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Writer, Copywriter, Researcher

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I'm a writer, copywriter and researcher from London, with a Masters degree in experimental psychology.

I produce delicious, well-crafted copy to help my clients communicate their values, showcase their unique brand and stand out from the masses.

I also write about travel, psychology, wellness and culture.



Yogi Times
joy boutique villa

An oasis of pure relaxation can be found in the heart of Bali. Joy Boutique Villa is a show-stopper set amidst the lush jungle and rice fields of Ubud. This luxuriously-designed villa was created by a talented Balinese architect, offering a lavish space with five beautiful bedrooms, a peaceful wooden terrace with sunbeds, an infinity swimming pool, and spectacular natural surroundings.

Yogi Times Ultimate Bali Guide 2018
Joy Boutique Villa

Copy for Joy Boutique Villa

Yogi Times
bohemian island's 100% cotton harem pants

Harem pants blossomed into a trend roughly a decade ago - and it looks like they are here to stay. What makes these baggy, low-slung trousers so popular and captivating? Researching the garment, you are likely to be impressed by its ubiquity and longevity.

Hoi An Now
The Market Bar (Market Terrace): a rooftop bar overlooking Hoi An Market

Market Bar is a gem of a find for the down-to-earth traveler seeking a less dizzying spot in Hoi An's Ancient Quarter. The Old Town is a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine while feasting your eyes on romantic nightscapes, colorful lanterns, and historic buildings.


Yogi Times
'melukat': water purification ceremony in bali

Traditional healing? Spiritual cleansing? Karmic purification? YES, PLEASE! The team at YOGI TIMES jumped at the chance to experience and bask in the myriad benefits of a water purification ceremony in Bali, called Melukat. Known for their capacity to cleanse and heal the body, water blessing rituals are used to treat a number of different ailments: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Yogi Times
kecak tari sanghyang fire traditional dance in bali

Hypnotic and spellbinding, you may remember Kecak from the 1992 film "Baraka". A chorus of fifty to a hundred bare-chested men enter a stage imitating the sounds of a "gamelan" orchestra; they chant "cak-a-cak-a-cak-a" in harmony with one another, raising their vibrating arms and swaying expressively.

Hoi An Now
A Luminary Life: Wellness/Healing in Hoi An - Reiki to Chakra Balancing

Could Hoi An become the epicenter of spiritual and holistic healing in South East Asia, following in the footsteps of spiritual hubs like Bali and Koh Phanghan? I experienced Osho Dynamic Meditation for the first time at a community center in the backstreets of Tokyo when a Japanese friend invited me to try this peculiar-sounding technique that she'd been raving about for years.

Elephant Journal
Overcoming our Obsession with Capturing the Moment.

There were images from my brother's wedding and various places I'd been to in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Beautiful landscapes, farmlands, mountains, lakes, forests, jungles, waterfalls, hiking trails, limestone cliffs, and peculiar trees dotted around various countries. Untainted villages, local tribe people, temples, skylines, beaches, markets, and bazaars.