Wynter Aiken

Editor-In-Chief of RGP Muse Magazine, Writer and Content Creator under Rahway Girlz Publishing

United States

I am an avid reader, writer and content creator who not only creates for my own enjoyment but I also wish to share with others my true passion in the creative, digital writing world by giving exposure to other creatives stories and journeys! With my degree in Communication and Journalism, I hope the skills I have worked hard to build showcase in the content that I share via portfolio.

RGP Muse Magazine Issue 4
RGP Muse Magazine July 2022

RGP Muse Magazine's 4th Issue features TheArtistAnubis, Brian W. Smith, Tre Mundy, Angela Thomas Smith, Sharon Phillips, I_Solange, Yvette G. Santana, Smoove Babii, K Hyph, and Naim Austin.

Ladies of Legacy SHOW 2022 up close & personal interview with Wynter Aiken

Wynter Aiken is 1 of 61 Women being honored inside our special Edition of Aspiring Authors Magazine. Aspiring Authors Magazine has dedicated this entire EDITION to bringing awareness to some amazing LEADING WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD. You will get the opportunity to learn Who Wynter is? What exactly is it that Wynter does?

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RGP Muse Magazine Issue 3
RGP Muse Magazine Winter 2021-22

RGP Muse Magazine Issue #3 features Authoress J.R. Tilman / Yasmin S. Brown / Hattress Barbour III / David L. / Dante Sands /  Latoya Washington / Jason Johnson / Jarez Baron / Ngozi Olivia Osuoha / Keisha "Coco" Molby-Baez

RGP Muse Magazine Issue 1
RGP Muse Magazine March 2021

Featuring PD Brody, Hannah Abiona, Nick Keena, Jarez Baron, Julia Kirk, Khari Robinson, PJ Booker, Jessica Baggett, and George Orlando.

RGP Muse Magazine Issue 2
RGP Muse Magazine August 2021

RGP Muse Magazine's first summer issue featuring black women author's and entrepreneur's LaQueisha Malone, Melica Niccole, Renaee Smith, Vanessa Santiago-Jerman, Sonya Jenkins, Rashonda Aiken, and Sharnel Williams.

Sci-fi author Jeff Somers comes to Kean University

By Wynter Aiken | Published by Nov. 26, 2018 Readers respond to powerful stories, to inventive stories...to Jeff Somers stories. Born and raised in Jersey City, N.J, Jeff Somers has been able to connect to sci-fi enthusiasts worldwide. The power and pace he brings to the pages of his novels marks him well as an inspiring author of the science [...]

The Child and Family Empowerment Project: The Crucial Impact of Divorce

A Kean University sorority and local nonprofit teamed up to advocate for children and families experiencing negative effects of divorce. Scout Hartley, President of Pi Alpha Alpha, said he understands the educational value and awareness FAN-PAC raises for social issues such as divorce because strong public interest and advocacy can translate into change.

Race in the American Classroom: A Needed Conversation

By Wynter Aiken | Published by Feb. 22, 2019 Over the years, it has become the norm for the news - whether it's TV, online or print, shows stories related to race or racism. But in a classroom setting, this can be uncomfortable and it may simply not be discussed.

Rap Group U.O tells Kean students it is possible to balance your music

Life throws hurdles from every direction that can become overwhelming especially when your creativity is on the line. But, for rising rap group U.O, aka Unidentified Objects, they make time to balance their passion for music and are determined to not let anything stop them from making their unidentified talent be known.

Kean University alumni Perry Brody shares post-grad journey

Two years after graduating from Kean, walking through busy Cougar Walk seems like a long time ago to Perry Brody. He remembers the long lines of Starbucks in the Nancy Thompson Library and the rush to get to class from Downs Hall to CAS.

Kean University shows director Julian Schnabel's Van Gogh film "At Eternity's Gate"

The troubled final years of Vincent Van Gogh, depicted in the emotional-driven film by actor Willem Dafoe, directed by Julian Schnabel, captivated viewers alike at Kean's North Ave. Academic Building Auditorium on Sept. 15. The film opens with the scene of the immediate criticism from the spectator's view of Van Gogh's art.

Kean University students embrace their crowns at workshop

By Wynter Aiken | Published April 15, 2019 The Embracing The Crown's annual college workshop tour made their pit stop at Kean University's Miron Student Center Mar. 25, in partnership with the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), to present the "I Am: Power of Words" workshop to promote positive mental health.

LGBTQ+: New Approaches to Classroom Safety and Inclusion

By Wynter Aiken | Published by April 21, 2020 Inside the classroom to some students is a safe haven, an open door full of differing voices, identities, and perspectives, especially for students of the LGBTQ+ community.

Graphic Design Students commit themselves to "Writing Wrongs"

To right a wrong is to take a stand and graphic design students Senior Claudia Argueta and Junior Gisell Padilla have done just that by participating in the Writing Wrongs intense three-day weekend program where a total of fifteen students from multiple universities and colleges were given the opportunity to attend the program.