Alex Marrero Miami

Entrepreneur & Freelance Photographer

United States

Alex Marrero is a Miami-based professional. Backed by years of experience in entrepreneurship, Marrero is transitioning into the next phase of his career: photography. His previous experiences have earned him expertise in small business development, technical operations and startup strategy. But now, he has his creative sights and his lens set on building a portfolio of event photography and fashion photography projects.

Alex Marrero Miami
Miami Swim Week 2024 (The Official Shows)

Miami Swim Week, the Fashion Week of the Magic City, is set for May 29 - June 5, 2024. And Fashion Photographer Alex Marrero Miami simply cannot wait! This Fashion Enthusiast has been attending as many shows as he can since 2002. But he thinks this year is going to be the most special of...

Meet Alex Marrero Miami

Alex Marrero Miami is a versatile professional who wears numerous hats. One of those hats is his Miami Marlins baseball cap. To Marrero, nothing says 'summer' quite like a baseball game. An...

Alex Marrero Miami
Real Estate Mastermind Cruise: Bahamas and Key West

Real Estate Investor, Small Business Supporter, Fashion Photographer and all-around Miamian Entrepreneur Alex Marrero is excited to feature this year's Real Estate Mastermind Cruise for investors in the Magic City: The Miami Real Estate Investor Cruise is a unique opportunity that takes investors on an adventure of a lifetime.

15th Annual Miami Small Business Expo

The 15th Annual Miami Small Business Expo will take place on March 14, 2024 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Miami Airport Convention Center. This unique professional environment fosters innovation and...

Alex Marrero Miami
Blast From the Past: Fashion, Public Schools and Miami History

Alex Marrero, Miami culture enthusiast and proud Miamian himself, recently discovered some unique photos in the City archives. The collection of photos depicts everyday life in the Magic City, from fashion to public schools, automobiles and more! Step back in time and enjoy this wonderful collection of old photos from Miami!

Alex Marrero Miami
Beginner's Photography Class in Miami

2024 is your year to be creative! Alex Marrero Miami photographer features a Beginner's Photography Class on Lincoln Road at Miami Beach in Miami, FL on Friday, January 12, 2024: Seize the beauty of today by capturing serene sights to be enjoyed tomorrow and many years to come!

Alex Marrero Miami
Photography Program at Coral Gables Adult Education Center

The Photography Program at Coral Gables Adult Education Center is a unique public school and adult learning opportunity that presents a full suite of tools and resources for achieving competencies in photography. Alex Marrero Miami based photographer features the program: The Photography Program at Coral Gables Adult Education is a unique learning opportunity available to...

Modern Bohemian-Mediterranean Fusion at Mau Miami

Mau Miami is a unique Bohemian style restaurant that offers modern takes on Mediterranean cuisine. Alex Marrero Miami was pleasantly surprised by the vast variety on the menu. Not only does Mau have...

Alex Marrero Miami
Field Photography Workshop at Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Alex Marrero Miami photographer zooms in on a field photography workshop at Gold Coast Railroad Museum (GCRM). Meet with members of The Art of Photography International at this one-of-a-kind workshop event on Saturday, January 6, 2024 at 11 AM. A fleet of majestic steam and diesel locomotives will act as your subjects in this unique [...]

Boia De in Miami, FL (Italian Restaurant Review)

This week, Miami cuisine and culture enthusiast Alex Marrero had a taste of Italy at Boia De. With an entrance that's typical of the Magic City, Boia De doesn't scream Italian. But it does shout -...