Adrienne Tan


I write, speak, pitch, and create content for publications and brands. I have a degree in philosophy and developed a knack for telling human interest stories along the way.


The LaSallian

The art of cut and paste: Manila's digital collage scene

It’s rather telling the way an artwork begins from a starburst of colors that may resonate with the consciousness. There’s a clue in the way that digital collage art has...

The LaSallian

Cartimar's calling

Tucked away between high-rise condominiums and small shops, almost hidden behind double-parked jeepneys and pedicabs, is a bygone marketplace that's easy to miss. Just one LRT...

The LaSallian

Unapologetically Hipster

What is a hipster? How do we even begin to define the hipster? Is it the skinny jeans or the tinted Instagram filter that gives it away? Or is it the coffee shop abode and the...

The LaSallian

Caffeine confessions: From the other side of the counter

Getting the right dose of caffeine to start the day often means waiting in line behind fellow sleepyheads just to get that warm buzz-in-a-cup. Not a morning person? Well, these...


Building Bridges

"Perspective. It's all about perspective," my elementary art teacher uttered as she held out a piece of chalk and drew a line across the blackboard towards a focal point. With...

The LaSallian

DLSU's homegrown online brands

These days, shopping has been made quick and easy with your next purchase always just a few clicks away. As accessible as it has become for customers, anyone can start a...

The LaSallian

Manila bay folk

After a bumpy pedicab ride from Taft Avenue through Pablo Ocampo, we alight across a lifeless CCP Complex. Greeted by half empty parking lots and sprouts of greenery, the scent...

Abbey Sy

Date a Girl Who Travels

Text by Adrienne Tan / Photos by Christie Lim & Abbey Sy Date a girl who travels. She's the girl who has bookmarked tabs of her dream destinations. She's the girl who constantly...

The LaSallian

From Dangwa with love

In the disorienting chaos that is Manila on a Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves somewhere along the intersection of Dos Castillas Street and Laong Laan Road. Hidden behind...

The LaSallian

How to save a life: Behind suicide hotlines

In the disarray of mindless switching tabs, you anxiously wait for a reply from just about any of the five friends you already messaged. In the sea of furniture and familiarity...

Abbey Sy

Scarsdale: Where Creativity and Appetites Collide

Photos by Christie Lim | Text by Adrienne Tan | Type by Abbey Sy Inspired by suburban town and namesake, Scarsdale in New York City, this restaurant cafe offers sanctuary for...

The LaSallian

Calling it quits

Used cigarette butts disguise themselves among the dust and rubbish that line the sidewalks along Taft Avenue. It's 7am, and only hours before, the last of the Happy Thursday...