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Tennis Player & Entrepreneur

United States

Hi! My name is Aaron Umen and I play on the Men's tennis team at Case Western! I'm interested in volunteer/charity opportunities related to the sport of tennis.

Aaron Umen
How to Find Purpose Through Volunteering

Nonprofits are always in need of extra hands to help with their operations, but it can be difficult for someone who wants to volunteer to know what organization they would like to help. Aaron Umen is an avid volunteer, and he's shared his thoughts on the matter below.

This app makes birding easier!

Birding, or bird-watching, is made much easier with the help of a reference guide. In the digital days, smartphones are offering that valuable insight and information to birders. Recently, apps that provide photo identification of birds have increased in popularity. These apps allow users to snap photos of birds which can then be identified thanks to the app's database.

Aaron Umen
How long has Rafael Nadal been in the Top 10?

For tennis fans, it'd be borderline blasphemy to even contest Rafael Nadal's reign as tennis royalty. He's certainly earned his right as a legend of the sport. Here's how long the athlete has ranked in the Top 10: This week, Rafael Nadal added yet another notch to his incredible belt of tennis accomplishments.

What are birds of prey?

Birds of prey (also known as raptors), are bird species that hunt in order to feed themselves and their offspring. These natural-born hunters are marked by keen eyesight, strong feet and curved beaks. There are many species of birds that are identified as birds of prey, or raptors.

Aaron Umen
Homeless man becomes local hero, saves animals from fire

When a local animal shelter caught fire, an unlikely hero sprung into action. Aaron Umen, World Bird Sanctuary volunteer, shares the story: In Atlanta, Georgia on December 18th, W-Underdogs, an animal shelter, became engulfed in flames as the result of a kitchen mishap. Witness, Keith Walker, sprung into action, charging into the shelter to save [...]

Aaron Umen
Tennis Players Who Retired in 2020

Anything but a normal year, 2020 has served up some interesting happenings in the tennis world. But, just like any other, this year waved its fair share of goodbyes. Here are four tennis pros who retired in 2020: There comes a time when even the greatest tennis players decide to step away from the court.

Aaron Umen
New Kids on the Court: The Next Generation of Tennis Legends

Make no mistake: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are still the leading legends out on the court. But there are quite a few young tennis stars in the making who are already making waves. Aaron Umen shares some insight on who's who in men's tennis: The Next Four vs.

Aaron Umen
World Bird Sanctuary to Offer Raptor Basics Live Event

If you're in the Valley Park area, Aaron Umen recommends checking out World Bird Sanctuary's upcoming event! In times of lockdown, quarantine and social distancing, live events have become something many locals long for. World Bird Sanctuary and MDC are doing their part to fulfill that need with an educational live event featuring raptors!

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Aaron Umen to Feature Tennis Events Around the Globe

Aaron Umen http://aaronumen.com/ October 14, 2020 - In a blog series launched on his personal website, collegiate tennis player, Aaron Umen will feature tennis news from around the world. Highlights will blend past and present by featuring both historical and contemporary happenings in the sports world.

Aaron Umen
Aaron Umen Volunteer Work

For the past four years, Aaron Umen has been a dedicated volunteer. Umen's efforts support the nonprofit initiatives World Bird Sanctuary and Food Recovery Network. World Bird Sanctuary Since 2016, Aaron Umen has supported the World Bird Sanctuary as a Lower Site Volunteer. His responsibilities include working directly with the head groundskeeper to manage and [...]