Kerry Gordon

Creative Writer/Author- Executive Assistant

United States

I am a published author and a freelance writer, with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rollins College in Florida. I am also an experienced administrative assistant with over 15 years of experience working in various industries such as Hospitality, Property Management, and Theme Park. Additionally, I am an experienced content writer, publishing articles for Demand Media Studios. I have also been featured in blood moon rising magazine, and enjoy creating waggishly entertaining content.


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During an encounter with Hyde Reed, Missouri's most sought after bachelor and notorious nightclub owner, Sophie, despite her best attempt can't deny the chemistry between them. And though she tries to avoid Hyde's appeal, the allure and temptation is too strong to dismiss.

Blood Moon Rising Magazine Issue #62 - Interviews

In regards to Blind Sky, Sky at 18 years old is I began writing for fun in my preteen years; some short stories, poems, and I would like to have my hand in many different genres, but for now, Science I would have to say Blind Sky I am most proud of and for obvious reasons; That's a hard one because I would love to see all my work written or It may sound cliché, but from all sorts of sources.

Blind Sky

Blind Sky book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. At 18 years old, Sky already has a death list. And life hasn't given her...