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Aaron Umen

Tennis Player & Entrepreneur

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Hi! My name is Aaron Umen and I play on the Men's tennis team at Case Western! I'm interested in volunteer/charity opportunities related to the sport of tennis.

Aaron Umen

Since 2018, Aaron Umen has played tennis for Case Western Reserve's Men's Tennis team. A lifelong athlete with a natural ability in the sport of tennis, Umen is proud to be a Spartan! Since joining the team, Umen has enjoyed several career highlights.

Aaron Umen
Aaron Umen Volunteer Work

For the past four years, Aaron Umen has been a dedicated volunteer. Umen's efforts support the nonprofit initiatives World Bird Sanctuary and Food Recovery Network. World Bird Sanctuary Since 2016, Aaron Umen has supported the World Bird Sanctuary as a Lower Site Volunteer. His responsibilities include working directly with the head groundskeeper to manage and [...]

Aaron Umen
Aaron Umen Tennis Player & Coach

For rising athlete, Aaron Umen, tennis is more than just a sport. As a tennis player and coach, the sport is equal parts passion and profession. Aaron Umen's childhood summers fostered a budding interest in sports. Along with family and friends, Umen regularly embarked on fishing trips. The tranquility relaxed the young fisherman.

Aaron Umen

Aaron Umen is a young entrepreneur who is energized by his passion for tennis. For much of his life, the sport of tennis has been a major focus of his identity. Umen is proud to play tennis for Case Western. During off-season, he keeps his skills sharp by working as a Tennis Coach at a local Athletic Club.

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Aaron Umen is a talented athlete. His sport of choice is tennis; he thrives on the court as a tennis player for Case Western. When he isn't fine-tuning his skills or facilitating programs as a Tennis Coach & Counselor, Umen is a dedicated volunteer.

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