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Tennis Player & Entrepreneur

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Hi! My name is Aaron Umen and I play on the Men's tennis team at Case Western! I'm interested in volunteer/charity opportunities related to the sport of tennis.

Aaron Umen
Will Serena Williams Play at Italian Open 2020?

During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports fans have found excitement and escape in keeping up with their favorite athletes and teams. Tennis fans like Aaaron Umen have turned to big events, like the 2020 Italian Open. But after her recent announcement, fans are wondering why isn't Serena Williams playing Italian Open 2020?

Aaron Umen
The 2020 US Open in a COVID-19 World

Despite the pandemic, the 2020 US Open is still set to serve up something interesting for the tennis world! For fans of the sport, this is exciting news -- to say the least. But, just like almost anything else these days, the events will be matched with unique changes, courtesy of COVID.

Aaron Umen
Aaron Umen Volunteer Work

For the past four years, Aaron Umen has been a dedicated volunteer. Umen's efforts support the nonprofit initiatives World Bird Sanctuary and Food Recovery Network. World Bird Sanctuary Since 2016, Aaron Umen has supported the World Bird Sanctuary as a Lower Site Volunteer. His responsibilities include working directly with the head groundskeeper to manage and [...]

Aaron Umen
Aaron Umen Tennis Player & Coach

For rising athlete, Aaron Umen, tennis is more than just a sport. As a tennis player and coach, the sport is equal parts passion and profession. Aaron Umen's childhood summers fostered a budding interest in sports. Along with family and friends, Umen regularly embarked on fishing trips. The tranquility relaxed the young fisherman.

Aaron Umen

Since 2018, Aaron Umen has played tennis for Case Western Reserve's Men's Tennis team. A lifelong athlete with a natural ability in the sport of tennis, Umen is proud to be a Spartan! Since joining the team, Umen has enjoyed several career highlights.

Aaron Umen

Aaron Umen is a young entrepreneur who is energized by his passion for tennis. For much of his life, the sport of tennis has been a major focus of his identity. Umen is proud to play tennis for Case Western. During off-season, he keeps his skills sharp by working as a Tennis Coach at a local Athletic Club.

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Aaron Umen is a talented athlete. His sport of choice is tennis; he thrives on the court as a tennis player for Case Western. When he isn't fine-tuning his skills or facilitating programs as a Tennis Coach & Counselor, Umen is a dedicated volunteer.

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