Adrian Fleur


I'm a South African writer based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

I used to be Assistant Editor for Chiang Mai Citylife, the most-read English-language news site and magazine in Northern Thailand.

My passions lie with my personal writing: fiction novels, short stories and poetry. I am working on these with the help of University of Oxford, which is where I study Creative Writing.

Market of Eden is my little blog all about the food, culture, hurdles and scruffy street dogs of Thailand.


Market of Eden
My travel and food blog about Chiang Mai and the rest of Thailand. This is the place I present my South East Asian world and its many trinkets. Welcome to my Market of Eden.
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Magazine - Articles in Print

Big Fish, Little Fish: Why Thailand's Drug Laws Just Don't Work
The latest infamous victim of Thailand's draconian drug laws is a Thai ex-model who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for carrying a small amount of cocaine through a Bangkok...
We Are What We Eat: A Look At Northern Thai Farming Practices
The sound of 13,000 chickens squawking is far more menacing than I would have imagined. As we get closer to the 90 metre-long warehouse, the cacophony vibrates into a growl.
Starving for Perfection: A Look at Eating Disorders in Thailand
A beautiful young girl sits before me - her fingers twirling through her hair, her hazel eyes glittering as she reveals the secrets of her past. "I had a monster in my head,"...
Exporting the Elderly: A Look at Elder Care in Northern Thailand
"All the baby boomers have grown up, grown old, and lived longer lives than their parents did before them. Populations are ageing, everywhere in the world, and there are more...
Hazed and Confused: A Look at Northern Thailand's Smog Problem
Pluming smoke obscures the path of the speeding van, which brakes into corners and swerves over potholes to make it back to Chiang Mai from Nong Khai in good time. The...
Dirty Litter Secrets: Chiang Mai's Garbage Problem
Standing amidst mountains of garbage on a hot day, I wonder to myself, "How green is Chiang Mai?" I am at a cleaning and sorting centre in Sansai, just a short ten minute drive...
Here Comes Hollywood: A Look Behind the Lens with Chris Lowenstein, Producer of The Coup
I'm sitting in the lobby of the Imperial Mae Ping with Chris Lowenstein, the producer for The Coup and executive director of Chiang Mai-based Living Films, a dedicated...

Website - Opinion Editorials

Thai Sob Story Ads Make the World Sniffle... Not Change
What inspired me to write this piece is that I want us all to remember that being a good person doesn't come from shedding a tear for a fictional character that's been served up...
Small Girl, Big Bike
Opinion Editorial - At home, I was always taught to avoid routes with traffic lights wherever I could. Yet, in Chiang Mai, I've traded feeling wary of criminals to feeling wary...
Know Your Traffic Police Checkpoints in Chiang Mai
A checkpoint map and personal stories of encounters with the traffic cops in our city.
Mega-Mall Mania & Morality
Qualms about Little Bangkok becoming overcrowded with mega-malls.

Website - Photographic Features

Koh Phangan's Full Moon Parties Are Full of Idiots
Feature - There is a lot more to Koh Phangan than drunken foreigners trashing the beach.
A Photographic Journey Through The Ferns
Interview with Fern Paradise owner and architect Dr. Niwat Tantayanusorn.
First Cheese Bar in Chiang Mai at Rimping Maya
The cheese bar is proud to employ people who possess the enthusiasm for food and the talent to match breads, cheeses and wines based on people's palates. One of the employees...
A Day Amongst The Crowds: Central Festival Opening
The inside of Central Festival Mall. Yesterday, I got on my motorbike and made the 1 km journey to newly opened Central Festival Mall. It took me half an hour because there was...

Website - News Features

Operation Occupy Bangkok's Bomb Blasts and Shootings
A detailed breakdown on Bangkok's political violence so far.
Fears of Sanctions Over Thailand's Dismal Human Trafficking Record
Adrian Fleur CityNews - The latest US State Department report on the issue of global human trafficking, known as Trafficking In Persons Report, has the potential to severely...
Thai Airways' Sky-High Debt and Nepotism Mean 5000 Innocent Staff Get Axed
Heavily-indebted Thai Airways International, which is already facing stiff competition from expanding low-cost carriers, has made a drastic decision to offer voluntary...
Not-So-LGBT-Friendly: Thailand Still Has a Long Way to Go
Thailand promotes itself as a country accepting of all lifestyles including LGBT and transsexual people, but a recent article by Time Magazine paints a much darker image of the...
Singha, Leo Heiress Spills Her Political Views, So Customers Spill Her Beer
Boon Rawd Brewery has been around since 1933, and is most well-known for Singha brand of beer, soda water, water, as well as other famous products like Leo Beer and Moshi Green...
Possible Sanctions for Thailand's Nightmare Fishing Industry
CityNews - The London-based Environmental Justice Foundation released a report on Tuesday, 4th March, that accuses the Thai government of doing too little to curb human...
Update on Shocking Uyghur Trafficking Investigations
On 13th March, police came across a secret jungle camp in Songkhla where more than 200 Uyghur people had been living, and 120 of them were later fined by Thai police despite...
Another Update on Uyghur Situation: China Wants Them Back
We previously reported the case of police coming across a secret jungle camp in Songkhla where more than 200 had been living, and 120 of them were later fined by to help the...

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