space. Having acquired a great deal of expertise in the way of business development, technical operations and market analysis over the years, Marrero's approaches are tried and true.

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Alex Marrero is a Miami-based entrepreneur whose portfolio is polished with incredible achievements in launching startups. Backed by a career steeped in success, this seasoned professional is currently on a mission to mentor and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs! For decades, Marrero has cultivated unique expertise through hands-on experience.

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