Alasdair Fraser

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Blog Sub-editor; formerly Senior Campaign Agent and Education Assistant for Talk Politics. Formerly Deputy News Editor at The Gaudie and Editor for Groundings Ancients. Bylines include Talk Politics, The Gaudie, The Press and Journal, and APGNation. Graduating in June with an MA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen.

United Kingdom




Predators in the Sky: America's Illegal Drone War - Filibuster - Medium

The drone has become the trademark of US counterinsurgency in the 21st century, the silhouette of a General Atomics MQ-1B Predator its icon. The weapons are more advanced, but...

Talk Politics


Labour candidate for Aberdeen North, Orr Vinegold - People Behind The Policy

By Senior Campaign Agent Alasdair Fraser Last week we had a chance to sit down with Orr Vinegold, Labour's candidate for Aberdeen North this general election. Our discussion...


Liberal Democrat candidate for Gordon, David Evans - People Behind The Policy

In the latest addition to our 'People Behind The Policy' series, Alasdair Fraser sat down with David Evans, the Liberal Democrats candidate in the Gordon constituency for...


Pensions 'Triple Lock', Put Simply

By Senior Campaign Agent Alasdair Fraser Pensions are set to return as a defining issue this June as Britain returns to the polls three years early. While Prime Minister Theresa...


Progressive Alliance, Put Simply

By Campaign Agent Alasdair Fraser Earlier this month Neal Lawson, writing for the New Statesman's blog The Staggers, called on Labour to "stop indulging its Scottish party and...

The Gaudie

The Gaudie

The Gaudie 15.03.17

Front Cover, Editorial, and News Section

The Gaudie

The Gaudie 01.03.17

Me: Cover story, p.5 news, and p.6 Feature; edited News. Whole paper included to show style and format.

The Press and Journal

The Press and Journal

Beautiful Scotland green-fingered judges tour Granite City | Press and Journal

Two Beautiful Scotland judges toured Aberdeen yesterday to inspect the city's parks and green spaces. The city, which is being judged on efforts to improve green spaces...

The Press and Journal

Looking back through the years at Aboyne Highland Games | Press and Journal

Thousands of visitors are expected to flood into Aboyne this weekend to celebrate one of Aberdeenshire’s most popular highland games.