Remy Terry

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

This year was very different than all my previous years of high school. For once, I had the motivation to do work. I'm glad I made the decision to take this class. I took this class because I'm passionate about politics, and the rights of others in terms of their sexuality and race. I also had a way to freely express my art.
I liked this class because I took it with my sister, and I thought overall that this class was extremely fair in terms of grades and deadlines. This is more of a nitpick of people, rather than the class, but it's what I think of first when I think about what I dislike, I think about some of the girls' homophobia and intolerance.
Journalism represents freedom to me. As does art. It gives a way to freely express things. I think next year the new students could try a few opinion pieces!



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Quotes & Headlines

My quotes assignment I think was okay, I used quotes decently and I think learning to use quotes helped with my bigger assignments. The headlines helped me understand what pops out to people, and what to choose and what not to choose. I think this is what I struggled most with, because I'm not creative.

News Story & 1 in 1600 - STORY & DESIGN

For my News Story, I interviewed Emmy (my sister) and Payton (my best friend), I'm glad I picked these two because I struggled a lot with this assignment. I think it's a good indicator of how much I've grown, though. My 1 in 1600 story was better I think because I was only focused on one person, and not two so my writing was more organized. I think I did a lot better with this one.

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HACKER STORY & Leads Practice

The Hacker Story was my first work and looking back on it there are many, many glaring problems. I think, in general, it's written kind of weird. It sounds really awkward. I do think it shows how much progress I made over this class, though! The Leads I didn't finish the second part, I'm not sure why? I may have and then deleted it, I cannot remember. But the leads are... weird, I don't think I would write leads like that anymore. These projects both show how much I've changed in terms of my...


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Newsworthiness & Shattered Glass

The newsworthiness taught me what to keep in mind when I write a story, what relevance means and how to use it properly in my writing. What is and isn't important. Shattered Glass taught me about the integrity that a lot of people depend on when you write, and how important it is. How if you lie, you're letting down a lot of people.

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Law & Ethics & First Amendment Quiz

I never finished the Law & Ethics, and I think it's just because time got away from me, it did rehash things I had learned from my law class, but also brought up new things I didn't know, like the specific laws tied to it. I wish I finished it, in all honesty. The First Amendment quiz I did good on, and got a 10/10.

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ap style quiz & first amendment follow up

The AP Style quizzes were fine for me, and I did all of them and passed with 10/10s on all due to the open book rule. It did teach me new things about writing and what is and isn't acceptable. For the first amendment follow-up, it made me really think about our rights as people in the states- and also how much people use "freedom of speech" to deflect people calling them out for being annoying.


1 in 1600 Slideshow

I think the video was good because it showcased all of Emmy's art in an efficient way. The only thing I think I forgot was putting my name at the end, but otherwise everything seemed to be there, and the audio was clear.


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iPhone Photo Shoot & Photoshop Edits

iPhone Photo Shoot taught me how difficult photography is. I used to think of it as a lesser medium when it came to art, but it's really hard to get a good looking photograph. The Photostop edits I think were kind of easy, I'm used to doing color correcting due to doing it with my own art.