Adam Furgang

Freelance Writer

United States

● I’m an experienced educational writer, activity designer, product reviewer, blogger, and published YA author with a background in the visual arts. I’m also a FAA licensed part 107 commercial drone pilot.

Contact: [email protected]

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Edward Snowden: Whistleblower in Exile
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This enlightening biography examines the life of Edward Snowden, his reasons for leaking classified documents, his ongoing controversy as a whistleblower, and the revelations and changes in data collection laws that resulted from the massive disclosure.

Famous Immigrant Artists
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The United States has often been described as a melting pot, and many people who have immigrated to the U.S. from other countries in search of the American dream have contributed not just their cultural histories and traditions, but their artistic spirit as well. This book covers important immigrant artists such as the naturalist painter John James Audubon, Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, multimedia artist Yoko Ono, cartoonist Art Spiegelman, and the street artist Thierry Guetta (Mr....

Jeff Bezos: Tech Entrepreneur and Businessman
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What happens when a young executive at an investment firm quits his job to start an online bookstore? If he's Jeff Bezos, he ends up changing the world. This informative biography of technology entrepreneur Jeff Bezos describes the rise of and the way Bezos changed the Internet, retail, book publishing, television, and the way we organize our homes. It also explores Bezos's business ventures outside Amazon, including his aerospace company Blue Origin and his purchase of The...

Getting to Know Minecraft (Code Power: A Teen Programmer's Guide)
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Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time, but even avid Minecraft builders might not know the history, structure, and hidden advantages to playing their favorite game. One little-known fact about Minecraft is that it can be used to teach beginners how to code, all within the game's world. In this edifying resource, readers will get hooked on getting behind-the-scenes access to Minecraft, with tips from the experts as well as advice on how to create masterpieces with the...

Human Spaceflight
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This easy-to-understand narrative presents the Cold Wars space race, the effects of spaceflight on humans, what is required to become an astronaut, and how NASA and private companies are embracing the future of spaceflight.

Every Year is a Good Year
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Every year you are alive on this planet is a good year. Although there may be ups and downs, or even incredibly dark runs of seemingly endless misery, a year ending is another year of life lived, experience gained, and the unique story of your life unfolding.

Monster Runners Ch 1-2
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A Family Business of Monstrous Proportions! Twelve-year-old Griffin, and his older brother and dad are contractors for the Monster Runners department of the US government. They haul alien monsters across the country in a customized big rig trailer to a research facility outside Washington, D.C. After they drop off their latest monster cargo, they learn about their next job. It will be the most challenging and dangerous of their career—delivering a volatile sun energy monster named...

Braxton Woods Mystique Ch 1
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RUN TOWARD WHAT SCARES YOU… After losing everything in a fire, Leo and his mom move into an unfinished development far off in the middle of Braxton Woods. As summer vacation begins, Leo and his new friends set out to explore the land behind their homes. They are alarmed to find sinkholes, horrific creatures, electrical disturbances, and even a buried carnival from long ago. Despite their growing fears, they are drawn toward solving the extraordinary mystery. Little do they know they are about...

The Best-Selling App (Power Coders)
August 15, 2020
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After his Young Entrepreneur's Club meeting, Power Coder Peter is thinking more about million-dollar business deals than coding. He excitedly tells Naya, Grace, and Tommy several ideas he's come up with and presses the Power Coders to help him invent a killer app. Although they discuss a wide range of ideas, some practical and some downright goofy, nothing really clicks. Only when a major scheduling conflict threatens the very existence of the Power Coders Club does necessity prove to be the...